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  1. I did see a bunch of Forfeits though. Filling a roster is hard for sure but I agree I think it helps to grow the sport and give more kids oppurtunity to participate.
  2. It would also be nice to see them use IHSWCA middle school weights too.
  3. I can't argue your data. It's just frustrating. That is why I think a regional qualifier would solve a lot of problems. This year for us we had a senior at 106 and a Freshman backup that had beat him in a wrestle off once. They were not that far apart. We will not get the points that he would have received had he been our starter at sectional. We had underclassmen at several weights that would have scored more "team points" toward a team state bid but there is no way to gain those. I didn't mean to come across angry at the people working tirelessly to help this great sport and the Team State tourney. I love it and am grateful to those that work so hard to make it happen. I would just like to see teams wrestle to earn it. I would be the 2nd to sign up if they had a qualifying tournament. It would be nice to see how our team stacks up against these elite 1A schools next year.
  4. I wish they would have a small division Team state in Middle School like they do in Elementary, but I am thinking that Alexandria could have held their own in it this year.
  5. I can't say that I agree with getting the right teams in the tournament every year. I think that small schools are so unpredictable from year to year that it's impossible. I would love to see a Qualifying tournament to earn your way to a team state birth. I would assume that most of small schools would be in favor of a regional tournament. I feel like there are way too many teams from a certain area getting births. It would be nice to just wrestle to find out who belongs. There is no other way to do it to make it fair.
  6. Great Tournament Coach! Glad we were able to make it. Thanks for having us!
  7. Moving up in an age group should be allowed during High School season with 14U wrestlers. I understand the idea behind it but disagree with it during HS season. 16u wrestlers are in 8th grade. 14u are mostly middle school if not all in Middle School. Elementary Duals can have a 6th Grader wrestle a 2nd grader which is also an ISWA event. I would love to see ISWA change the rule during HS wrestling season. Some middle school programs do not even start wrestling until the end of January, and finding matches can be hard. My son doesn't go to many tournaments but the 2 we have been to have only had a handful of kids in the 16u division. He doesn't have a great birthday for wrestling I guess. I would just like to know others thoughts on this. Maybe I am just looking at from a Dads perspective.
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    Isaiah Fye
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    Max Naselroad
  10. Totally agree! Done! Make certain criteria to be considered. I would guess the majority of 1A/2A schools are missing several weight classes. Done!
  11. I am guessing this would never happen, but I really like the idea of having the small schools having a regional qualifier. I am assuming that finding 10 1A schools from each region would not be that difficult to do. I would also guess that finding a school to host it wouldn't be that difficult either. I think that it would do wonders for small schools. I think it would increase the amount of kids that would take an interest in wrestling as well as bring more attention to the wrestling team within their school. Take the top 4 from each region and that becomes your state dual. I love the sport of wrestling because it seems to me to be that most fair sport there is. Everything that you get you've earned. I think determining state teams isn't comparing apples to apples. I appreciate the effort that goes in to try to make it fair but it's not. Have teams go head-to-head and earn their spot. Set criteria for entering the tournament. Must have 11 weight classes filled. I think that would knock out most of the small schools and it would be easy to select the ones for the regional tournament. Break the regionals up by Semi-States. If a 1A School goes through East Chicago and has 11 weight classes filled then they are eligible to enter the tournament. I also think that would be a great tournament to wrestle in anyway regardless if that team qualifies for State or not. Then the teams like Frankton, Cascade, Alexandria, Winimac, Faith Christian, Sheridan, Indianapolis Lutheran, Southmont, Freemont, Bremen, South Adams ect... I think the list could go on. Let them earn it head to head. I would guess most teams wouldn't have a problem with wrestling two weekends in great competitive tournaments. Just a thought
  12. IHSWCA The IHSWCA Middle School State Championships is introducing a State Championship Series with a set of qualifiers added to the tournament. This year, the qualifiers will be held on 1/23/22 at three locations. Plymouth High School will host the North Qualifier, the Central Qualifier will be held at Warren Central High School, and Jeffersonville High School will host the South Qualifier. Top 12 wrestlers in each weight class will qualify for the State Championships at Center Grove High School on 1/30/22. Place winners of each qualifier will be separated and seeded accordingly in the Championship tournament bracket. We feel that there are several reasons that this model will benefit our middle school wrestlers in the state, this is our mission: 1. Create an objective method to separate wrestlers in the championship tournament bracket. 2. Promote a more local opportunity for wrestlers in the area of the Qualifiers. 3. Grow the total number of participants in the tournament as a whole. 4. Allow an entry level opportunity for less experienced middle school wrestlers. Our vision of the future: 1. Add more qualifiers in the future. 2. Showcase the championships. 3. Continue to grow the number of middle school wrestlers. 4. Provide some guidance and unity for our middle school wrestling in the state.
  13. The other part that is hard is that there are middle school tournaments that are starting and some wrestle on the 22nd. Thats a lot of wrestling in two days. There is very little information out about the qualifier. How many are they taking from each. I read 32 man bracket, I'm not great at math but how do you get 32 out of three qualifiers? I like the idea of a qualifier personally. I think the state should be seeded for sure but I wish it would have been planned a little better. But, anything that is new will need some tweaks the following year. I am glad that people are putting effort into the wrestling in the state of Indiana. I realize that there are several putting in time and effort that are passionate about this sport and want to see it grow. I do think more people will attend a qualifier that maybe would not go to the state. I think it is hard to find the middle ground that helps the best but brings up the bottom. I believe that is the key to growing the sport.
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