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  1. Indian Creek vs Whiteland

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  6. Yorktown Winter Youth Wrestling Camp - Jan. 2-3, 2017

    Coach McCormick, Can you please email me a flyer too? Thanks, Neil Sego Indian Creek Wrestling indiancreekwrestling@gmail.com
  7. Central Indiana Wrestling League (Youth)

    Indian Creek is interested in participating. Neil Sego
  8. Middle School National Duals Danville

    Indiana Blue Indiana Gold
  9. Middle School National Duals Danville

    I'm uploading pictures right now. when they are complete, I'll post some here.
  10. Super 32

    Good luck to the Indiana boys competing this weekend at the Super 32. Ms 75 TREY BATES CIA Ms 75 BLAZE GARCIA Contenders Ms 75 HAYDEN WATSON Red Cobra Ms 90 RAYMOND RIOUX Contenders Ms 95 DIESEL DUNCAN Red Cobra Ms 100 OWEN SEGO Contenders Ms 112 MATT LEE Maurer Coughlin Ms 112 JADEN REYNOLDS Red Cobra Ms 120 ISAAC SMITH Floyd Central Ms 136 MASON WINNER CIA 11nunder 55 SETH SYRA Red Cobra 11nunder 90 BRAY EMERINE Center Grove 8nunder 50 NATHAN RIOUX Contenders 8nunder 65 KYLE HARDEN Central Indiana Academy of Wrestling
  11. USAW Folkstyle Nationals in Iowa

    Bantam thru Schoolboy Indiana All Americans Bantam - 50 6th Place - Landon Hawkins of Region Wrestling Academy Bantam - 60 3rd Place - Jairo Acuna of Region Wrestling Academy Bantam - 75++ 1st Place - Ben Lowe of Center Grove Wrestling Club Intermediate - 50 3rd Place - Nathan Rioux of Contenders Wrestling Academy 7th Place - Cameron Meier of Hoosier Elite Intermediate - 80 4th Place - Abraham Klimenko of Contenders Wrestling Academy Intermediate - 87 7th Place - Gunner Henry of Hoosier Elite Intermediate - 103 2nd Place - Nate Johnson of Indiana Pride Wrestling Academy 8th Place - Garrett Gatke of Punishment Wrestling Academy Intermediate - 112 4th Place - Keaton Myers of frankfort Novice - 70 5th Place - Cheaney Schoeff of Contenders Wrestling Academy Novice - 75 3rd Place - Jesse Mendez of Region Wrestling Academy Novice - 90 4th Place - Brady Mckivitz of Contenders Wrestling Academy Novice - 112 2nd Place - Gabe Sollars of Contenders Wrestling Academy Novice - 130 1st Place - Robert Bowman of Region Wrestling Academy Novice - 140 6th Place - Noah Foster of Punishment Wrestling Academy Schoolboy/girl - 77 7th Place - Colton Drousias of Region Wrestling Academy Schoolboy/girl - 91 3rd Place - Owen Sego of Contenders Wrestling Academy Schoolboy/girl - 136 7th Place - Tyler Turley of Hobart Wrestling Club 8th Place - Kevin Hooley of Region Wrestling Academy Schoolboy/girl - 144 3rd Place - Elijah Mahan of Center Grove Wrestling Club Schoolboy/girl - 160 8th Place - Skylar Lee of Punishment Wrestling Academy
  12. iswa folkstyle skin check

    Check out.... http://www.iswa.com/wp-content/uploads/2009-Skin-Check-Information-new.pdf
  13. Trophy Chasing

    We (Indian Creek) are hosting the Johnson County Elementary Duals tournament on Saturday after the Johnson County High School tournament. We are trying to build excitement for Johnson County wrestling and give the Johnson county kids a "shot" at each other. One of things that we didn't want was an all-star team, we wanted the Johnson county (Indian Creek, Center Grove, Greenwood, Whiteland & Franklin) club kids competing against each other, so we are not allowing "wild-cards". The members of each team must attend school within the same school district of which the participating club is located. Exceptions: Wrestlers who are home schooled or attend a private school outside your school district may also be considered part of your team. In order to not penalize teams for not having a full team lineup, if you do NOT weigh someone in at a weight class and you have to forfeit that weight class during a dual meet, the team receiving the forfeit will receive 3 team points instead of 6 team points. If you forfeit a weight class with no wrestler weighing in, you must forfeit that weight class for ALL dual meets in the tournament. If you weigh any wrestler in at a weight class and if you forfeit that weight class for any reason, the team receiving the forfeit will receive the standard 6 team points. This should help with less than full teams and giving up 3 team points is "easier" to recover from the team stand point. We also chose to utilize the 17 ISWA weight classes for this tournament. Since the ISWA chose to use those weight classes there was no need for use "to reinvent the wheel". I personally like the two tiered weight class system we used to see a little, but there are MORE weight classes (25 total) to fill and that can add to more forfeits. The two tiered system was 8 & Under (40,45,50,54,58,63,69,78,90,110) and 9 & older (55,60,63,66,69,73,77,81,86,91,100,110,120,145,175). I think when the academy division was first introduced for the state tournament, there weren't as many academies as there are now. It might be time to add that division back. Also the academy division was going to be wrestled on a different day than the community based teams division, this would have allowed the academy kids to wrestle for their academy and then the next day wrestle for their club. Neil