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  1. God forbid if something happens that forces this event to be cancelled - will refunds be given thru Trackwrestling?
  2. Chesterton’s #9 Gavin Layman versus Cathedral’s #10 Tyler Wagner was a great OT match with Layman winning 4-2 at Al Smith 170#.
  3. Obviously you took exception and must not have liked my post from last night. I didn’t start the topic of discussion here, I simply replied to something that someone else had already brought up. Your post above is silly - of course these kids weren’t thinking less special because they didn’t win a State Title for their original hometown. They worked hard to get to where they were on that podium and should be damn proud of what they accomplished. My post last night was twofold: (1) about programs that have built something special starting at the youth level. It’s great to see a bunch o
  4. Chesterton falls under one of the top “Home Grown” programs as well. We had 2 Sophmore State Placers this year, 2 Sophmores that lost in the SS Ticket round (to eventual State Placers), 2 other soph’s and 1 Freshman SS qualifiers. We get to look forward to some very skilled “true” freshman that will join the team next year. All that have come up through the Duneland/Chesterton Wrestling Clubs. When our sophmore class this year was in 6th grade they finished runner-up at the ISWA Elementary Duals to Avon, knocking off Center Grove and Perry in the process. Needless to say, Chesterton shou
  5. Gavin Layman from Chesterton wrestled 126 last year - This year 160
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