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  1. Your probably right but since I don’t know much about alot of the Mooresville guys and didn’t do a complete Deep dive feel free to fill me in on anything I might be missing
  2. 106- Miller (Brownsburg) Hammack (Tell City) or Zirkleback (North Posey) West (Memorial) Turner(Edgewood) 113- Lykins (Columbus East) Ross (Mater Dei) Schoff (Avon) Gilbert (Sullivan) 120- Freeman (Mater Dei) Carrington (Greencastle) Ruhlman (Bloomington South) Scott (Heritage Hills) 126- Alstott (Floyd Central) or Dalton (Monrovia) Montgomery (Brownsburg) Rioux (Avon) Hayhurst (Mater Dei) 132- Rohrbach (West Vigo) Watson (Center Grove) Deckard (Edgewood) Egli (Mater Dei)
  3. This may have already been covered but is it just me or is this on of the tougher Regionals we’ve seen in a few years?
  4. Definitely with potential matches like Deters vs Sollars III the 120 Finals with whom ever, Fitts vs Fulks Stewart vs Willman III West vs Zirkleback Definitely worth the price of admission
  5. Dustin Wilke and Dusty Marachand 03-04: 20-6 04-05: 21-5 05-06: 15-10 06-07: 20-9 07-08: 12-18 08-09: 15-13 09-10: 18-6 10-11: 20-8 11-12: 23-5 12-13: 23-10 13-14: 20-13 14-15: 19-19 15-16: 14-19 16-17: 16-21 17-18: 24-8 18-19: 26-4 19-20: 25-9 That is a total record of: 331-183
  6. It sounds like it but they literally are listed as Co-Head Coaches it’s weird
  7. What if your team has Co- head coaches?
  8. I agree, What I should have said was originaly a Boonville athlete
  9. Yeah they are both boonville products but Purdy went before Sutton
  10. I agree I think it’s probably has the potential to be one of the best if not the best 1vs4 matches
  11. Didn’t Willman upset Reff when Reff was a 1 Seed last year?
  12. Here’s an interesting question, who are the 1 seeds that are most likely to get knocked out first round?
  13. I don’t think there’s any locks to make it out at heavyweight, you’ll have to earn your way out. All of the heavyweights are good tough kids
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