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    BreakfastClub reacted to grecoref in Bad officiating   
    We had 131 referees apply for the Sectional. We need 128 referees to staff the tournament. While we were in the meeting with Mr. Faulkens going over the tournament series, his administrative assistant came in with a note that two referees had dropped out. Others will drop before the end of the week for a variety of reasons. We will end up using veteran officials who did not apply for the tournament and first year officials who have had good recommendations. 
    The number one reason new referees do not continue is abuse from coaches and fans.
    We do everything we can to train them and keep them going. In the Indianapolis area our association offers a class and we have a mentor program, where the new officials shadow an experienced official. We have association meetings where we discuss situations and rules throughout the season. It's an uphill battle.
    Like it or not, referees are part of the sport. Without them there are no events. Our sport is doing everything we can do increase the number of athletes. We need the same effort to increase the number of referees. We should be in this together, but sometimes it seems we are fighting coaches and administrators.
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    BreakfastClub reacted to TripleB in Bad officiating   
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    BreakfastClub reacted to bluechipper in State Champions?   
    Now, that the conference tournaments have concluded and we are a week away from entering the postseason, who are your final picks for this year's IHSAA state tournament?
    106: AJ Black, Shenandoah
    113: Asa Garcia, Avon
    120: Cayden Rooks, Columbus East
    126: Graham Rooks, Columbus East
    132: Breyden Bailey, Cathedral
    138: Brendan Black, Hobart
    145: Brayton Lee, Brownsburg
    152: Joe Lee, Evansville Mater Dei
    160: Christian Warren, Perry Meridian
    170: Jake Ruberg, Lawrenceburg
    182: Nate "The Great" Walton, Brownsburg
    195: Tristen Tonte, Warren Central
    220: Mason Parris, Lawrenceburg
    285: Robert Samuels, Lawrence North
    106 - As wide open as ever, you can never be sure, but AJ Black is a stud.
    113 - Asa Garcia has been hot all season after his inaugural run, but look for Alec Viduya to make waves in this weight.
    120 - Cayden Rooks has one lone blemish on his record, but come postseason, I see no one beating him.
    126 - This weight class is SCARY. Depending upon finshes at Semi-State, Saturday morning draws could be crucial. We could and most likely will see Mulkey, Cummings, White, DLP, Slivka, and Rooks facing off against one another in that round.
    132 - Jeremiah Reitz is a state champion, but I don't see him knocking off Bailey should we get this match in the finals.
    138 - Brendan Black is the top pick should he be healthy, but I'm not counting out Rumph or Melloh (who I think we'll see in the finals).
    145 - Brayton Lee is the Alpha Dog at this weight and I don't see anyone coming in distance of him come February.
    152 - Joe Lee is the Alpha Dog at this weight, but I just have a feeling a stud from the southside of Indianapolis is going to give him all he can handle and dish some revenge for old comrade B. James...
    160 - Brad Laughlin is the #1-ranked at this weight, but Warren has been solid all year, and I don't think there is anyone he can't beat. He's go, go, go, and that will be the difference maker.
    170 - While Van Horn is the man right now, Ruberg will be the man that night. There's just something about February that makes the lights shine the brightest for some wrestlers. My gut feeling is Ruberg is one of them.
    182 - Nate "The Great" Walton has been seemingly untouchable this season. Lucas Davison will be a tough task, however. He's been solid all year, and will test Walton come state in the semis or finals.
    195 - This weight class... Three potential state champions in this weight alone. Andy Davison, a Fargo champion and AA, has been great, as usual. Stewart, who I pegged as a potential four-timer when he first came in 2014, has been lights out this year, but his arch-nemesis, Tristen Tonte is my pick to win this weight class. It must be his Italian spirit and the great Jim Tonte's genes in his son that make this kid nasty and clutch during the postseason. #STATECHAMPLOADING
    220 - Mason Parris... And it's not even close.
    285 - This is another weight class that's so hard to call. We have two undefeated wrestlers holding spots #1 and #2, but Samuels got HOT last year, and I expect nothing less from him this year. Evan Ellis is wrestling as great as ever, and Bus McWilliams is tough as nails with that freight train double. I can see all three being crowned champion, but I'm going to go ahead and call it for Samuels. Don't count out Jessie Lawson from Carroll or the man, Slick Rick Clark, either, baby (that kid has been on fire).
    NC - 7
    EV - 6
    EC - 1
    FW - 0
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    BreakfastClub reacted to Darrick Snyder in PM vs #PainTrain   
    I miss Team State at the end of the year too. The Coaches Association has done an outstanding job of giving us the best we can have now. Thanks for the positive feedback, but after tonight I'd say Perry wins 7 or 8 out of 10. Very impressive. I need a counselor and sleep therapist. Perry took earned the #. Sorry to TheCounty. Lol.
    Snyder - will try to sleep now....but think Falcons will be hovering over me.
    Again, awesome job of making an incredible atmosphere. My bus driver said, "Coach, I know you guys lost and I'm sorry...but I've never seen a wrestling meet. (He is new to the job). When is the next "game". That was awesome!"
