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  1. The MD class of 1996 had a good group. Not quite all the state titles but a solid team. Kevin Head 2,3,4 Scott Schafer 5,2 Roger Nurrenburn SQ Joe Armentano 4 Todd Kite SQ Nick Mayer 6,1 Dan Goebel SQ Matt Voelker 5 8 seniors making it to state in the same year.
  2. Most of the Union wrestlers I watched also wouldn't let up either. They always attacked and looked to score more points. I don't recall ever seeing them get hit with a stalling call.
  3. Luigs looked really good. I'm just shocked how good Zeke (UC 106) looked for being an 8th grader.
  4. Luigs and Ervin was one heck of a match. Lots of action and good scrambles.
  5. Union County's 106 is tough. He walked through everyone. I thought Avon would have tested him in the finals but he rolled over him.
  6. What could have been in 1996??? New Castle won 7 against MD in the first ever team state finals. He would have made 8, and he would have pinned.
  7. 106 - Hindelighter 113 - Clay Egli 120 - Matt Lee 126 - Kyle Luigs 132 - Will Egli 138 - Nick Lee 145 - Wyatt Montgomery 152 - Joe Lee 195 - Kurtis Wildeman 220 - Michael Boots I heard a rumor that Will Egli was going to try and graduate from MD next year. If Konrath does go to MD, he would have tons of practice partners that would push him. MD would be suspect at 160-182, but the way the team championship is determined now these wrestlers could bring home a championship.
  8. I paid my money and restarted my computer but I'm still getting a serious delay. Anyone else??
  9. Lee was up 7-1 only 1 minute into the match then Lee let Bethal up. Joe shot in, had a leg and Bethal had Joe's head wrapped. Bethal was able to sit and flip Joe over to his back and immediately put in a top body and pinned him.
  10. Overall MD does have a few weak spots in their lineup. Without Will Egli, the team is weaker as well. But when it's all said and done MD still has a good shot at winning state with both Lees, Luigs, Jordan, Wildeman, and Egli being a solid core. If draws work out in MDs favor, a little bit of luck, and some of them pull an upset, who knows?
  11. 103-Kevin Head 112-Craig Macke 119-Scott Rogge/Rusty Head/Alex Weinzapfel 125-Scott Schafer/Bart Zirklebach/Tim Baumgart/Tim Nosko 130-Tim Mayer/Drew Lappe 135-Craig Elpers/Joe Lee 140-Dan Jankowski 145-Nick Dewig/Bandon Boots 152-John Sims 160-Nick Miller 171-Josh Boots 189-Andy McDonald/Jake Schneider 215-Matt Voelker 285-JustinVanWinkle That's a solid lineup. Not sure about all the weight. Feel free to add to some of the weights. My MD knowledge is limited to my age.
  12. Expanding would make this more of a "team" title. Instead of Perry, MD, Cathedral, Penn, Portage, etc . . . sending 6-7 a year, now most of these teams send 10-12 to determine title.
  13. MD wins 10 weight classes. Castle wins 106 and 160. Central wins 152 and Harrison wins 220. It looked liked a Castle-MD duel in the finals.
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