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  1. Purdue vs. Central Michigan

    Parriott was dealing with pneumonia for almost 2 months.
  2. Thinking they have a shot, if someone wants to get onboard with a program on the uptick and will surprise a lot of teams. Great group of guys, and getter better by leaps and bounds! Just knocked off ranked NC - and just moved up to number 22 in the coaches poll. This is a VERY young squad - only losing 2 starters next year! Building every year - with still some hammers sitting on the bench!
  3. IU and Purdue and B1G Tourney

    Purdue will be going up next year - and year after that. To give you an idea of the teams @ Big 10 that have graduating placers at the tournament - Purdue falls in the bottom portion (along with Indiana) - so they have a lot of room for upswing. The teams next year once again appear to be Ohio and Penn State. Other than Ohio & Penn - Purdue has been pretty competitive with the teams graduating zero, and the teams graduating the most - will only make Purdue more competitive with next year, Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska - will look completely different. Be patient - tides changing. Boiler up! GRADUATING SENIORS THAT PLACED BY TEAM Ohio 0 Penn 0 Indiana 0 Michigan State 0 Northwestern 0 Maryland 0 Purdue 1 Rutgers 1 Wisconsin 2 Michigan 2 Minnesota 2 Illinois 4 Iowa 4 Nebraska 5
  4. Purdue 197

    Purdue made USA Today NWCA college rankings as team @ 25. Hoping that will start them in rankings next year - and go up from there. They will be even stronger next year, and the following, etc.
  5. Big 10 Championships Roll Call

    I will be there hoping to get a few placers at BIG 10 for auto qualifiers - weights I figure we have a shot 125 133 157 (If AG wrestling) 174 197 HWT 141 & 149 will have to wrestle really well
  6. Purdue 197

    Woods down to 184 next year. Just wrestled 197 @ open tournament a week ago.
  7. Purdue vs Iowa thoughts

    Iowa is the real deal - but so are Penn, & Okie State. Minnesota lost to Okie by the exact same score Purdue lost to Iowa - so Purdue is not alone in there steps to rebuild. The hiring of the two additional assistant coaches is going to go a long way in improving the Boilermakers. They know exactly what it takes to be a National Champion - and sure they will be doing what it takes every day. Their is still a lot of upside for most of the kids on the team - so I am sure you will see much improvement as the year goes on. When you are Gillman, Clark, or Sorenson - the additional improvement at that level is going to be minor - so excited to see if there are gains come B10 tournament.
  8. Great pick up - hats off to Tony and the crew! Boilermakers on the move!!
  9. Purdue In-State Recruiting

    All Purdue coaches nothing but class! They are working on building a team from top to bottom that is the best they can possibly put on the mat. If they can find someone better I am sure they will go after that kid first. Is it possible that the kids feeling slighted are not the best kid they are going after, hence having a little anger toward the coaches?
  10. Recruiting Recaps?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTXYeRMKwHs Future Purdue Boilermaker