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  1. Can you really hate on kids wanting to better themselves even more by attending a school that has elite level work out partners?
  2. I'm sure you're able to follow the conversation nonetheless.
  3. No, you're wrong. I moved 1A after the 3-time champ and corrected "money's." I'm putting my own comparison out there, not Y2's.
  4. But in your humble opinion is this a true indicator of how good said "3-time champ" is on the next level? Because that's what this whole argument is geared towards, the next level, not high school competition. Is the University getting their "money's worth" on a 3-time 1A champion vs. a 2-time place winner on the 3A level? Which wrestler is better? For that matter, which "class" is better? Who is the better investment? How do you compare without like opponents?
  5. I was going to say, too serious? Please slack off more Mater Dei so everyone else can get a ribbon too.
  6. My attitude hasn't changed. I am however big enough to admit to making a mistake. Group hug?
  7. Maybe I have you confused with someone else. That doesn't explain your anger towards me. Unless it stems from me often times not agreeing with you.
  8. I watched you as a little kid, your dad is hard to forget. So you resorted to name calling, and I'm the idiot. Gotcha.
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