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Everything posted by brickfor6

  1. Indiana Flash Lineups are updated on the link.
  2. Last RTC tonight before freestyle state!
  3. @JcjcjcI am sure he would be willing to send you what he has.
  4. The IHSWCA has presented many schools plans to fund and facilitate girls wrestling in Indiana. For example I know the Hobart AD and Head Coach made a proposal to facilitate girls wrestling and this was used in the presentation to the IHSAA. Each school will have to do it their own way, but as wrestlers we evolve and figure it out as a process.
  5. Thanks @Y2CJ41sure know how to make this guy feel old!
  6. Back at it tonight! See you there!
  7. We have a Velcro competition mat. It does save on money and is easy to set up/ breakdown. Really nothing better than a one piece heavy duty!
  8. RTC TODAY!!! Hobart High School 2211 E 10th St Hobart, IN 46342 Door 18 6-7:30pm
  9. Hope everyone had a good week off! We are back at it this week, come have some fun! Hobart High School 2211 E 10th St Hobart, IN 46342 Door 18 6-7:30pm
  11. Tonight! Last week we had Coaches Frankie Porras, Jason Cook, and Sean McMurray in the room. A combined 6 state championships between them. 9 Finals appearances. We are looking forward to having them all back in the room tonight! Hope we see you there!
  12. Kenny Hughes Jake Rodriguez Scott Vlink @Jcjcjc just officiated the Hobart Folkstyle open...
  13. I read on the flyer that they are going to be limiting coaches wristbands. Out of all the things, why would you steal this one from the IHSAA??? Also, please tell me they are not going to do this...
  14. MatBoss...Worth the money. It will do your stats for you as well, and will upload to trackwrestling all of your results. It is up there for one of the best purchases we have made.
  15. Get used to it, they are going to be tough for awhile! Also the MS scene through out the region is pretty good, I think the ECSS is going to have more placers in the coming years.
  16. Hobart Regional Training Center 2211 E. 10th st. Hobart, Indiana 46342 Enter through DOOR 18 Wednesdays 6-7:30pm *Must have USAW card to participate in RTC. Start date: March 9th, 2022 Director: Zack Johansen Email: zjohansen@hobart.k12.in.us cookclass@hobart.k12.in.us Phone: 219-689-1613 STYLES COVERED: Freestyle, Greco, and Folkstyle AGES: SCHOOLBOY/GIRL, CADET, JUNIOR Mission Statement: INT-RTCs unify the Indiana wrestling community under one goal to advance the sport across the state INT- RTC 2022 primarily in Olympic Styles of wrestling. The intention of an INT- RTC practice is NOT to be a club practice, rather to be a site for potential ISWA National Team members, coaches and hopefuls to come together and train in Olympic Styles. The purpose of the ISWA INT-RTC’s are to allow individuals to achieve their full human and athletic potential. The INT-RTCs provide ISWA National Team hopefuls access to national team and silver level coaches. INT-RTCs should mirror ISWA and USA Wrestling’s mission, vision, and values. A key focus is to raise the relevance of Olympic Style wrestling in Indiana. Within IHSAA rules, INT-RTCs provide additional opportunities for Indiana National Team Coaches to further develop and enhance their individual programs, while helping the surrounding area clubs and schools. This cooperative effort strengthens the connection between the Olympic Movement and high school athletics. An INT - RTC will not tolerate any site, or visitor talking “recruitment”. This should be a pressure free, Olympic spirited, environment. (Recruiting kids to our national teams should be a daily occurrence though!) Each INT- RTC will have a weekly 20-30 minute focus written by a Indiana National Team Staff member so that every site every week, no matter where they are, they have a unity and common vocabulary to them. If there is more than one INT-RTC in the area each night of the week - all of them should start with this common practice plan. The intention is to get as many “paired” sites working together to get more kids training together and not just working one site, one style - rather visiting others and spreading the talent.
  17. Any 1a/2a wrestlers that want to scrap it out the next weekend can come up to the Hobart Folkstyle open on 3/5/22!
  18. Yes they wrestled a total of 10 times over 2 years
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