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  1. hogleg

    The face off!

    Just set this as my computer background. Great picture!
  2. hogleg

    Thank you AJ Fowler

    Pales in comparison to the coach from North Central. I could see that from the nose bleed seats. A lot of effort has gone into that stache. Back on topic...Fowler was probably one of my favorite matches from the entire weekend. The last two matches of the tournament were fantastic. Too bad so many people left early.
  3. That is waaaaaay too much searching for my simple mind to grasp. I stand corrected. I don't search around enough on here to even know how to get to that page. Learn something new every day
  4. The final match at 170 seemed to last 45 minutes. But the last 5 seconds made it well worth the wait. Last second (or last 10th of a second) takedown by Calhoun steals the match. The super duck that LaPlace had in the first round was a thing of beauty. I think his opponent sprawled so hard he left teeth marks on the mat. I was very impressed with Cartwright from LaVille. He has very good balance for any weight, especially a big man. Also wanted to say congrats to Lafayette CC on getting what I believe is their first ever qualifier. This was a program that was discontinued only to be started up again just a few short years ago. They have produced some good kids in a short time.
  5. hogleg

    Manzona Bryant

    Moved out of state I believe. Ohio?
  6. hogleg

    Wrestling Mom Dancing

    Hopefully, if she sees this she does not think we are laughing at her. I think it is great and goes to show just how intense wrestling can get, even for the fans. You don't see this in any other sport. The song selection was spot on by the way
  7. hogleg

    Al Smith finals stream

    sorry for anyone showing up late to watch after seeing what I posted. I was just going by what the channel said. I was a bit surprised to tune in at the end of the 152 match
  8. hogleg

    Al Smith finals stream

    The youtube channel says start time is 3 pm
  9. hogleg

    IndyStar Athlete of the Week.

    Just voted. That is an impressive stretch. Nothing against the others in the running but the basketball people have no idea how much of an accomplishment it is to beat that many quality kids in a week.
  10. Wow....how deep is a weight when Angel Escobedo is the 9 seed with a 52-1 record? If I remember correctly, his only loss that year was to a nationally ranked kid from Illinois and it was a one point match. Holy cow....seeing some other names and their seeds is amazing. Indiana has churned out some solid talent. This would be fun to watch!
  11. hogleg

    The next Kris Rumph???

    I may be way off, but I thought whiteland had a heavyweight that won and got a late start in the sport
  12. hogleg


    These posts? Please show us where anyone was making fun of your brother.
  13. hogleg


    Again.....where is the post where anyone is making fun of anyone? You are the only one seeing it
  14. hogleg


    Can you pinpoint where anyone was on this topic making fun of or taking personal shots at him? Sorry but I just don't see it

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