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  1. First thing that needs to be done is find a location or locations that will accept the tournament. It sounds easy to say put it at Beech Grove, Perry & Center Grove, but they all have to be onboard.
  2. What a great tournament! Very proud of our middle school runner up finish. 1. Center Grove 2. Jay County 3. Brownsburg 4. Hamilton SE 5. Portage 6. Perry Meridian 7. Avon 8. Franklin Central 9. Delta 10. Carmel 11. Franklin 12. Penn 13. Noblesville 14. Martinsville 15. Edgewood 16. Bloomington South.
  3. I am pretty sure he went off another whistle, that was my take.
  4. JC 54 Cowan 43 JC 50 Bellmont 22 Blackhawk 46 JC 36
  5. Jay County will be participating in two elementary duals this Sunday (1.19.2020), one at Yorktown and another at Bellmont. In regards to the Bellmont duals we need help filling the weights below, if you have a wrestler interested please PM me. 84 90 98 105 115 130 175
  6. JC 58 Delta 33 JC 54 DeKalb 33 JC 51 Norwell 47 JC 69 Carroll 21
  7. 35/8...if EMD and IC are in 4A they are 4A so its 8 spots not 6. If they don't move up is 33/8 And I really thought one of the reasons to class is to grow the sport...its just my opinion this new format divided the way it is creates less opportunity for the small school TEAMS to increase their participation numbers. And its obvious EMD and IC do not need the help to increase participation at their respective schools. And it regards to my math, it must be from all the years I have lived in Yorktown.
  8. the 25% was including EMD and IC in 4A....but yes you are correct it is false, its 22.85% while the other three classes will be around 13%. Not sure why the classes cannot be more evenly distributed, this isn't football. We want to grow the sport, making it less inclusive to smaller schools does not help in my opinion.
  9. But this is not an individual event...it is a team event, also the argument has been to grow the support more success is needed for the smaller schools which may appeal to the student body, generating interest which in effect may increasing numbers. Dividing in this manner would seem to not change much for the smaller schools while at the same time increase inclusion of larger schools.
  10. I have no problem with the change with the exception on how they are divided where basically 25% of the 4A schools will "make" Team State, while the other three classes will have around 13% of the schools "make" their respective Team State. If the change is made why not divide the classes up equally as in the past to ensure the percent of teams participating are the same in each class. This change to me clearly is favoring large schools.
  11. Where would one find the list of teams this year 3A, 2A and 1A? By the IHSAA enrollment numbers 4A would have 33 schools
  12. They for sure do, they have attended our Elementary Duals for the last three years and have come up with a Top 2 spot each year. The dual we had with them last week was great, fans were in to it like it was a team state title on the line. A couple situations we could have held on to third period leads, could have flipped that match. Good tournament and a great time!
  13. Round 1: JC 72 Wauseon White 24 Round 2: JC 48 Perrysburg 46 Round 3: JC 54 Sandusky 42 Round 4: Wauseon Red 47 JC 42 Round 5: JC 54 Fassett 36 Team Runner - Up Cameron Clark, AJ Myers, Bryce Wenk & Tony Wood 5-0 Cody Rowles & Conner Specht 4-1
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