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  1. We should probably just class the individual state tournament. That would probably take care of things. I kid... My major concern is Saturday meets...not so much in the safety, but in getting several schools together who may have varying degrees of safety measures. Hopefully our coaches and parents will react well if the host school has more stringent mask enforcement, etc. than their home school. Hosting a tournament is hard enough, let alone now, let alone if you are constantly having to ask people to follow basic safety guidelines.
  2. That was the second graph in this thread... For the record, I am in favor of wrestling this year, and I am 52% sure we will have a season.
  3. Good to know we are back to using mockery as a discussion tactic here at Indianamat.
  4. Based on what I have heard from the governor’s COVID statements, this is the main bit of data driving decisions. If this doesn’t at least level off, if not trend back down, we will be back to state-wide virtual school and there will be no wrestling season. The low point in the graph is about the time we changed from phase 3 to phase 4.
  5. Hard to imagine that if we have an abundance of out-of-state transfers that it would not result in a spike in positive cases, thus compromising the season.
  6. We will have to find another practice location. Our room can only handle a few groups of three if we keep them spaced appropriately. Might have to roll out mats on upper deck of gym.
  7. Alright, impetigo, then....still the same logic applies. And this is a genuine question, not trying to be argumentative. Do these Sunday meets result in wider spreading of communicable skin diseases since they don't strip down for weigh in? Heck, some of the ones we go to even do satellite weigh-in.
  8. How about keeping street shoes off the mats?
  9. Every ISWA tournament we go to weighs in in singlets/wrestling uniform. Has there been a widespread missing/spreading of ringworm as a result of these events? Are we just coincidentally dodging all the events that do high school type weigh in?
  10. These are all good changes. One thing that should be done in the future is headgear malfunction and shoe lace malfunction placed on the same level. Penalize both, be patient with both, that doesn't matter...however it makes no sense that untied shoe laces means you are cheating and should be penalized, but headgear not fitting properly and/or falling apart means, "oh well, it happens, little fella. Let me help you with that."
  11. I fear this could fundamentally change the way we do things. Couldn't any time someone is sick potentially be a huge deal? The regular seasonal flu tore through our school more than once this past school year. It even shut down a couple local schools during the winter months. Nothing to this extent, but any time you have people in close proximity you're going to run the risk of spreading infections of all sorts. And any time masses of people are getting sick all at once, the risk of truly severe illness rises...This has the potential to impact large groups and contact sports the way that the 9
  12. Is there a downside to the 15/13 or 16/14 rule? Some of you are making the argument that it wouldn't have impact, and I disagree, but am not looking for that argument here...just curious if anyone sees going this direction as a negative?
  13. I have coached 10 seasons (if my count is correct) at Culver, with 7 of those being teams with fewer than 10 wrestlers. In every instance except 1, we had a guy who could not wrestle due to being stuck behind another guy. The one year we didn't, we had two wrestlers. They were actually the same weight also, but one guy was able to bump in that case.
  14. The 15/13 rule might help small schools/teams with low numbers more than one might think. Many times a team has 8 or fewer guys, and by luck of genetics, some of them overlap in weight classes. This is brutal as it discourages kids from sticking around an already small team. If these kids knew they'd have a shot in the state tournament, it might help those small teams from getting any smaller...and the way it looks at some of the meets we've been to, step 1 is stop hemorrhaging athletes, step 2 start adding more athletes.
  15. This reminds me of the old PWI year-end issues
  16. This is a really good point, but what alternative have we? If that is the logic of the advantage/disadvantage, then why do we class team state by school size? Shouldn't the money logic apply to the team as much as the individual?
  17. If that's a huge concern with two classes, there's always Fargo, Flo Nationals VA Beach, Folkstyle state, etc.
  18. This is the part I did not say, but you seem to attribute to me. No big deal if you were just speaking generally, then misunderstanding. Either way, we'll move on.
  19. For someone who claims to have words put into their mouths, that is quite a doozy. But to your point, what about sports not being classed because life is not classed: Then why do we have different tax brackets for different levels of income? Why are some scholarships/grants/aid awarded based on financial need?
  20. Our job as the adults is not to give the kids what they want, it’s to give them what’s best for them. That statement is not intended to be slanted either direction. If single class is best for them, then that’s why we should do it.
  21. Yes, I do point that out as a response to people arguing that the percentage of students enrolled roughly matches the percentage of qualifiers and medal winners. I think if schools have 2 quality entries they should be allowed to enter both, even though I don't like it. It seems like it's more fair, even though it's not something that would make me happy. That would put my wrestlers in a more difficult situation than they are in now, which I would not like, however I think it would be more appropriate for the wrestling community as a whole.
  22. You make a good point. You want single class because you like it, and that is not a reason that I think we should consider. I "like" watching and experiencing the single class tournament. I do not think a single class tournament is the best kind of tournament for state wrestling finals.
  23. I have been to varsity meets with Penn's JV team. Yes, many years they have guys who could beat small school state qualifiers. Maybe not their whole lineup, even one guy per school of the top 20 biggest teams puts a pretty big dent in the small school number.
  24. I do recognize that. I think, however that is justification for classing the individual tournament. Not justification against classing it. Because they are so much more likely to have the resources to produce elite wrestlers, they are playing a different game than the smallest half of the schools, which are far less likely to have such resources.
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