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  1. mdspiderman81

    Scholastic Duals

    Can someone verify if this event is a qualifier for freestyle state? I was told it was.
  2. mdspiderman81

    #2 Perry Meridian vs. #4 Mater Dei

    Good morning wrestling fans. The day has arrived. We have the spot light in place. Custom T-shirts for all wrestlers, varsity and junior varsity. A well known local announcer. Our historic gymnasium will be at capacity and rocking tonight. Get there early and get a half pot ticket. To the Perry wrestler and fans be safe in your travels. Lets get ready to rummmmbbbbllleee.
  3. mdspiderman81

    Evansville Semi-State #2

    Dickens beat Deters 9-3 last weekend.
  4. mdspiderman81

    Mater Dei vs PM

    Don’t be hateful. He is just a boy.
  5. mdspiderman81

    Castle vs Mater Dei

    Sure I have heard of Bo Nickal, Doesn't he wrestle for Mount Vernon?
  6. mdspiderman81

    Castle vs Mater Dei

    We will see about that tomorrow. After the thrashing you took from Union County I wouldn't be to cocky.
  7. mdspiderman81

    State Rankings Update #2

    Sollars at 160 from Evansville Mater Dei
  8. mdspiderman81

    South West corner of Indiana

    We were undefeated at 06,13,20,26,45,52,60,70 and 220. Egli did not wrestle at 32 but should be back for Sat. We wrestle Memorial Wednesday. Saturday we wrestle at Mater Dei against Avon,Bloomington South, Castle. Two more but I am not sure who. Yes we are having the Classic with some new teams. Note to everyone, We are wrestling Perry Meridian on Friday December 21at Mater Dei. It will be a night to remember,tell your friends.
  9. mdspiderman81

    South West corner of Indiana

    Yes WrestleMan some good match ups. Altoff had 7 state finalist in last years tournament with three champs. All three champs were seniors. Last years 4th placer at 106, 113 finalist, 132 6th placer and 138 6th placer were all underclassmen. Altoff is a 1A school. As far as Kentucky.I think Woodford is pre-season ranked #2 and Trinity at # 6 as individuals. Team rankings have Woodford #1 over Union County and Trinity is unranked. Trinity has 7 ranked wrestlers at #3 @ 113, #6 @132, #12 @ 138 (Ty Lehman), # 12 @ 160, # 2 @ 195,#16 @ 220 and # 4 at HWT. Woodford has 7 ranked as well, #4 @ 113, # 4 @ 126, # 5 @ 132, # 1 @ 138, # 5 @ 145, # 1 @ 152 and # 5 @ 160. @160Scott
  10. mdspiderman81

    South West corner of Indiana

    Woodford County and Trinity. Altoff Catholic from IL
  11. mdspiderman81

    South West corner of Indiana

    Mater Dei at North Posey. Two top ten teams from Kentucky, a very good team from Illinois, NOrth Posey and Mater Dei. Wrestling starts at 9.
  12. mdspiderman81

    are the rankings going to get updated

    Its been a month.
  13. mdspiderman81

    Top 100 Career Wins

    Where is Matt Coughlin?
  14. mdspiderman81

    What High School is Kamariyon Nelson going to?

    Word on the street is Brownsburg.
  15. mdspiderman81

    Cadet National Duals

    I want to thank the coaches and everyone else that made this possible. My son wrestled 15 matches and met a bunch of new friends. He said it was a great experience. Thanks again.

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