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  1. 2017 Head Coaching Changes

    Thomas Johnson has been named the new head coach at Lawrence Central. Good Luck Coach Johnson!
  2. Joe Lee to wrestle at Who's #1

    Now we just need a Parris invite at 220 and all three Indiana Big Dogs will be there!
  3. Caught red handed

    Or talk about redoing the weight classes to eliminate 106 and add a middle weight. Those two will get everyone fired up and talking about something else, lol.
  4. I'm going to miss seeing Howe, Hump, and Angel represent us well at this tournament. I hope our next wave makes as much noise. Come on TShirts, Micic, Red, Lee, and all the others registered.
  5. Early 2018 Mr. Gorilla Poll

    I think the poll is fine the way it is! I think everyone can agree that these three are in a class of their own. No disrespect intended to anyone, but these guys are a special talent. Parris just winning Flonationals in dominating fashion helps his cause. Hopefully the other guys will make some more noise on the national scene this summer.
  6. Nick Lee

    Don't forget that the #8 pound for pound wrestler in the nation (Brady Berge) from MN has also commited to PSU. He wrestled 160 in HS and expected to wrestle 149 in college. Nick Lee is #6, so that is 2 top 10 seniors. I was surprised it wasn't more, however I am sure they are running out of money to give each kid so they won't be able to guarantee full rides to all the top recruits.
  7. Play What If

    Agreed, Angel would have won, but I would take Reece now!
  8. Play What If

    I agree with Micic probably getting the third, but i think it would have been a fun close match and much anticipated. As far as the Red, that year I would have taken Boston. I think Red is a better wrestler, however a Sophmore Red I don't think is as good as a Senior Boston.
  9. Play What If

    Here is another "What If". What if Nathan Boston had stayed in Indiana? He won state as a freshman beating Micic in the tournament in 2010-2011. Next year he lost to Micic in the finals. He then moved to Kentucky where he won state pinning all but one tech fall. If he had stayed 2012-2013 113lbs Boston and Micic III? 2013-2014 120lbs Boston vs Chad Red (who was a sophmore that year) Would Red be a four time state champ against a solid senior in Boston? Micic is the better wrestler this year, however Boston did beat Micic last year in college. Who would have won the 3rd state meeting between these two?
  10. Play What If

    What if he and Bobby both stayed here and wrestled. Here could have been some possible state final match-ups. 2013-2014 182 Bobby vs. Damien Chambers (Bobby won state in Minnesota after winning it here in 2012-2013. Gable placed 2nd in state as an 8th grader!) 2014-2015 195 Bobby vs. Blake Rypel (Bobby won state in Minnesota) 220 Gable vs. Kobe Woods (Gable won state in Minnesota) 2015-2016 220 Gable vs. Mason Parris (Gable won state in Minnesota) 2016-2017 HWT Gable vs. Evan Ellis (Gable won state in Minnesota) These would have been fun to watch, however I would take the Stevenson's in every match up. I am sure Merriville missed them and the 7 state titles they would have had between the two of them.
  11. Rank PM 1-5, or 10 if you know PM

    No disrespect, but I don't think he is near the top 15, let alone top 10. Perry has had a lot of success and several wrestlers with much more success at the state level. Great wrestler and runner-up, but the program has just produced quite a bit of talent.
  12. Riley Lefever 4x DIII National Champion

    Very impressive and congrats! Any particular reason he didn't go D1? I am sure he could have made some noise there.
  13. Spenser lee goes down in PA

    In a big match like that I can understand, Lee did not really attempt to come up with the foot or drag him back in, but to me it was still a flee. He didn't attempt to stay in or come back into Lee after kicking towards out of bounds several times. I loved the gas tank and physical wrestling that Desanto showed. Once Lee is healthy, I think he will make it up to Desanto with bonus points.
  14. Spenser lee goes down in PA

    What about the flee from Desanto in the 1st period?
  15. Indianapolis Area Super Team

    Ok so here would be the Indiana North and South teams based on I-70 division. This was based off highest placer. North 8 champs vs South 6 champs 106- Curtis vs Lowery 113- Watts vs Viduya 120- Mills vs Rooks 126- Mulkey vs White 132- Bailey vs Combest 138- Black vs Sellmer 145- B. Lee vs Rust 152- Hatch vs J. Lee 160- Laughlin vs Bane 170- Webster vs Stock 182- Gray vs Moore 195- Davison vs Tonte 220- Maddox vs Parris HWT- Ellis vs Ripple