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    Gavin Layman
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    Gavin Layman
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    Gavin Layman
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    Graham Calhoun
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    Clayton Fielden
  6. Chesterton’s #9 Gavin Layman versus Cathedral’s #10 Tyler Wagner was a great OT match with Layman winning 4-2 at Al Smith 170#.
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    Gavin Layman
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    Gavin Layman
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    Gavin Layman
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    Gavin Layman
  11. Obviously you took exception and must not have liked my post from last night. I didn’t start the topic of discussion here, I simply replied to something that someone else had already brought up. Your post above is silly - of course these kids weren’t thinking less special because they didn’t win a State Title for their original hometown. They worked hard to get to where they were on that podium and should be damn proud of what they accomplished. My post last night was twofold: (1) about programs that have built something special starting at the youth level. It’s great to see a bunch of elementary kids busting their butts together at that level and now years later having success together at the HS level. In my opinion, it makes the journey they are on more special not only for them but the families and coaches who are involved in that development. (2) Letting people know (who had asked in the post) that a very large majority of the Freshman class that is coming next year are not truly freshman. I am not faulting people for moving into a new town, do what you want to do by all means. I do have a slight problem with parents holding their kids back (homeschooling them) when they are in 6th or 7th or 8th grade purely for one purpose. Let your kid be what they were supposed to be. The journey they are on should not be about being undefeated your HS career or a 2,3,4 X state champion. Now, when you combine these two topics it gets really interesting. When you have parents who have all held their wrestlers back (not when they were getting ready to start kindergarten) and all of these same families just so happen to move to the same location in the state (Hell, some of the kids moving to this area aren’t even from IN - and just so happen to have an elite wrestler in their family). In my humble opinion it’s a bit fishy and it takes away some of the “special” things I originally posted about.
  12. Chesterton falls under one of the top “Home Grown” programs as well. We had 2 Sophmore State Placers this year, 2 Sophmores that lost in the SS Ticket round (to eventual State Placers), 2 other soph’s and 1 Freshman SS qualifiers. We get to look forward to some very skilled “true” freshman that will join the team next year. All that have come up through the Duneland/Chesterton Wrestling Clubs. When our sophmore class this year was in 6th grade they finished runner-up at the ISWA Elementary Duals to Avon, knocking off Center Grove and Perry in the process. Needless to say, Chesterton should have a pretty good day at the Frosh/Soph Championships this weekend. Indiana Wrestling fans need to understand that next years Freshman class is filled with kids who were held back in Elementary or MS (sometimes more than once). In most cases these are the Top Ranked kids I have seen in ranking lists. I understand the motivation to “gray shirt/red shirt” your elite wrestler, but there is something a little more special when a wrestler knows if he’s really a Freshman when he comes to HS (whether or not it comes with success), and EVEN MORE SPECIAL when they are kids who have developed within your elementary programs from the start.
  13. Gavin Layman from Chesterton wrestled 126 last year - This year 160
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