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  1. New Haven is looking to host a super dual on November 20th of 2021. We have Woodlan, Heritage, and New Haven so far. Contact James Linn at jlinn@eacs.k12.in.us if interested.
  2. NH-Coach


    Elijah Chacon
  3. NH-Coach

    Homestead vs New Haven

  4. NH-Coach

    New Haven vs Woodlan

    New Haven
  5. NH-Coach

    New Haven vs Wabash

    New Haven
  6. NH-Coach

    New Haven vs Heritage

    New Haven
  7. NH-Coach

    Oak Hill vs New Haven

    Oak Hill
  8. NH-Coach

    Bellmont vs New Haven

  9. NH-Coach

    New Haven vs Monrovia

    New Haven
  10. New Haven plays on hosting a JV triple dual on Monday December 14th. We have Prairie Heights and New Haven at this point. We are still looking for one more team.
  11. NH-Coach

    New Haven vs Wawasee

    New Haven
  12. New Haven is looking for JV triple duals in December and January. We can't participate in anything bigger than a triple, but we are open for less teams as well. Contact James Linn @ jlinn@eacs.k12.in.us if you are interested. We would like to stay in northeast Indiana.
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