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  1. With school coming to a close and several RTC's being canceled recently, could those of you who will continue to run RTC's throughout late May, June and July please post. Thanks!
  2. Seems like more changes than usual. Do others agree? Or does this seem typical?
  3. Why would he leave IN? We are one of the few states with a single class system where he can be 'THE' State Champ. Plus he has the chance to join the rare air of a 4x IN State Champ.
  4. The kid on the left is way bigger than the kid on the right. (Same hair, new tattoo- looking for the Roy Boy Award???) In all seriousness, can you remind me the weight class difference? The point is well taken, maturity matters. And it continues... take a look at David Taylor through the years:
  5. .02

    Indiana Mat 101

    Just behaving so nobody has to ban me I learn slowly...turning over a new leaf.
  6. Sounds good- which tournaments did they swap out? Exciting to see some out of state competition. That seems to be a challenge in IN. Lots of kids in Da Region see good competition, but often it is against each other multiple times. Are there other schools getting out of state competition? I think one of the things about IHSWCA Team State that is nice is seeing schools from other parts of the state too. Are there restrictions on travel distance? I felt like we had some kids not competing in IN for that very reason.
  7. I'm pretty new to using this site, but it seems the following might be helpful. Question to ask yourself: Is what I'm about to post something I would like feedback from the community on/ information for the whole community or am I making a personal attack/ asking an individual a question? 1st type: Starting or commenting in a thread is the place for you. 2nd type: Try using the message feature.... There is a feature on this site that allows users to sent a 'personal message'. You just click on the person and then choose- the little envelope icon. It's easy (PS- This is a test. If you pass, I'll get the hate mail in my inbox if you don't appreciate help with manners. If you fail you'll post your message here. Good luck.)
  8. True (on both counts). Even if he'd finished 3rd or 4th it would have been impressive. Question still remains- Ready for IN State Finals? It might be argued that he finally got some challenging matches and started raising his level. Also not sure of what he did to prepare for Flo? RTC's with more practice partners? Some wrestling academy? He has 'plymouth' on Flo Nationals.... I am just arguing that a tough schedule (even one with some losses- quality losses) like some champs and runner up finishers from schools like Avon, Portage, Cathedral, Brownsburg have will help hone your skills for the tight matches in the State Finals. Most schools in Da Region and <Pound Sign>TheCounty (to site a couple of examples) are pushing the level of competition all the time and they are ready for the tight matches down the stretch.
  9. Fasten the seat belts. I feel like I was on this ride before. Lock-down and erase seems to be the answer. Surely we will all forget about this sooner or later... won't we?
  10. Talented kid no doubt. Questionable if his schedule is tough enough. Trackwrestling (I had trouble finding any info on FloArena for some reason) shows his HS record this year- almost every match during the regular schedule is a first period fall. Hard to compete at a high level 'all of a sudden' at state when you are hitting kids from schools who've really run up against top notch opponents all year.
  11. A serious question remains...how well is the talent developed? Who has progressed more Lee or Red? Do we think they'd have fared as well if they were in the IN or Boiler room? I'd like to think so, but not sure. Building the whole package is a huge coaching task BEYOND the recruiting. It's why some kids will pick up an leave their home state.
  12. I'm pretty sure if you put Ohio State keeping all the Ohio talent, Penn State keeping all of the Pennsylvania talent, Iowa keeping all the Iowa talent and Rutgers keeping all of the NJ talent, it would change the article. Also, while this is a nice sentiment, it is not a realistic picture of the recruiting landscape. Top tier schools will always compete for top talent from other states. Sure solid wrestling states have a base built by in-state kids but they are still competing nationally for kids.
  13. .02


    Well, looks like we've taken care of that problem. Feels just like wrestling season outside!!!
  14. I've seen this idea floated before. But nobody has really taken the time to get this up and running. I feel like it could become an annual event that just rotated venues based on which teams make it into the top 12 and which don't. But it will take someone willing to start it
  15. I'd really encourage you to reach out to some of the other schools that were 'just out' of this tournament. Especially ones that had it on the schedule and might now be out.... A super-dual of 6 'just missed' teams would offer some good competition at a key point in the year. Doesn't have to be by class either....
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