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  1. dad2cash

    Rypel 2018-2019

    Brock is still at Northern Illinois. I believe he redshirt this year
  2. dad2cash

    Rypel 2018-2019

    He was at the beginning of the season ran into some health issues and had to give it up unfortunately.
  3. dad2cash

    Rypel 2018-2019

    Blake is still a full time student at IU
  4. dad2cash

    Legal or Not??

    Just for the record and I don't know if it even mattered but Tommy's singlet still had Lawrence North on it.
  5. dad2cash

    Master of the Move 2018??

    One of if not the most important aspect of wrestling hand-fighting Brayton Lee prior to that Nick Lee two of the best hand Fighters I've personally seen in this state. If you want to be highly successful at the next level kids you better learn how to hand fight
  6. dad2cash

    Tournament Delays?

    Conference Indiana rescheduled for next Friday
  7. dad2cash

    Thoughts on a rule change proposal for 2018

    I hate the 4 point nearfall . Would like to see out of bounds rules . the stalling call is very inconsistent. I do agree with hitting someone for intentionally fleeing.
  8. dad2cash

    Gunnar Larson

    Congratulations Gunnar and family. What a great young man . Thank you for your future service and you will always be a HighRoller.
  9. dad2cash

    box office ?

    They are open Monday-Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The box office hours of operation will vary on weekends and event days. For exact hours on weekends and event days please call the Bankers Life Fieldhouse Box Office at (317) 917-2727.
  10. dad2cash

    One coach, multiple teams?

    Sorry I didn't read the original post just the heading.
  11. dad2cash

    One coach, multiple teams?

    The subject said one coach multiple teams I did not see anything that said anything about a state championship sorry for misunderstanding
  12. dad2cash

    One coach, multiple teams?

    Brian Seltzer. Elkhart Memorial, Lawrence North. (Cathedral)
  13. dad2cash

    Jarred Brooks to fight at UFC 208.

    He got winners Pay.
  14. dad2cash

    Jarred Brooks to fight at UFC 208.

    On a good note Dana White told Brooks he is excited to have him in the UFC and will get him a top 5 contender. #monkeygod
  15. dad2cash

    Upsets / Big Matches

    Yeah. Justice was winning 2-1 and the Ref hit him with second stalling for throwing up . Otherwise match would have ended that way. I'm not one to complain but that kid has been sick for a while and pushed himself and did what he needed to get through. He should have just vomited on the mat . I'm still proud he gave it his all.

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