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Posts posted by quinnsDAD

  1. 3 hours ago, RaiderColfax said:

    Is there anyone that can bring in past placers the past 5 years for Avon and EMD? I’d like to see those numbers and compare. Also just wanna stir the pot a little 😬😂

    Garcia 3x Larson 3x Rioux 2x NConley 2x Helm Elmore Hanson Skaggs Clark that's off top of my head for Avon. Think we had one maybe two in 2013 Synder Jones.

  2. Congrats on a great career!! I remember those first years at Avon, glad to have my oldest wrestle for you and for you to leave Avon in good hands (Israel Blevins) for my youngest!! Enjoy those little ones cause they don't stay that way!! Good Luck

  3. Cruz 1                                             Gross7                                       Meredith3.                                      Retherford10.                             Nolf 5.                                           IMar 6.                                           Zahid 4.                                         Nickel 9.                                     Moore8.                                         Coon 2    Penn St  145

  4. Knew there would be a huge thread on this, but damn gonna question a mans integrity? Integrity is not what I'd question but maybe the fact most of the refs are getting up there in age and the ability to keep up with 17/18 yr olds and make snap judgment calls, might be the factor that needs addressed. Every year most of the finals refs are the older more experienced guys as should be, but its time some younger guys to get some of that experience, and yes it will take more young guys getting involved on that side of things, lots of good young coaches not a lot of good young refs. But to question his integrity is total BS!! 

  5. We never rested anyone at this or any other events in the years I was there always injuries and sickness this time of year. And yes MD kids in that gym is not an easy feat for kids who normally wrestle in front of their parents and that's it at home duals. Other schools just don't get alumni from the past 25 yrs to show up, it can get insane in there. Avon been going to MD since Jared Williams days.

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