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  1. Critchfield vs Carroll was a good match. Nate stuck it out for all six minutes.
  2. Just seen him walk by with a sling on his right arm.
  3. No idea how it happened, but we got our 3 tickets!!!!! Only took 95 minutes!!!!!!
  4. I hope to get tickets for Saturday!!! ISHAA
  5. Still nothing. We have made it on 2 phones and got kicked out again
  6. Have 4 different devices trying and keep getting kicked out on 3 of them and the other has 700 in front of us
  7. All at Evansville are not working for me. Just wait for updates here.
  8. Hopefully everyone makes weight. Gonna be a barn burner tomorrow.
  9. Will be part 2 of the 2021 Holiday Classic.
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