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  1. I wouldn't score the pool wrestling just the tournament correct. Could coaches change the scoring wrestler after the pools were completed?
  2. If they had multiple kids in the same weight class how did they do the team scoring?
  3. I think we can run it fairly quick. We now have an auxiliary gym I am hoping to have 8 mats and each round take about an hour. 5 hours with a lunch break in the middle. Getting 5 matches in and out by 2 our 3 pm. Pools 1 and 2 in a Gym and 3 and 4 in a gym for 3 rounds. Last two rounds would be 1st and 5th place brackets in a gym and 9th and 12th place in another gym. Finding 8 officials would be the hard part.
  4. Coming up with a good schedule to meet all the needs of my wrestlers has been a struggle. We have a gap of ability difference within our team. I have been thinking about hosting a 16 team Individual tournament that would allow each wrestler to have potentially 5 matches. We would allow JV's wrestlers in spots that did not have 16 spots taken. Example one team had a forfeit at 160 but team 2 had 2 160's we would plug the jv in the 160 spot with the forfeit. Each weight class would have 4 seeded pools seed 1,16, 8, and 9 would be pool 1. Seeds 2, 15, 7, and 10 would be pool 2. Seeds 3, 6,
  5. No I get it. It is really hard to coach when you're not in the building for sure. I was just giving you a hard time. It would be hard to turn down an opportunity to be at a big school for many reasons.
  6. I thought I would join the debate since they are so fun! I think everything you have stated is true. I think small schools are at a disadvantage I think larger schools have many things that benefit them over a small school. But, I think it is sooooo special when a kid from our size school makes it! What does it mean to go to state at Warren Central, Avon, Carmel ect.... not much, there have been several go! When a Courtney Duncan, or Luke Blanton go to State and even win a State title (even at 103) They are larger than life super stars. Our kids know every State Qualifier we'
  7. Central Indiana Conference uses 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100, Then HS weight classes.
  8. It makes it so hard for our kids to start learning weight management when weight classes are different every meet and places don't have weigh ins. We use for our home meets 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100, 106 through HWT are HS weights. But our County Meet is different weight classes. 70-145 by 5's 155, 180, 195, 215, and 275 for HWT. We use our conference tournament weight classes for home duals. I really like using the HS weight classes it just makes sense to me. We do the 2lb allowance like the HS season does too.
  9. I don't have a problem with giving 2lbs but we weigh in before all our home meets in middle school and there have been teams that had kids in weight classes that were more than 5 and some up to 10 lbs over. I don't believe the coach was trying to cheat I really think they didn't know. Why not just weigh in and get the right weights matched up. It's not fair to a kid and for 75 lb kid 5lbs is a lot. To me it's silly to not have weigh in. If they're close but a little over no big deal.
  10. So if they aren't on weight should they be allowed to wrestle the kid that is?
  11. I totally agree! Why are we doing it one way in High School and making sure kids get qualifying weigh ins and are adhering to rules but in Middle School it IS THE WILD WEST. I am debating on weather or not I should schedule teams in the future that don't weigh in. I want my middle school kids to learn the rules and play by them. How to manage their weight properly without being miserable. To learn discipline ect.. Not make them do it and then wrestle a kid that is 5 pounds heavier than them. Frustrating
  12. Why would teams not weigh in before a dual and is it common practice in middle school to not weigh in for a weekday dual?
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