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HEAD COACHES: Have you received your Trackwrestling Login

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Head Coaches:

I am going to try to make this as seamless as possible.  If you are a new head coach, then likely the IHSAA did not fix your login from last year, Mark Durham and myself have fixed a few but I am sure we have missed some.  So, if you have not received your Trackwrestling logins yet, please let me know.  The info that I would need is the obvious, your name, your email address, and the school that you are the head coach of. 


Track Gopher Out

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32 minutes ago, bbulldog152 said:

What if the old coach forward is the login and I was able to change the screen name a email to mine?

If that happened, then you should be fine.  Some old coaches do not do this so want to make it as easy of a process as possible for all of you.  

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