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  1. Finishes

    2014 when Tyler Fleener from CG caught Drew Hughes in a spladle costing him what should have been his first state title. Tommy Cash still owes him a Christmas card for that one.
  2. Too Early to talk Al Smith?

    According to the rankings as of 12/18 and the list of schools on trackwrestling, here are some of the possible wrestlers at each weight class. Obviously there are some solid wrestlers not ranked that will make their mark, but this is just to get the conversations going. Have fun! 106 #3 Logan Bailey/Cathedral #11 Marin Cruz/Merrillville #13 Antonio Jefferson/Lawrence Central #14 Nate Hadary/Penn 113 #6 Brayden Shearer/Garrett #10 Gabriel Smith/Lawrence Central #11 Alex Petro/Center Grove #13 Andres Moreno/Lowell #14 Danny Tolin/Chesterton 120 #1 Tylor Triana/Hobart #3 Lukasz Walendzak/Cathedral #12 Hunter Whitman/Jimtown #15 Zane Standridge/Carroll(Ft Wayne) 126 #2 Cayden Rooks/Columbus East #5 Christian Mejia/Elkhart Memorial #7 Hunter Watts/Jimtown #9 Tanner DeMien/Penn #13 Skyler Gomez/LaPorte 132 #1 Graham Rooks/Columbus East #3 Alex Mosconi/Cathedral #7 Matt Gimson/Jimtown 138 #2 Zach Melloh/Cathedral #4 Dawson Combest/Columbus East #7 Noah Hunt/Bloomington South #11 Bryton Goering/Elkhart Memorial #12 Jesus Mancera/Lawrence Central #15 Conner Gimson/Jimtown 145 #3 Jordan Slivka/Cathedral #5 Jacob LaPlace/Mishawaka #7 Jake Schoenegge/Columbus East #11 Peyton Pruett/Center Grove #12 Brock Ellis/Chesterton 152 #3 Xander Stroud/Elkhart Central #8 Derek Blubaugh/Bloomington South #9 Dheontae Unseld/Lawrence North #10 Elliot Rodgers/Cathedral #11 Joseph Walker/Mishawaka #13 Joel Arney/Carroll(Ft Wayne) #14 Aaron Griggs/Merrillville 160 #1 Gleason Mappes/Center Grove #2 Diego Lemley/Chesterton #6 Chase Wilson/Princeton #9 Nick South/Columbus East #10 Dante Colza/Hobart #12 Ethan Hicks/Carroll(Ft Wayne) 170 #2 Zack Fattore/Hobart #4 Jonah Hays/Center Grove #5 Jordan Rader/Peru #11 Caden Friedt/Bellmont #13 Cade Girgenti/Chesterton #16 Cody Crary/Munster 182 #6 Tyjonn Lockett/Merrillville 195 #1 Lucas Davison/Chesterton #2 Thomas Penola/Zionsville #4 Beck Davis/Garrett #9 AJ Fowler/Calumet 220 #2 Brandon Streck/Merrillville #6 Andy Guhl/Cathedral #11 Caleb Thomas/Munster #12 Braiden Shaw/Bellmont HWT #2 Eli Pokerney/Chesterton #8 Cory Heinrichs/Center Grove #9 Darrione Gregory/Lawrence Central #14 Nick Conner/Elkhart Central
  3. 12/16/2017

    Brailen Harrington
  4. 12/16/2017

    Jesus Mancera
  5. 12/16/2017

    Brailen Harrington
  6. Return of J Tsirt

    Is he going to make Arizona State's starting lineup?
  7. Takedown Leaders?

    Sorry it's kind of off the topic, but have you seen what Austin DeSanto is doing this year as a true freshman? He is a takedown and cut machine. I like how when he cuts he remains in contact with a tie that he prefers to immediately go into another takedown. J. Brooks used to do this and I always thought it was impressive instead of pushing them away.
  8. That sucks, thanks for the update, best wishes to Blake and hopefully a speedy recovery.
  9. Brayton Lee 8pm TONIGHT

    Hey Fabio, Obviously you have an inside connection, so I will ask you. What sold him on Minnesota? Was it the strong recruiting class they had with Gable, a specific practice partner he wanted to work with, a connection with a coach on staff, or even an academic program. With guys like him and Parris, who can pretty much go wherever they want, it's cool to hear these things.
  10. Daktronics Open and Clarion Open

    Anyone know anything about Tommy Cash and Blake Rypel? Tommy is no longer listed on their roster and Blake did not compete in any of the opens this weekend.
  11. Anyone know what is going on with Tommy Cash and Blake Rypel? Tommy isn't listed on IU roster anymore and it doesn't look like Blake competed in any of the opens.
  12. Who will B.Lee Wrestle?

    That is unfortunate. I don't know about claiming the #1 spot since Lewan did just take on the World and won, but it would have been a nice measuring stick to see where Lee is. I would have liked to see him against Artalona in this dual, but Flo has a boy crush on Sammy Sasso even after two losses at nationals.
  13. Flo Article: Parris and Lee college visits

    College Vitits huh? Is that a legal recruiting tool? lol They looked like they probably had a little fun
  14. 2018 Dream Team Classic hosted by Indiana!

    Gable vs Parris would be worth the price of admission for sure!
  15. 2017 Head Coaching Changes

    Thomas Johnson has been named the new head coach at Lawrence Central. Good Luck Coach Johnson!