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  1. NSego

    Skin check debate

    what I like about elementary duals is that I get to "sit" in one place and watch my entire team wrestle one after another. it does help me "see" what everyone need to work on or patterns we need to work on. And historically, I have found that the kids who "gut" it out thru the very competitive duals season tend to do VERY well in the individual season....
  2. NSego

    Skin check debate

    that's a decision that their team needs to make... I like that option better than pulling that kid and replacing with a "wild card" , IMHO
  3. NSego

    Skin check debate

    We host a elementary county tournament. we do NOT allow any wild cards. below in the language I added to balance out the "no wild card" issues.... REQUIREMENTS No all-star or academy teams allowed. Limited to 6th grade (first year schoolboy/girl) or below wrestlers. Each wrestler must have a USA Wrestling Card. Each team will be limited to 23 participants. Folkstyle rules w/ three one minute periods, standard overtime rules. All other high school rules and guidelines apply. Head gear and mouth pieces are required. This will be a USA Wrestling sanctioned event. The members of each team must attend school within the SAME school district of which the participating club is located. Exceptions: Wrestlers who are home schooled or attend a private school outside your school district may also be considered, if they live in your school district. FORMAT Standard dual team scoring, with one exception. In order to not penalize teams for not having a full team lineup, if you do NOT weigh someone in at a weight class and you have to forfeit that weight class during a dual meet, the team receiving the forfeit will receive 3 team points instead of 6 team points. If you forfeit a weight class with no wrestler weighing in, you must forfeit that weight class for ALL dual meets in the tournament. If you weigh any wrestler in at a weight class and if you forfeit that weight class for any reason, the team receiving the forfeit will receive the standard 6 team points.
  4. NSego

    Frosh-Soph Qualifiers

    If someone is listed in this tournament http://www.trackwrestling.com/tw/opentournaments/VerifyPassword.jsp?tournamentId=275411009) , the are eligable to wrestle in this tournament correct? And show up Saturday morning, pay your fee and weigh-in and wrestle, correct?
  5. NSego

    Toughest semi-state???

