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  1. Indiana Mafia Gambino got 2nd in their pool and then lost in the Championship Pigtails
  2. Need a second team heavyweight? If so I’m available
  3. My name is Austin Fortune I’m a junior gonna be a Senior I wrestle for Boonville in SouthWest Indiana I’m looking for dual teams during the summer to get better in I was hurt during High School season I got 7th at Folkstyle State this year and just am looking to compete any openings contact me my cellphone number is (812) 568-7119 my email address is Austinmech835@gmail.com thanks in advance for any consideration
  4. Is there a certain level of skill that is being searched for?
  5. My Favorite Matchups through the Ticket Round Should be a Wild one at the Ford Center 106- Cole Gentry(Tell City) vs Blaize Garcia (Avon) Noah Lykins(Columbus East) vs Chris Newman(Mt.Vernon) 113- Cole Ross(Mater Dei) vs Cameron Allen (Plainfield) Winner of Ross/Allen vs Castelluccio(Bloomington South) Logan Sutton(Boonville) vs Hayden Watson(Center Grove) Winner of Sutton/Watson vs Alstott(Floyd Central) 120- Tyler Conley(Avon) vs Sam Scott (Heritage Hills) Winner of Conley/Scott vs Gardner(Edgewood) Devin Casebolt (Castle) vs Kysen Montgomery(Brownsburg) 126- Jeremy Clark(Columbus East) vs Landon Boe(Plainfield) Cade Meier(Bloomington South) vs Winner of Clark/Boe 132- Clay Egli(Mater Dei) vs Tyler Fuqua(Franklin Community) Christian Polen(Gibson Southern) vs Logan Boe(Plainfield) Winner of Polen/Boe vs Joey Gordon (Columbus East) 138- Blaine Mayer(Mater Dei) vs Jaden Reynolds(Avon) Caden Rooks(Columbus East) vs Justice Cash(Bloomington North) Owen Sego(Indiana Creek) vs Trey Mucker (Tell City) 145- Kade Law(Columbus East) vs Griffin Ison(Brownsburg) Brooks Hartz(Castle) vs Matthew Koontz (Edgewood) Winner of Law/Ison vs Winner of Hartz/Koontz L.J Burdon(Plainfield) vs Jordan Fulks(Boonville) 152- Nathan Conley(Avon) vs Brad Springer(Southridge) Jake Schoenegge(Columbus East) vs Dominic Pugliese (Tri-West Hendricks) Winner of Schoenegge/Pugliese vs Austin Heckman(EdgeWood) 160- Tristan Ruhlman(Bloomington South) vs Gabe Sollars(Mater Dei) Peyton Pruitt(Center Grove) vs Clay Singleton (Gibson Southern) Robert Deters(Castle) vs Tucker Schank(Southridge) Gavyn Doane(North Knox) vs Peyton Asbury(Brownsburg) 170- Derek Blubaugh(Bloomington South) vs Zach Martin (F.J Reitz) Macartney Parkinson(Mater Dei) vs Brendan McPike (Terre Haute South Vigo) 182- Carson Brewer(Avon) vs Phoenix Rodgers(Heritage Hills) Levon Bellmany(Edgewood) vs Nathan Willman(North Posey) McKinley Kemper(Evansville Central) vs Trizton Carson(Danville) 195- Nolan Wampler(Bloomington South) vs Griffin Stine(Martinsville) Dylan Carrier(Evansville Central) vs Dakari Kenny (Pike) Will Nunn(Castle) vs Destiny Hardy (North Knox) 220- Will Stewart(South Spencer) vs Jayden Williams(Avon) Jacob Bolte(Columbus East) vs Micah Dodson (Martinsville) Lawson Aiken(Brownsburg) vs McCray Robinson (Gibson Southern) 285- Jack Biddle(Plainfield)vs Arron Breivogel(Gibson Southern) Allen Haire(Terre Haute South Vigo) vs Muhammad Sidibe(Ben Davis)
  6. Plus with Casebolt (Castle) vs Montgomery(Brownsburg) In the first round
  7. I love some of the ticket round match ups, some hammers are going home this weekend
  8. I agree, although Fulks was never taken to his back during that match which is always a good sign when wrestling the best in the State
  9. So which weight class do you think will be more competitive 160 or 182? T.Conner vs D.Dilbeck should be interesting at 152
  10. Did Boyd Wrestle 160 all year for Harrison? Because I don’t remember seeing him at the Harrison 10-way
  11. I think Heuring will beat Buck at 220, he beat him 7-3 at the Big 8 Duals, then Pinned him in the Semifinals of Big 8 Conference
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