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  1. Looking for a full size wrestling mat for club. My son is starting a wrestling club and is in need of a full size mat - possibly 2.
  2. Actually, I'll reply to this post since I happen to be one of the parents of this particular individual. First of all, I will be the first to say that before this season ever started and Myles was going back and forth on whether not he was going to wrestle, the only thing we asked of him was that if he did indeed start the season that he finished it as that is all we've ever asked of any of our kids. We didn't "allow" him to quit the team. He is almost 19 years old and unfortunately he is technically an "adult". As his parents, there's not a whole heck of a lot we can do! Believe me there have been numerous people, past/present coaches, administrators, mentors, that have tried talking to him. We have literally done all we could to try to get him to complete the season. It's easy to point fingers and say "why would they", "how could they"? Sometimes as parents our hands are tied. We have to let them fail on their own, allow them to make those "adult" decisions and pay the consequences. There's no doubt that he will regret this decision one day. We don't support or agree with his decision but we will love him regardless. If this past year had taught me anything, it's this. I will never again say "that won't be my kid" or "why didn't those parents do something about it" because now we are "those parents".
  3. EXACTLY! A lot of people lost respect for him today!
  4. I don't think you'll find a person in the stands who thought stalling should've been called on McCartney! He was clearly the one working! Demien was down 2-1 and wasn't getting up so Harper yells stalling to bail his kid. Harper wasn't coaching his kid, he was coaching the ref. I witnessed the same thing 2 years ago at Rochester Regionals when one of the Penn kids stalled the ENTIRE match and a stall call was called on a Culver kid who was clearly pushing the pace and attacking legs costing him a Regional Championship.
  5. I don't think anyone in the stands ever saw the stall warning called! It was just "Bam! 1 point for Demien". It was udder crap!
  6. In no particular order 106: Reagan (Fron) Hickman (RC) Armstrong (Win) Miller (Cass) 113: Webb (RC) Patrick (LJ) Wade (Har) Burge (Mc) 120: Anderson (LJ) Watts (TL) McCartney (Har) Johnson (Log) 126: Betourne (Har) Casillas (WL) Huesca (Mc) Worley (LJ) 132: Watson (D) Strother (Har) Dauber (WL) Erdman (Ross) 138: Turpin (LCC) Merkel (Har) Quasebarth (NW) Linder (Mc) 145: Skees (LCC) Ball (NW) Conklin (Har) Guffey (Ross) 152: Ruiz (Har) Hall (Cass) Ruble (Mc) Jones (LJ) 160: Stanley (RC) Adkins (LJ) Kidwell (WL) Krintz (Har) 170: Younker (Har) Fair (LJ) Shepherd (WC) Ladd (Ross) 182: Stallings (WL) Powell (Har) Jones (LJ) Pugh (TL) 195: Kidwell (WL) Day (Win) Ford (BC) Barron (LJ) 220: Crider (Har) Foster (BC) Fours (Mc) Provancal (NW) 285: Williams (LJ) Kern (Har) Young (Log) Trent (WL). LJ 41 through TL 15 through
  7. I believe they were referring to Becker of Bellmont as the one who was battling mono not Coon.
  8. Who doesn't make weight or wrestle today? A couple from Lafayette Jeff. 106 Coon (BC) - ranked #1 in EC Semi State 160 Hart (Delphi)
  9. Good luck, Bulldogs! Go get em B Lee!
  10. I believe this may be the real reason, Wrestling Scholar.
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