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Everything posted by brickfor6

  1. Well if you read the thread you know my stance this year. Looking forward to the Hobart vs McCutcheon dual. We also just added Rensselaer. We dual Chesterton, Valpo, Merrillville, Lowell, and Lake Central. All before the vote in...
  2. https://sideline.bsnsports.com/schools/indiana/cedarlake/hanover-central-high-school
  3. Is Hawkins going 129? He wrestled 138 during the summer.
  4. They are able to, but still have to follow the 18 point system, I believe.
  5. Big man Hartleroad is dangerous! Was undefeated Greco at 16u duals. His only loss in freestyle he was winning until pulled over the top and pinned. Kid is good!
  6. Yes. This was my point. If you read the previous page I also said I agree its different.
  7. I only said this because of the quote below. Also, Gable has always been a HWT and will never be anything else. Everyone is lucky Vito wasn't in their weight. IMO at the end of the season Vito looked and wrestled the best out of everyone.
  8. I think the best Folkstyle wrestler is Nick Lee. Micic was ranked #2 in the nation before moving up to 141 where he was a 24 seed at the NCAA tourney. The rest of the world wrestles freestyle though… and Micic was 3rd best in the world.
  9. He lost in the Consi blood round in OT as a senior. He went up from 133 to 141. Wild because he won a world medal at 57kg.
  10. Gilman placed 2nd and lost to the same guy as Micic by the same amount of points. I think the match would be closer than a lot think.
  11. I agreed that the situation is different. He could have choose DII, I guess you could say that. But that would eliminate his tier that @ReformedPoster said earlier. Who knows, he would have had to wrestle Streck. I think that IF (there's that word again) he was close enough to 197 he would have avoided Gable IF he had that chance. Also, I am not in his head so who knows? The process is much easier I would say. Yes less competition. Is he avoiding the wrestlers though? No. The US Open is insane, you win that what do you get? You wrestle again at Final X. In Serbia, he does not have to go through the lengthy process of getting a chance to wrestle at worlds, he makes the team with ease and does not have to worry about not making worlds. This gives him a chance to focus more on international competition. Zane Richards is wrestling at Final X...Micic is 3-1 against him.
  12. I agree, but he also had no choice whether Gable was there or not. He wasn't going 197. There is no choosing for Parris. Also I do not think that Micic is avoiding US Wrestlers, he is avoiding the US process. It is an easier process for him to make the Serbian team.
  13. No, the post said that in college you should be a minimum national champion, and that Micic can only accomplish 2 of 3 tiers. No I would not use that comparison, but would you use the Howe comparison if Micic wrestled for USA? Both situations are hypothetical. Roasted is probably not the best word...Thing is we can't use the biggest 2 letter word in the dictionary. "IF" Micic IS a world medalist. Everyone else is IF situations.
  14. With Parris you can say the same thing about him. If Gable would have wrestled would he have been a national champion? The answer is no. Micic is getting roasted for not taking the US route. Parris won NCAA without Gable.
  15. Why isn't Micic on your list? Also his score at the world championship is better than everyone on the list, can you configure in world placement to this?
  16. My thing is....it is really hard to place at worlds no matter what country you do it for. Also I would like to mention Zavur Uguev...2x world champ, and Olympic champ. In 2019, Uguev was bronze at the European games, Micic was 2nd. I am not saying that this makes him better than him, Micic lost to him by 2 in 2018. Gilman has also lost to him by 2. I think the match between Gilman and Micic is closer than everyone thinks. And think about this for a minute. Micic's spot on the Serbian team is a lock. Why would he want to deal with the process of making the USA team. If he would have won a world title, would everyone still be like "NoPe DoEsN't CoUnT" Because he didn't do it for the USA... HE HAS A WORLD MEDAL: That is hard to do. Humphrey didn't get that done when he was on the US world team. Angel didn't get it done. No one (male) in the recent years has done that. Yes Howe was behind some guys, but who is to say he would have came back with a medal? Doesn't matter USA or Not...You are wrestling at the world championships. Once Nick Lee comes back with a world medal, then we can start the GOAT Talk, but for now he is still a Nittany Wildcat Lion. IMO Also the argument is about Indiana GOAT. Not whether someone would make the USA team.
  17. These 2 were incredible along with the list we are putting out. Alex Tsirtsis 236-0 record will never be broken.
  18. I would say that my GOAT based upon all 3 levels would either be Howe or Angel. Angel having a slight edge because he was 5th at worlds. I can't put Nick Lee at the top for all 3 levels. He IS my NCAA GOAT. He's not the HS GOAT, and he's not the Freestyle GOAT. I am not sure if Nick Lee has wrestled internationally yet. It's hard to have that conversation. HS GOAT: ANGEL NCAA GOAT: Nick Lee Freestyle GOAT: Micic I hope Jesse is the NCAA and Freestyle GOAT in the future. I am pretty sure that Michigan only has 1 other Freestyle Olympic medalist and that was in 1924. Now Steve Fraser is from Michigan and he was the first ever Greco Olympic Gold medalist. Hard to pass that up.
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