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  1. Another super tough one that I should have labeled as such. When it’s all said and done Mendez may very well have the better career, but we’re only halfway there! Pure wrestling prowess it’d be a helluva match.
  2. Cernus Moran TOUGH, going with Sletzer I guess Mendez Garcia Rooks Lee Rodgers Slivka South (healthy) Walker Hmm Fowler Keys mostly 2019 if you’re keeping track
  3. Also could be wrong, but I’d have to say it would depend on the budget for the athletics and or wrestling program at the school as to who pays (athlete/parents or program). @TeamGarcia you should know definitively that the IHSAA doesn’t pay for/supply rings haha
  4. I would have to agree and say in most (not all) cases the kids that go to an academy have an advantage. The right academy/program can really push a kid over the top. I’ve known kids personally who are strong, agile, decent wrestlers who put together nice seasons, maybe get out of sectionals who then attend an academy and that pushes them to state qualifier/placer status
  5. Zionsville doesn’t go through Frankfort anymore, but I do not necessarily dislike the idea.
  6. Not exactly sure how other states “seed”, but at least all the other states (minus Mississippi due to no state tournament) have wrestlebacks.
  7. I’d probably throw Seltzer in there
  8. That’s right, that’s the 1 that I didn’t look at the state brackets to check grades because it was a no brainer haha whoops
  9. I would suggest the following: 106 - Chundi & Kyler West 113 - Doug Waters & Logan Carrender 120 - Carson Eldred & Jake Simone 126 - Ray Rioux & Brayden Lowery 132 - Andre Beattey & Kane Egli 138 - Logan Bailey & Drake Campbell 145 - Reece Luhmann & Anthony Poindexter 152 - Bryce Coleman & Logan Boe 160 - Elliott Rodgers & Cooper Noehre 170 - Graham Calhoun & Clayton Fielden 182 - Joseph Walker & Mason Winner 195 - Silas Allred & JD Farrell 220 - Evan Bates & Drew Webster 2
  10. I was saying about how Hooper had beat Anthony
  11. The amount of just flat out incorrect information was frustrating
  12. Your math is correct, mine was off. Just a little fired up haha
  13. 1st, I feel honored to finally be quoted by you (even in a negative light haha) and I hope this doesn’t get me blackballed. 2nd, totally get it, but at the same time something has to be solved for the fact that we do not have the top wrestlers at each weight competeing. I’d even lobby to move to 2 semi states with the top 8 coming from each weight. I have a slightly biased opinion, I will admit. But I’ve now sat in the stands at New Castle for 8 years and watched so many different (deserving) wrestlers not make it to state (that could make some noise (#. And I know it’s happening other places
  14. I wouldn’t sleep on Dylan Driver, kid is tough, technically sound, and strong. Nobody (myself included) thought Cottey would get beat, then Dylan beats one (Glithero SS#5/#14) of the two kids who’s beat Cottey in the past year to punch his ticket to state. Not to mention beating Ingalls (a highly underrated SS#8, twice) Hooper (SS#3/#12, who had beat him at least once, and beat Anthony 2 weeks in a row). Tough road, hungry kid, hoping he stays hungry.
  15. The following scenario will never ever happen, but go with me here haha. I propose the ticket round move to the first round of semi state then after that wrestle backs to 3rd, but take the top 6 from each SS expanding the state tourney to 32 at each weight. The 5s & 6s from each weight have to wrestle twice on Friday night to advance. So the 5s & 6s from each weight feed into the 4-4s then the winners of that move into face the 1s. Then proceed with Saturday morning the 1v4/5/6 matches with the losers going home, get rid of the multi hour break between the consoles and the finals and h
  16. A hobbled Walker though. Or unless the injury wasn’t that major but aggravating it more would hurt his run and the kid is that much of a beast and has the mental fortitude to say screw it, doesn’t matter who I draw. If so, my hat goes off to him haha. Either way the hobbled Walker beats arguably his toughest chance out the gate, or was seriously hurt but gave it his all. Either way I hope he’s healthy enough to watch those Friday night fireworks!
  17. An no disrespect to Kemper, great wrestler. Allred is just something else, feel bad for kemper, but I take the under on the match lasting 2 periods and Allred pinning him.
  18. The bottom half of 106 is murderers row. 3 guys capable of standing atop the podium.
  19. In my admittedly biased opinion. Keys and Irick definitely need to be separated. Their match at the conference finals was one of the best HWT matches I’ve seen, lots of action (regardless of the score) and a hard fought battle I’d personally like to see under the lights.
  20. IHSAA will ‘televise’ the pairings at 4pm (to last appx 1 hour). I suspect they’ll be on Track shortly thereafter.
  21. Believe me when I say this sir, you are certainly not the first (not even the 100th+ person this week haha) To say this. Even by well respected coaches (I.e. @Ed Pendoski) who have come up with some great ideas to account for this “mess” of a system. Regardless of the system, 224 great wrestlers will be competing this coming weekend at Banker’s Life Fieldhouse and I definitely encourage you to attend. And definitely keep coming back to New Castle SS, it makes for a long, but great Saturday of high caliber wrestling.
  22. Totally hear you, and agree, didn’t count it only due to the injury, hopefully he can go.
  23. Anyone feel free to correct me if I am wrong cause I ran through it pretty quick, but based on the rankings, below are the highest possible ranked matchups for Friday night at each weight. 106 - #3 Chundi v #6 Bailey 113 - #3 Schoeff v #4 Anthony 120 - #2 Bettich v #7 White 126 - #2 Dalton v #6 Pierson 132 - #3 Cottingham v #4 Egli 138 - #1 Boarman v #2 Bailey 145 - #4 Fiechter v #5 Cruz 152 - #2 Kervin v #3 Hall 160 - #4 Noehre v #5 Pettigrew 170 - #3 Ruhlman v #8 Harrington 182 - #2 Winner v #6 Parker 195 - #3 JD Ferrall v #8 Stree
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