    according to overall rankings, Evansville has more ranked wrestlers than any other SS, EV has 79, NC has 76, EC has 69 and FW has 56. SS-ranks.pdf
  6. Brackets are on track wrestling
  7. Western Indiana Conference Schools: Brown County, Cascade, Cloverdale, Edgewood, Greencastle, Indian Creek, North Putnam, Northview, Owen Valley, South Putnam, Sullivan, West Vigo 106# Top 4 seeds (in order) Noah Gardner, Edgewood ; Preston Fox, Cascade ; Mark Roberts, Greencastle ; Josh Scaggs, Sullivan Junior, Noah Gardner (ranked #17) seems to be the man to beat in this weight class. Freshman, Preston Fox and Sophomore, Mark Roberts should battle it out in the semi-finals for chance to face Gardner in the finals. 113# Top 4 seeds (in order) Logan Carrington, Greencastle ; Tucker Kirkhoff, Owen Valley ; Keith Holder, West Vigo ; Bradley Stewart, Edgewood Freshman, Logan Carrington and Junior, Bradley Stewart should meet in one semi-final & Freshman, Tucker Kirkhoff and Freshman, Keith Holder in the other. Carrington and Kirkhoff should meet in the finals. Carrington and Kirkhoff met earlier this year with Carrington getting the upper hand, can he do it again? 120# Top 4 seeds (in order) Jay Orman, Edgewood ; Johnathan Otte, West Vigo ; Braeden Wharton, Northview ; Jacob Fox, Greencastle Sophomore, Jay Orman should meet Freshman, Jacob Fox in the semi-finals. Freshman Johnathon Otte and Freshman Braeden Wharton should meet in the other semi-final. Otte and Wharton faced off in early December, Otte came out on top then. Orman and Otte should be in the Finals. 126# Top 4 seeds (in order) Seth Rorhbach, West Vigo ; Zach Lane, Edgewood ; Jacob Baker, Greencastle ; Kenneth Eason, Brown County Sophomores, Seth Rorhbach & Kenneth Eason should be in the semis on the top side of the bracket, but Eason shouldn’t look past Cloverdale, Freshman Jordan Opiela. Senior, Zach Lane and Sophomore, Jacob Baker should meet on the bottom side, to battle it out for a chance to meet Rorhbach in the finals. Rorhbach and Lane in the finals should be a great match and I expect it to be a toss-up. 132# Top 4 seeds (in order) Zach Tussey, Owen Valley ; Zane Sullivan, Edgewood ; Owen Sego, Indian Creek ; Cauy Thomas, Greencastle NONE of the ten wrestlers in this bracket have a losing record. Senior, Zach Tussey and Junior, Cauy Thomas should meet in one semi-final for the chance to meet the winner the other semi-final of Senior, Zane Sullivan (ranked #15) and Sophomore, Owen Sego. Both Semi-Finals and the finals should be AWESOME. The winner of this bracket, should earn #1 seed next week at sectionals when most of the meet each other again. I’m bias in the weight class, so I’m not making any predictions. 138# Top 4 seeds (in order) Brad Trietsch, Indian Creek ; Brach Carrington, Greencastle ; Jarrel Sholar, West Vigo ; Tyler Paul, North View Trietsch is having a phenomenal Senior season and should meet the winner of the Freshman matchup of Brach Carrington and Jarrel Sholar in the finals. I think the Senior will to much for either Freshman. 145# Top 4 seeds (in order) Austin Heckman, Edgewood ; Gabe Pitzulo, Indian Creek ; Brandon Smith, Sullivan ; Austin Hudson, Cascade Juniors Austin Heckham & Gabe Pitzulo should square off in the finals after defeating Seniors, Austin Hudson and Brandon Smith in the Semi’s. The Heckham / Pitzulo mtch should be a great. Who will come out on top? 152# Top 4 seeds (in order) Jacob Scott, North Putnam ; Blake Willis, Cloverdale ; Bryce Woods, Indian Creek ; Wesley Gates, Cascade On the top of the bracket Senior, Jacob Scott should face Senior, Wesley Gates. Gates will have to get past Sophomore, Anthony Rubbinacci first. The bottom of the bracket Senior, Blake Willis and Junior, Bryce Woods should square off. Scott is the favorite, but will the winner of Willis \ Woods have enough to get past him in the finals? 160# Top 4 seeds (in order) Trace Thomas, Greencastle ; Briar Sollars, West Vigo ; Noah Minor, Northview ; Alex Tran, Indian Creek. Junior, Trace Thomas and Senior, Alex Tran should face in one semi-final and Senior, Briar Sollars and Sophomore, Noah Minor in the other, with Sollars winning the last time these two met. I expect a Thomas / Sollars final, but don’t sleep on Minor. 170# Top 4 seeds (in order) Wes Bedwell, Sullivan ; Dillon Binnion, North Putnam ; Dalton Butler, Cascade ; Matt Archer, Edgewood Senior, Matt Bedwell and Sophomore, Matt Archer face off one side and Senior, Dillon Binnion and Junior, Dalton Butler on the other. Anyone of these four can take this weight class, who wants it the most? 182# Top 4 seeds (in order) Cade Winslow, Greencastle ; Tony Hall, Indian Creek ; Reuben Edwards, North Putnam ; Bryce Bault, Owen Valley Junior, Bryce Bault will have to get past follow Junior, Steven Denny on his way semi-finals to meet Senior, Cade Winslow. Junior, Tony Hall and Senior, Reuben Edwards should meet in the other semi-final. Winslow and Hall should advance to the finals, where anything can happen. 195# Top 4 seeds (in order) Grant Goforth, Indian Creek ; Levi Mullins, Brown County ; Nicholas Theis, South Putnam ; Matt McVey, West Vigo Senior, Grant Goforth (ranked #5) is should come out on top in this bracket. He should see Junior, Matt McVey in the semi-finals and Senior, Levi Mullins in the finals. Goforth and Mullins have wrestled twice this year already, Goforth coming away with major decision wins both times. 220# Top 4 seeds (in order) Kenton William, Sullivan ; Austin Stockall, Greencastle ; Kole Williams, Edgewood ; Tanner Louk, North Putnam. Sophomores Kenton Williams and Austin Stockall should meet in the finals. Willimas will will have to get past Junior, Tanner Louk and Stockall will have to get past Junior, Kole Williams, neither of which will be an easy task. Anything can happen at 220. 285# Top 4 seeds (in order) Jordan Headdy, Edgewood ; Ethan Vinardi, West Vigo ; Cameron Elmore, Indian Creek ; Darnell Bennett, South Putnam. Senior, Jordan Headdy and Junior, Darnell Bennett should fight it out for a spot in the finals. As should Senior, Ethan Vinardi and Sophomore, Cameron Elmore. Elmore will have to get past, Senior, Dalton Will first. We should see a Headdy / Elmore final, but a “fat man” roll can shake-up this weight class. The team race should be between teams, Greencastle, Edgewood and Indian Creek. Both Greencastle and Edgewood have nine wrestlers seeded 1-4 and Indian Creek is close behind with eight wrestlers seeded 1-4. Edgewood holds the lead with four #1 seeds and Greencastle with three #1’s and Indian Creek with two #1’s. This tournament will be won (or lost) in the wrestle-back. Which team has the most guys fight their way back to be on the podium?
  8. NSego

    Seeding Meeting Change???

    We switched Sectionals this year, so it'll take a few years before we can get a dual meet with all of our sectional Schools.
  9. NSego

    Cathedral vs Perry

    to mess with seeding? :-)
  10. NSego

    Seeding Meeting Change???

    I just updated the stats and added this past weekend's results, we are up to 4.1 forfeits per varsity wrestler
  11. NSego

    Seeding Meeting Change???

    Currently, our team averages 3.6 forfeits per varsity wrestler. We have wrestled a team this year with 2 kids on it and a team with 3 kids....
  12. NSego

    Week of 12/11-12/17

    Johnson County Tournament at Indian Creek on Saturday. It is a team format tournament. Teams: Indian Creek Center Grove Franklin Community Greenwood Whiteland
  13. NSego


    Indian Creek

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