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    BreakfastClub reacted to HappyToy in PM vs #PainTrain   
    29-21 final Perry
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    BreakfastClub reacted to UncleJimmy in PM vs #PainTrain   
    Any FB live video tonite?
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    BreakfastClub reacted to Dwilly in Suite Tickets   
    A neighbor of mine is a partner at a large law frim in town that has a lower level suite.  Neighbor wrestled in PA, and still follows the sport.  I have asked him for years to get these tickets for the state finals for us, and every year he says they are gone months in advance. Mind you, he can literally get tickets to anything else held at BLF, but never state finals.  My guess is a higher partner takes entire suite every year?
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    BreakfastClub got a reaction from MD92 in Injury default question   
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    BreakfastClub reacted to grappleapple in Injury default question   
    Reminds me then of when Austin McCloskey was slammed illegally by one of the Kiefer brothers in the New Castle semistate. It wasn't an intentional illegal move, but it injured McCloskey. He decided to injury default so Kiefer could still have a chance to go to state. Pretty classy.
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    BreakfastClub reacted to rhayes in Injury default question   
    The wrestler chopped the arm very hard, "swung from left field", the other wrestler's elbow severely dislocated.  Match was stopped immediately, wrestler was giving an unnecessary roughness penalty.   Before the 2 minute recovery time expired, the injured wrestler's coach injury defaulted, allowing the other wrestler to continue in the tourney. Great sportsmanship by all in involved, including the offending wrestler, he did not intentionally hurt the other wrestler and was very upset as well. 
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    BreakfastClub reacted to TripleB in Injury default question   
    I might know a guy
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    BreakfastClub reacted to trackgopher in Injury default question   
    This is just a clarification when it comes to Track and the records from there.  Now here is something that if you are worried about it, the match that the wrestler is injured during counts as an injury default, all subsequent matches should be Medical Forfeits, not ID's.  That tells the track system that a loss will be given for the Injury Default, but will not be counted for the Med FF.
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    BreakfastClub got a reaction from ILUV2PIN in Kids who quit and what to say to them   
    I've told our kids to follow their dreams and to pour their hearts into something THEY enjoy, not the parents and/or coaches. While I agree wrestling teaches many life lessons that will be valuable moving forward, pushing someone to participate in something they don't enjoy is pointless. 
    What's most important? 
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    BreakfastClub got a reaction from barrydjr in Crazy Parents   
    These are the parents that are living vicariously through their children.
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    BreakfastClub got a reaction from Caleb Spires in When will someone get 4 champs in a year again?   
    Wait, the Democrats didn't win?!?!
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    BreakfastClub got a reaction from TeamGarcia in When will someone get 4 champs in a year again?   
    Wait, the Democrats didn't win?!?!
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    BreakfastClub got a reaction from Mattyb in When will someone get 4 champs in a year again?   
    Wait, the Democrats didn't win?!?!
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    BreakfastClub reacted to TeamGarcia in When will someone get 4 champs in a year again?   
    (on the phone with Mattyb) ........
    Hold on Matt gotta take this call from Blairstown Township, New Jersey.....
    Yea be there next week. Hang up .
    (Matt you there ? .... Yeah .
    Hey gotta go buddy ... found a nice Community out East . ✌
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    BreakfastClub reacted to AJ in Best graduating class from one school ever   
    Muncie Southside 1990 graduating class
    Tony Abbott - State Champ
    Marc Foreman - State Champ
    Jeff Pease - 3rd
    Dan Wickliff - 4th 
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    BreakfastClub reacted to Caleb Spires in When will someone get 4 champs in a year again?   
    I meant move, or rather 'fit,' into the lineup once they reach high school.
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    BreakfastClub reacted to grecoref in Crazy Parents   
    That really hurts my feelings. I'm very sensitive. I do understand, though. I can't imagine what it would be like to go through life as a Bear and ND fan. It must make fall weekends very traumatic.
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    BreakfastClub got a reaction from UncleJimmy in When will someone get 4 champs in a year again?   
    You mean move UP, rather than IN, right?
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    BreakfastClub reacted to Mattyb in When will someone get 4 champs in a year again?   
    That's the thing... it's just fun. Are we proud of the kids and what we are building?... sure. But at the end of the day it's nothing. The vast majority of the kids don't know about this board or the bs that we all write on here. Please don't take what we post that seriously. Like I said before, we are all trying to chase the success of the region guys. If you are truly troubled about all the talk and branding.... then that's messed up. One thing is certain, each weight class is going to have one champ, and no matter where they are from #TheCounty will be there to congratulate each one. Build a brand and make things interesting... that's it.
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    BreakfastClub reacted to TripleB in When will someone get 4 champs in a year again?   
    Do we have future dates and locations for the Hendricks County Draft? That will determine the answer to this question!!
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    BreakfastClub reacted to navy80 in When will someone get 4 champs in a year again?   
    It can happen...wait until the Lebron effect trickles down to high school wrestling.  All the middle school studs will pick the same high school and we will see an all-star type of team.  
    When was the last time we had 3 state champs from one team?
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