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  1. Andrew Roberts fron Lawrenceburg over Zack Otto from South Dearborn at Conference. 6-0
  2. Postponed until Monday at 4:45pm.
  3. I predict there will probably be a delay in the start time with them calling for 5-7" of snow.
  4. Fun time of the year. Usually you can kind of tell how the rest of your season is going to be after the Spartan Classic.
  5. Always a lot of great competition and usually several State Qualifiers wrestling at the Spartan Classic.
  6. #5 Vince Yoder at 285 also got pinned by Zack McQueen of Connersville at Homestead Tournament.
  7. How does a kid stay in SS rankings that hasn't wrestled a match this season?
  8. Zack McQuenn of Connersville over Vince Yoder of Fairfield by pinfall in the 2nd period.
  9. #2 at 285 from Fairfield pinned by Connersville Zack McQueen in 2nd period
  10. Connersville RTC this Wednesday is at 5:30 pm. This week only.
  11. Connersville RTC is every Wednesday from 5:00-6:30 PM. All are welcome to come. Middle schoolers are also welcome to come.
  12. Is there anyplace having RTC near Connersville, Indiana now? Our son is looking for places to go .
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