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  1. Excited for our two guys to compete on Sunday! This is always a fun event. Here is the tentative Team Illinois lineups for the dual this weekend - straight from the Illinois Wrestling Coaches & Officials Association website.
  2. Actually was just talking to Jimmy about this. I corralled his team stats while at Perry Meridian - he was 440-38. He also shared with me the following information (to the best of his knowledge): Connersville: 32-21 Tri-West: 15-18 Perry Meridian: 440-38 Warren Central: Around 70 wins Franklin: to be continued... I know that Joe will want cold hard evidence, but without WC and Franklin the man is 487-77. He isn't too bad at this coaching thing.
  3. I remember Sackstedder bumping Danny Coyne from 112lbs to wrestle top ranked McGinley (Tim maybe?) in the Beech Grove v. Cathedral dual in the early 2000s. Cannot remember if Danny was #1 at the time, but McGinley came out victorious. I know this doesn't technically count, but I believe that Anthony Williams (IHSAA State Champ from Evansville Central) and Ethan Harris (IHSAA State Champ from Beech Grove) wrestled each other in the finals of the Mooresville Holiday Classic the following year after their State Championship runs - correct me if I am wrong. Harris came out victorious
  4. Unpopular opinion: decrease the number of weight classes to 12. It makes the sport more competitive across the board; prepares kids for the next level (10 weight classes) and makes it easier for schools of all sizes to field a FULL team. 109 117 125 133 141 149 157 165 174 184 197 HWT
  5. 2013 Perry Meridian Wrestling Team - 102.5 points scored w/o scoring Friday Night (started scoring Friday Night the next year) 106: Brett Johnson SQ 113: Jacob Cottey 5th 126: Brandon James: 5th 132: Cody LeCount: 1st 138: Nick Bova: 7th 160: Riley McClurg: 1st 182: Jake Masengale: 2nd HWT: Donte Winfield: 1st Not saying it was the best team, but I'd throw this squad in the mix. 4 in the finals with 3 champs. Just think - if James doesn't lose that heart breaker to Welch on Saturday morning.. or if Cottey doesn't drop a heart breaker to Davis
  6. Now THIS is the million dollar question. Haha! Nothing but excitement surrounding the dual tonight. Come catch it if you don’t have any Tuesday night plans. The good ole Wood Shed will be rocking tonight with it being CYO Night & Senior Night. 6:00PM: JV matches start 6:30PM: Senior Night followed by CYO Night recognition 7:00PM: Varsity faceoff, Prayer, National Anthem, and then the varsity wrestling will begin. Hope to see you there!
  7. John Harris - Roncalli High School HWT - Currently Ranked #7 in the state & #2 in the NC Semi-State Signed his NLI to play defensive line for THE Ball State University Cardinals. Congratulations, John! We are very proud of you.
  8. Why did LeCount, Cottey, Masengale, and myself included stop attending CIA once at PMHS (granted I returned once Brady & my brother took over)? We had everything that we needed (from a training standpoint) where we were at. Our coaches provided us with the tools and everything else that we needed to be successful on a year-round basis. We did not have to seek better partners or coaches or instruction, let alone pay an asinine amount for it. I personally believe that is why families, parents, and kids take advantage of the open enrollment rule. No one wants to HAVE to pay over $2K+/ye
  9. Never once have I meant to discredit you as a coach - I hope you know how much I respect you as a coach. With that being said, the kids listed from 2010 to 2018 (minus Gaines and Syverson) supplemented their training with Ed at CIA. Personally, I believe that Mitch was the catalyst that brought them to Ed, which in return significantly helped strengthen your program for that time period. Do you agree? My point is that not everyone in their program has a catalyst like Mitch Sliga - the dude is a rare breed as a wrestler and leader. Therefore, not every kid has the opportunity to follow a M
  10. Its like I am speaking to my nephew - I can explain my theory 30 different ways, but his first response is the same question I just finished answering. I want you to prove to me that Sliga, Bratcher, Phillips, and Duckworth created a "strong" feeder program - 1 state placer since 2009-2013 places you in the bracket of "strong feeder programs"? If you were not Sliga's shadow/sensei/coach like you were, then yes, I do believe he would have found another school to attend or supplemented his training elsewhere. I do not believe Sliga staying in his home school created a wrestling craze or strong f
  11. Did not mean it like that - I trained alongside of the people named at CIA. Practices would run from March through September each year - then it gave kids time to get acclimated to their room and prepare for high school season. Poor choice of words on my end - Eddie did not violate any IHSAA sanctions or rules to my knowledge. So, you can tell your friend that was asking, Clint, that no IHSAA sanctions or rules were violated.
  12. I am saying that Sliga is apart of that outlier group that I was talking about. Transferring was never the thought process because his family could afford to spend there money at your place. His club coach (YOU) was traveling with him to national tournaments, cadet worlds, etc. Not his high school coach - YOU! Not every kid in the state can afford to supplement their training under THE Ed Pendoski, therefore, some utilize the open enrollment rule instead. As for helping the feeder program, what evidence do you have to prove? Lyle, Riley, Sliga, etc. were around the same age. You MAY have
  13. Harreld. I’m definitely getting thrown on my head now.
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