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  1. Wow....how deep is a weight when Angel Escobedo is the 9 seed with a 52-1 record? If I remember correctly, his only loss that year was to a nationally ranked kid from Illinois and it was a one point match. Holy cow....seeing some other names and their seeds is amazing. Indiana has churned out some solid talent. This would be fun to watch!
  2. hogleg

    The next Kris Rumph???

    I may be way off, but I thought whiteland had a heavyweight that won and got a late start in the sport
  3. hogleg


    These posts? Please show us where anyone was making fun of your brother.
  4. hogleg


    Again.....where is the post where anyone is making fun of anyone? You are the only one seeing it
  5. hogleg


    Can you pinpoint where anyone was on this topic making fun of or taking personal shots at him? Sorry but I just don't see it
  6. hogleg


    I think you are reading waaaaay more into this than needed. I loved the action in the match by Black. Not sure why you think people are making fun of anyone in this topic. Lighten up a bit. I know it is a disappointing loss, but nobody here is giving anyone a hard time.
  7. hogleg


    Did I miss something here?
  8. hogleg


    none of them scored, but he tried about 15 or so
  9. hogleg

    NFHS Survey--Please get this in ASAP

    Am I reading this wrong, or would this not allow you to bump your line up around trying to get the best match up for a team to win a dual?
  10. hogleg

    The Snow

    Unless they have changed the forecast, the bad weather is only planned once you get way up north. Jasper County (I-65) is not supposed to be bad.
  11. hogleg

    Most Freshman / Underclass to SS??

    This was the first time I was able to see Attica. I was very impressed with them on Saturday.
  12. hogleg

    East Chicago semi-state bracket

    Hickman and Peele are a potential ticket round match. Only one can place in the top 4
  13. hogleg

    East Chicago semi-state bracket

    Not possible. HIckman and Peele would face each other in the ticket round
  14. hogleg

    Toughest semi-state???

    Topic that comes up every year. No mean to offend anyone, just a bragging rights type thing for each semi state. It will come up again after State to see which one brought home the most hardware
  15. hogleg

    I saw a lot of this

    There is a black market for everything

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