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  1. Same problem happened to me. I had 4 tickets que’d up in my cart, then they disappeared, tried adding more tickets and it said I exceeded my limit, so I could only buy 2. Went in later to buy 2 more and it looked like it was going to do the transaction and then said limit exceeded - transaction cancelled....
  2. Chesterton just had a very impressive 7 SS Champs. Could this be a record? Just curious......
  3. Great write-up Tyson! Appreciate your thoughts and well written reviews. Just make sure your gettin’ that homework completed on time.
  4. With 2 of the state’s top teams in the mix here, there should be quite a few exciting CP and Chesterton match-ups both in the semi’s and the finals. There are also quite a few other very good wrestlers in the mix here. Let’s hear some thoughts/predictions on how things might play out...
  5. LaPorte Sectional - 182 Layman 27-0 (CHESTERTON) - #4 State / #1 East Chicago SS Kwiatkowski 5-1 (VALPARAISO) # 8 State / #4 East Chicago SS Browder 22-1 (LAPORTE) - #17 State / # 3 East Chicago SS
  6. TrojanPinchyGuy


    Gavin Layman
  7. TrojanPinchyGuy


    Gavin Layman
  8. 182 #6 Gavin Layman (Chesterton) over 182 #5 Johnny Parker Jr. (Indianapolis Cathedral) 5-0 Decision
  9. TrojanPinchyGuy


    Gavin Layman
  10. TrojanPinchyGuy


    Brandon Bolin
  11. TrojanPinchyGuy


    Brandon Bolin
  12. Bolin was down 4-3 with about 45 seconds to go. Neutral position. Bolin got in on a single lifted him up and reversed around to his back for the Fall. It was a great moment.
  13. At Hobart Super Duals Today. Chesterton’s 160 # un-ranked Brandon Bolin knocks off #1 State-Ranked Tyler Turley via Fall in late third period.
  14. TrojanPinchyGuy


    Gavin Layman
  15. TrojanPinchyGuy


    Ethan Kaiser
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