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  1. Per Franklin Community School Corp. request, we will be canceling our RTC scheduled for this evening. It is a big disappointment to us as we had another great room lined up with coaches and wrestlers. We look forward to hosting again in the future and will post featured clinicians and wrestlers attending as soon as we get the “all clear” from our administration. Thanks for the patience and understanding!!
  2. Franklin Wrestling would like to welcome UIndy Graduate Assistant Coach Sheldon Struble to our first RTC tomorrow evening. Coach Struble was an Ohio HS State Runner-Up, 3X NCAA Qualifier and 3rd all time in Greyhound pins. Our RTC begins at 6pm in the Franklin HS Wrestling room.
  3. Asbury wrestled great Saturday!! I thought he stepped it up to another level from Regionals. That’s what good kids do, they get better in big situations. Results are all that count.
  4. JV will start at 6 with varsity starting around 7 for the Franklin/Columbus East meet.
  5. Yes, Championship match. Pretty scary moment, really glad he is ok.
  6. I had considered the 5 match limit, but unfortunately for our girl there were 9 wrestlers in a 16 man bracket. Every girl received a bye with the exception of our girl and the eventual weight class winner. Our girl lost round 1 to the bracket winner and won 3 more to finish 5th with no chance to advance, wrestling only 4 times. I guess I'm more disappointed for our wrestler than anything else. There are obvious growing pains that this tournament will experience but it is great to see it trending in the right direction.
  7. They actually did the same thing at the Franklin regional, which was extremely disappointing. Especially since this was only done in certain brackets.
  8. Connor Tolley starts season 2-3, went 2-2 at Hokie Open to finish 6th, followed by a loss in UNC dual.
  9. If you're looking for a driver to support in this years Indy 500, Sage Karam in the #24 Gas Monkey Garage car has a wrestling back ground. His father is the head wrestling coach at Liberty High School in PA. Several articles about Sage reference how much an influence wrestling was for him and how this past winter being an assistant under his father helped him through a difficult time. Wrestling and racing, lots of connections there. The most obvious for me being legendary racing family the Kinsers. Any others?
  10. Thought I'd share some numbers I've come up with regarding Freestyle and Greco State participation. You smart people can do whatever you want with them to make your points. Freestyle participants- 2013- 814 wrestlers 2014- 787 wrestlers 2015 *2 tourney requirement*- 647 wrestlers 2016 *2 tourney requirement*- 601 wrestlers There was a 3% drop from 13' to 14', 18% drop from 14' to 15' with the qualifier, 7% drop from last year to this year with an overall drop of 26% from 2013-2016. Greco participants- 2013- 412 wrestlers 2014- 412 wrestlers 2015- 357 wrestlers 2016- 352 wrestler
  11. Really glad to hear Maverick is on his way to recovery. Thanks to the ISWA, teams, coaches,officials and parents for this fun event. Our team had nothing but a positive experience with the teams we competed against. (Seymour, Avon, Warren, Madison, South Adams and Mishawaka) Franklin Wrestling always enjoys having the wrestling community visit our schools and would like to invite everyone to return April 29-May1st for our Grizzly IronMan Tournament. Thanks again for a great day of wrestling!
  12. Not that this will change anybody's opinion, but I was under the impression the qualifier only applied to the freestyle portion of the state tournament, not the Greco.
  13. Doe Creek is still in as far as we know. There is a waiting list for this tourney, maybe one year it will expand. But only for programs with cute hashtags JMILL.
  14. I was under the impression that the ISWA established the "wild cards" to in fact assist the smaller clubs fill their roster for the state tournament not to bolster their roster with out of club all stars. I was also under the impression, albeit naïve, that the "wild cards" weren't necessary for these local duals. The idea was at the local duals coaches would work together to fill in roster holes and get kids valuable mat time. I make it perfectly clear to our parents that we will not be winning any elementary state duals championships or for that matter, probably not bringing home any Yorkto
  15. This weekends Franklin Grizzly Ironman registration has been extended to Friday at 4pm. Wrestlers from several states will be competing and it's a great way to get mat time before state. Please see trackwrestling for weigh-in sites and more information.
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