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  1. The 100% paid way as long as the school has great academics in the area I want to study.
  2. I saw Michigan wrestling posted on Twitter they were having feed issues
  3. The weight classes are not clickable
  4. No sound on 3 of the mats right now..only mat 3 has sound
  5. When I was in school we split the upper and lower weights. We would do some form of conditioning with one group and technique with the other.
  6. nk140


    Yeah Edgewood and Bloomington schools were sent home early today. No after schools activities at Edgewood.
  7. It is very hard to believe but this is Doane's first year on the high school team. He just did the freestyle/greco until now.
  8. I heard that at least one current IU wrestler is transferring. My info is straight from FloWresting podcast. It looks like said wrestler is not on the roster either.
  9. harvey wins over subjeck of stanford
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