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  1. NSego

    An idea to help grow the sport

    We used block weights for our tournament a few weeks ago. We put ALL the kids in 4 man brackets and everyone wrestled round robins so everyone got 3 matches. We were cleaned up and at home by 2pm.....
  2. NSego

    An idea to help grow the sport

    Good information here. We (Indian Creek) are just starting to host tournaments and I want the tournament experience to be GREAT...
  3. NSego

    An idea to help grow the sport

    What does Ohio do?
  4. NSego


    Mater Dei - Kane Egli & Clay Egli North Posey - Wyatt Willman & Nathan Willman
  5. NSego


    Tell City - Corey Braunecker & Shane Braunecker
  6. NSego


    Plainfield - Landon Boe & Logan Boe
  7. NSego


    South Dearborn - Isaiah Otto, Eli Otto & Zach Otto
  8. NSego

    Semi State Brackets

    That's 11am CENTRAL, so Noon Eastern
  9. NSego

    Bloomington South Regional!!

    Only change to the brackets was at 138, Hamm (Terre Haute South) is out and Dixon from Bloomington South is in.
  10. NSego

    2015 Middle School State

    more impressive with that weight class that year was who didn't place.... Cayden Rooks Gavin Rose Geremia Brooks Broick Peele Brice Colman Jayden Reynolds
  11. NSego

    Toughest Sectional Weight Class

    138 @ Bloomington North, not as tough as 132 @ Avon but still some SOLID wrestlers. 5 SemiState qualifiers, 3 of which are ticket rounders Justice Cash, Bloomington North, 23-1 Owen Sego, Indian Creek, 23-4 Moses Hamm, Terre Haute South Vigo, 25-6 Johnathan Otte, West Vigo, 28-5 Jay Orman, Edgewood, 20-11 Add in a always well coached and battle tested Bloomington South wrestler, Tyler Dixon, it's going to be a fun day in Bloomington.
  12. NSego

    Event Changes for 1/14-1/19

    Western Indiana Conference has been moved to Friday @ 4pm
  13. NSego

    Cancellations - 12 Jan 19

    Western Indiana Conference Tournament (@ Edgewood HS) has been postponed until Jan 19.
  14. NSego

    Hot Mic mat 4

    We should also remind the coaches and officials that the table is mic'd, sometimes you can hear the coach/ref conversation......
  15. NSego

    Mater Dei Holiday Classic 12/28-29

    Mater Dei - Yes, they stop after the quarterfinals today and with 4 left in the consolations too.

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