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  1. decbell1

    Team State Bid Acceptance List

    Will the new scheduling rules make it even harder for Cathedral to accept? Which tournament will they drop?
  2. The date has been set for January 5th. Venue is still up in air I believe, although I believe one venue is reserved and on hold.
  3. ahhhh-the semi-state changes haven't taken root in my brain yet other than the ones affecting Ft. Wayne. Thanks for the heads up
  4. Carroll will be one of the top 12 teams next year amongst teams that don’t decline bids, I’ll bet you a $13 veggie wrap at next year’s duals MattyB
  5. No offense to Boone Grove, but man are there going to be much better teams left out
  6. Maybe I am mistaken, but I thought reporting for the IHSAA was a bit different than reporting to the IDOE. ShortJay would know better than I
  7. Also, I am not sure where you think it will be possible to get enrollment numbers annually. I have never seen those numbers.
  8. I believe that three classes is the correct number. It follows the IHSAA guidelines for that. Actually, we are much closer to having two classes than having four if you look at IHSAA standards.
  9. decbell1

    2018 Team State Classification data

    It's too bad Arsenal's lineup listed originally did not compete, they had five guys to start but only two actually competed Saturday.
  10. decbell1

    2018 Team State Classification data

    I am just thinking out loud here again, and maybe we need to consult someone within IPS, but it seems logical to bring Arsenal Tech into the fold, assuming that kids from the three schools closing are going to filter into that program, considering Attucks didn't have a team (I think) and neither did Washington.
  11. decbell1

    2018 Team State Classification data

    You also still have Turkey Run and Rockville in as separate schools. Those two should really be combined together and listed as Heritage Parke, along with the scoring for both teams, which is what we basically did for Muncie Central if I am not mistaken.
  12. decbell1

    2018 Team State Classification data

    Adrian, you probably need to recalculate these, considering Arlington, Broad Ripple, and Northwest are all closing this year.
  13. decbell1

    IndianaMat Poster Hall of Fame

    bring back BigMak
  14. decbell1

    ACAC Conference

    Check out the ACAC preview in tomorrow's Decatur Daily Democrat.
  15. decbell1

    Seeding Meeting Change???

    I believe he means, how will we know if coaches are actually giving the correct record? Although, what has ever stopped coaches from submitting the wrong record....

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