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  1. NH-Coach

    Norwell vs. New Haven

  2. NH-Coach

    New Haven vs. Yorktown

    New Haven
  3. New Haven
  4. NH-Coach

    New Haven vs. Connersville

    New Haven
  5. NH-Coach

    Lakeland vs. New Haven

  6. NH-Coach

    Yorktown vs. New Haven

  7. NH-Coach

    New Haven vs. Fairfield

    New Haven
  8. We had a scenario at The Bill Kerbel Invitation. A semi-state quarter finalist didn't have 10 matches in; therefore, he wasn't able to be seeded. He met the #1 seed in the quarter finals. He won and the #1 seed finished 5th (it's just how our bracket was set up). What if this was sectional, and he was drawn into the #1 seed. It would be an unlikely situation, but it could happen when the rules are followed.
  9. NH-Coach

    New Haven vs. DeKalb

    New Haven
  10. NH-Coach

    McCutcheon vs. New Haven

  11. Pendleton Heights
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