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  1. I figured it out too. I was confused also by the Saturday listed at the top with the all session on multiple tickets. I was lucky enough to get 4 All Session tickets though. Can't wait to watch these kids get after it! Fun day with my boys in the stands. I look forward to this weekend every year.
  2. There are several options but I can't figure out which option is for the entire tournament. Anybody know which one to click on to buy all sessions?
  3. Ayden Bollinger outscored his opponents 72-23. Both are very good. Should be a great match.
  4. Coach Fleenor can correct me if I'm wrong, but the person in charge of running the seeding meeting had a question and called. I can't remember any coaches trying to get away with something shady. But if I am understanding you correctly we should not have listened to the person in charge at IHSAA and just did it the way we thought was the right way.
  5. It wasn't the coaches that wanted to do this. It was IHSAA that stated that we had to do it this way. Nobody that I remember was happy about it.
  6. This is the meeting that I was referring to.
  7. This is not the first year that it has been done like this. I haven't been a High School Coach in 3 years and our meeting called for help on a head to head question about Wrestler A wins over Wrestler B then B beats wrestler A, who gets the criteria. Then it was explained that wasn't what head to head meant.
  8. That is exactly how the IHSAA official explained it to our entire seeding meeting. Most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.
  9. Alexandria Monroe Mark Naselroad Elwood Lay Anderson Sean Clark Elwood Teacher Elwood Jade Cornwell Elwood Lay Frankton Courtney Duncan Elwood Teacher Guerin Catholic Daniel Hubbard Elwood Hamilton Heights Gary Myers Elwood Lay Lapel Jason Petigo Elwood Lay Noblesville Michael Weimer Elwood Teacher Pendleton Heights Dave Cloud Elwood Teacher Tipton Mark Barker Elwood Lay
  10. They have been posting their results just not on Indianamat. They have been on Maxpreps. They are a very solid team that got left out this year for sure. I don't have an answer for a better way to do it and I believe the people that do it try and do the right thing and reward the teams they believe deserve it. Just hard to find a better solution I think.
  11. Was ranked 2nd. Beats #5 state ranked and moves down 1.
  12. 113 Isaiah Fye Alexandria 19-0
  13. Raven27


    Isaiah Fye
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