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  1. There is lots of underlying stuff So what's the deal with red sr.? Is he coaching at Nebraska ? Wouldn't surprise me At the state final when he posed in front of the camera it was great. #excitment&comeday
  2. Haters gonna hate Red would have SMASHED pledger IMO. Would have loved to seen the dance celebration. Anybody know what color was juniors hair?
  3. ha! makes me glad to be in evansville which is saying something
  4. im down here in evansville. lots of annoying peeps. 1. mater dei fans start screaming two before the ref even starts the match. 2. reitz gets pounded by md, but thinks there team is better. 3. memorial has got more different singlets then wins. is it a fashion show or a wrestling match. 4. bob harmon dont care what anybody thinks. i don't hear a lot of talk about how perry's jv team can beat all of the varsity teams like i used to. warren won the team title, but i didnt hear a lot of crowing about that, either region fans are okay in person hard to take on the board
  5. Well that's a crummy thing to do Tell people your dying when your not!
  6. It sounds like you have lived a long happy life. I'm sure your family is going to miss you.
  7. agreed did you see lee and pruitt and rypels interview after the matches??? DULL! rypel is a great wrestler and everything, but i don't want to hear about his mom, or how his team helped him or what he did for his team or what they did for him. SNORE!! i loved when red, sr ran in front of the camera and flashed the "four" and struck a pose and how the other new pal coach taunted the fans. EXCITING!! show me the rule book that says its just about the kids. should have given him the mic. i bet he had some exciting stuff to say. other coaches need to watch him. he knows how to
  8. Sounds like your drunk on that westside cool aid. I also ain't heard much crowin from reitz.
  9. http://www.courierpress.com/sports/high-school/joe-lee-headlines-14-mater-dei-wrestlers-to-advance-to-regionals_15922639?autoplay=true the courier posted this on their website. so...are these flat palms on the forehead, or open hands with fingertips to the face? moving forward or backing up?
  10. Im heard a story about a Kentuckian who went to school everyday with his dog. For 13 years it went like this. Then one day it all came to an end. The dog graduated. I bet u are from kentucky
  11. Couldn't agree more. The better wrestler won. Warren is definitely not the choice for a lot of people but Wilson got it done
  12. You were slow. This post was up almost nine hours before you jumped on to promote your boy.
  13. did he beat Anderson handily? did he beat Anderson last weekend? did he beat undefeated Anderson last weekend? I think southernboy is talking about reitz fans constant crowing. funny that you call him on it
  14. you mean not unlike yours I think So you're saying that Davis won because Orndorff had an injury? He is a 3x state qualifier who beat both Ward and Anderson handily. Josh Davis wrestled great all day. After pinning Orndorf he beats two ranked wrestlers handily. I have not see Jourdan wrestle enough to speak for him, but I can expect Davis to wrestle a much better match next time. If anyone has watched him over the last 3 years you'll know he is tough to beat the more than once. Mastison and Johnson are good examples of that. Could be a great match if they both wrestle their best. Da
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