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  1. https://t.co/FTrogQccvB Video of incident.
  2. Any idea on which seniors that are not yet committed or any rumors about where they might be going?
  3. Just curious.... I know that Cathedrals team gets a ring for team state. Do the state winners get anything similar?
  4. Just curious, how late can a wrestler pull out of State?
  5. I stand corrected. Too many wrestlers and too many scores to remember at my age.
  6. Yes at Team State and also at the Mason Invite in Ohio. I think it was 3-1 in Mason.
  7. Does anyone remember the 163 lb bottom half of the bracket at IHPO this season. Levitz, Noehre and Dickens all on the same side. And that is this year.
  8. I'm also curious which #1 you think might be upset in the 160 lb first round?
  9. Dickens just beat Rodgers 9-3 in Mason, OH.
  10. Parkinson with the upset 3-0. MD 38-6
  11. May be on the PM wrestling Youtube?????
  12. Any predictions per weight class?
  13. It would have been nice to to see in the semi's that four 3a schools not on two mats and the smallest section of seats. Other than that, no complaints except the drive from Evansville.
  14. That was a great match with Dickens and Rodgers. You couldn't tell that the outcome had already been decided. They went like that was the deciding match. Hope to see them again under the lights on Indy.
  15. Pins for Dickens (160), Sollars (170) and Parkinson (182) for MD.
  16. I was told that when Coach Nickals took the job at Tilgham, most of his team from McCracken Co. followed him there. Now they must wait until next season to compete.
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