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  1. Alexandria
  2. Raven27

    Alexandria vs. Tri

  3. Raven27

    Delta vs. Alexandria

  4. Raven27

    Alexandria vs. Frankton

  5. Alexandria
  6. Alexandria High School is looking to host a JV tournament on Jan 2nd. Hoping to get each wrestler at least 4 matches. Please email myself srowland@stmaryalex.net or my athletic director mhosier@alex.k12.in.us if you are interested in bringing your jv wrestlers to this event. Scott Rowland
  7. Match has been filled. Thanks
  8. Alexandria is looking for a dual meet the week of Jan 21st. Anyone interested can reach out to our AD Mickey Hosier via email at mhosier@alex.k12.in.us or Head Coach Scott Rowland at srowland@stmaryalex.net. We are a 1A school.
  9. Rapid fire is putting it mildly, I couldn't keep up. If there is any way I could buy the video or get my hands on Mark Manning's presentation I would greatly appreciate it. I am new to the wrestling community but I am so grateful to the "grizzled veterans" for making me feel so welcomed to this special group of people. This is just my second year attended the clinic but both years have been great and I have gained valuable information that I have been able to implement into our wrestling program. Looking forward to a great season of wrestling. Good luck this season. Scott Rowland Alexandria Monroe High School (I can't just write Dave that's only for Grizzled Veterans)
  10. Jon Blanton 145 Josh Blanton 138 Luke Blanton 132 Alexandria 2012
  11. I think LN's Carrender is a lock. He dominated at 106 at the regional and I look for him to make the podium. I agree with him being the most dominating wrestler at the Pendleton regional. It should be an exciting day of wrestling in New Castle and I'm hoping for underdogs to pull off some upsets. What weight class has the best chance for a non ranked SS wrestler to advance to the State Finals?
  12. The 2 seed at Elwood also has to wrestle in the first round against an 11-15 kid. I think it's ridiculous that an 0-3 and a 5-18 have buys but 15-7 and 21-4 do not. This has to get better
  13. Raven27

    Alexandria vs. Eastbrook

  14. Raven27

    Madison-Grant vs. Alexandria

  15. Raven27

    Mississinewa vs. Alexandria

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