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  1. Wasn’t Conley at 152 the whole year?
  2. Cant always believe rumors, but it has been confirmed that they have moved to the Indianapolis area
  3. Schoeff and Mckivitz both triple crowned this year @Sig40
  4. If you are still searching for his medal I would probably go ahead and email an ISWA board member.
  5. Smiley - Just signed as head coach as plainfeildParrish - Owns the #1 wrestling academy in Indiana Errett - Full time mat official l FabioJr - Brownsburg coach (Last year upcoming for many good seniors) Quiroga - No disrespect but I've never heard of this name
  6. Oh man I heard Roncali is good at that
  7. Matt Brewer taking over confirmed???
  8. Nobody would have ever seen this coming. There will be a few very talented freshman coming in next year
  9. Avon head coach, Israel Blevins has resigned from his position just moments ago. What does everyone think about this?
  10. Interested to see where this stands after USA Nationals results. In my opinion, that is the most prestigious tournament in the United States
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