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  1. Heard a coach say this just the other day...."Try some leg attacks, we practice them everyday!"
  2. Just a general reminder to teams....if a two pound allowance is given due to inability to practice it DOES NOT affect the required minimum weight for wrestlers. As an example, if a team plans to move a wrestler from the 120 class to the 132 class, they must weigh 122.1, not 124.1.
  3. I just wanted to take a moment and acknowledge a great moment of sportsmanship that I witnessed last night. I officiated the Homestead/East Noble dual at Homestead high school. Before the varsity matches took place, East Noble's wrestlers presented the family of Nik Gogos, the young man who was badly hurt at the beginning of the season, with a donation collected from their team. In the 5+ years that I have been officiating in Indiana meets where I have seen coach Hoffar and his team they have always displayed a high level of sportsmanship and respect for their opponents and all involved in the sport, but this was above and beyond anything that they had to do. It is moments like this and others that I have read about on this site, that reaffirm that no matter how intense or competitive this sport makes people, in my opinion, there in no tighter community then that of wrestling. WELL DONE EAST NOBLE!!!
  4. Randal, I am going to be there this Saturday. Believe me I will call you out loud and long when you call too many/too few stallings. ;D What do you know Jim....I hate it when refs with 25+ years of experience try to act like they know everything..... Josh "Mr Fabulous" Howard
  5. I thought I heard someone yell something about creampuffs during this. I ran to the concessions only to be told that they never sold them. Did anyone else get creampuffs?
  6. Agreed...great job all year...the only question all year was 135 with Norton never getting ranked 1...RG even said at one point that Norton was his favorite to win...other than this amazing....the guys who did the finals broadcast for the IHSAA could not speak highly enough of the amazing work done with this.
  7. He ran an illegal move (keylock...look it up it is illegal) and was DQ'd for it. How was that getting screwed? He did something illegal, Willis could not continue and therefore he lost.
  8. Too bad Corpe is out for blood this year. He is going to rip everyone he can.
  9. What was the final score of the LaTourneau-Kieffer match?
  10. Well, if Norton does win through this no one can say that he did not wrestle anyone. After teching state ranked Zink at Regionals, he has the possibility of drawing Faroute in the ricket round, Hill in the semis and Hiestand in the finals. That is a meat grinder either him or Faroute.
  11. Another problem with classing is college recruiting. If coaches from say Purdue, Indiana, Central Michigan, Michigan State, etc. come to watch the state tournament they won't give equal opportunity to alot of kids. Of course all the state champions will get there share of attention from these programs, but I am talking about the guy that takes third in say Division III (this being the theoretical smallest division). Do you think Tom Ryan or Scott Hinkle will look at him more of less then the guy who takes third in the "big school" division? Since there is no head to head between these wrestlers at the state level this can create a problem. I think that class wrestling for team is a great idea, I'm just not sure how you do this without classing individual and taking scholarship opportunities away from some athletes. All things being equal (grades, temperment, weight class and so on) would you be more inclined to look at the big school wrestler or at the small school wrestler? Mishawaka with their rich tradition, or Muncie Southside? Don't destroy me on this Y2 and Karl, just bringing up another point that I am sure you have a well thought out and logical discussion for.
  12. So...you are saying that Norton was stalling? They will more then likely meet again at the Coliseum in a couple of weeks and then Faroute will get another shot. All I can say from an observers perspective is that it was a 6 minute match...Faroute had that whole time to score 2 points and couldn't...stop blaiming officials for matches when no points were scored. A match like that is going to leave one side angry and the other happy, its just the nature of the sport. I can't say that I agree with all calls that officials make, but it is a very thankless position and they do the best they can out there to call a match and not be a determing factor in the outcome. You wanted the official to decide that match? Then instead of the Bellmont fans being upset the Carroll fans would be upset...it is really a no win situation for the official.
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