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    bluemonster got a reaction from Websterk149 in Best to Never Win State   
    Jacob Cottey - 3x State Qualifier, 2x Placer.  ( 7th and 5th). Fargo All-American
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    bluemonster got a reaction from Spectater in ‘19 champs vs ‘20   
    I would take Mendez over Garcia
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    bluemonster reacted to Timeinandout in Top 5 Teams (8th Graders)   
    PM has a strong MS group, but not likely that any make the lineup.  Our last practice had 68 wrestlers.  We return, Cottey, Koontz, and Warren.  Semi-state returners: Morton, Haggerty, Mckivitz, Dale, and McClure.  Add to that group Toby Billerman and Ronin Hammond. We will be right with the best of them.
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    bluemonster reacted to NW Indiana Wrestling Fan in Team race   
    Also the trainers asked me if I was ok, and I replied that it wasn’t my head, I just landed on my neck weird. I never even had the thought of taking the match from him like that. I have too much respect for him and his father to ever do that.
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    bluemonster reacted to NW Indiana Wrestling Fan in Team race   
    What if I told you I was BETTICH  he deserves the title 💪🏻 No foul play intended at any point
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    bluemonster reacted to JMILL in Middle School Team State Picks   
    Congrats to all teams that participated in yesterday's event.  It was very successful and was well ran.
    With that being said obviously congrats go to the Champions Center Grove and the runner up Jay County and 3rd place finisher Brownsburg as well.
    I want to recognize another team for what I feel sometimes gets over looked and goes without mentioning too often.  At the end of the day the voice on the microphone announced that we would ask all teams to do their part in cleaning up their area.  While myself and a couple other ISWA directors, board members and the president were collecting our equipment someone commented to the Perry Meridian team and coaches that we appreciated them cleaning up their area.  They advised us they had already cleaned up their area and were cleaning up another area on their way out the door.
    Then after that was completed 2 kids from that team came to the ISWA President and myself and very politely & respectfully asked if there was anything else they could do to help us and thanked us for the day.
    Keep in mind these are MS kids showing the maturity and grace of what we would expect from most if not all of our HS age kids.
    Now this is where I should and would normally make a joke at the expense of @lewdwar but in this case I feel its best to just keep it classy and say thank you and you are doing a great job mentoring and leading those kids and it definitely is showing !!!! 
    Jason Miller ISWA Kids Director
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    bluemonster got a reaction from Cody LeCount in Best to Never Win State   
    Jacob Cottey - 3x State Qualifier, 2x Placer.  ( 7th and 5th). Fargo All-American
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    bluemonster reacted to Mattyb in ‘19 champs vs ‘20   
    Slivka is one of the best big match wrestlers in Indiana history. He had wins over multiple top ranked high schoolers last year. And has beaten more of those guys this year. He just gets the job done. Slivka is a hammer on top and underrated on his feet. I’m unaware of any national ranked kids that Dickens has beat. Slivka has beaten a handful. With that said, that’s the reason that Slivka gets my nod. I’m using logic and facts.
    EMD fans are pumped for their guy. As they should be. Again, silly debate but a fun one. Obviously the Dickens win is fresh and 90 percent of EMD fans will give Dickens the nod. It is what it is. 
    With all of that said, most posters on here have never won a title and will never have family member win a title. They will never know the joy or help put the work in to win a title. So.. when you get on here and say a KID will smoke another KID, it is kinda insulting to a family that actually put in the work, took the kid to privates, took the kid to academy, took the kid all over the USA, the money that was spent, the sleep that was missed, the days of work missed, the tudors that were payed for, getting up at 5:00am to help the kid work out and meal prep, the “vacation” time that was spent in the middle of Iowa. So before you go off running your mouth behind your anonymous screen name, be considerate of what people went through and know that they are prideful. Make your logical picks or homer picks, but you need to be respectful of other people’s sacrifices. Calm down cowboys. 
    Just my two cents. 
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    bluemonster got a reaction from PMFAN in Best to Never Win State   
    Jacob Cottey - 3x State Qualifier, 2x Placer.  ( 7th and 5th). Fargo All-American
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    bluemonster got a reaction from FCFIGHTER170 in Best to Never Win State   
    Jacob Cottey - 3x State Qualifier, 2x Placer.  ( 7th and 5th). Fargo All-American
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    bluemonster got a reaction from Zombiedust in Best to Never Win State   
    Jacob Cottey - 3x State Qualifier, 2x Placer.  ( 7th and 5th). Fargo All-American
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    bluemonster got a reaction from GenHeavyHandz in Best to Never Win State   
    Jacob Cottey - 3x State Qualifier, 2x Placer.  ( 7th and 5th). Fargo All-American
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    bluemonster got a reaction from PMFAN in ‘19 champs vs ‘20   
    I agree on that.
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    bluemonster got a reaction from PMFAN in ‘19 champs vs ‘20   
    I would take Mendez over Garcia
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    bluemonster got a reaction from Indianaboy in ‘19 champs vs ‘20   
    I would take Mendez over Garcia
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    bluemonster got a reaction from Jayruss in ‘19 champs vs ‘20   
    I would take Mendez over Garcia
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    bluemonster got a reaction from Sutton047 in ‘19 champs vs ‘20   
    I agree on that.
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    bluemonster reacted to NW Indiana Wrestling Fan in Best Mullet   
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    bluemonster reacted to Y2CJ41 in Article: Five Storylines to watch   
    1. Will Viduya get the golden bookend?
    Alec Viduya won a state title as a freshman at 113lbs, but since then his nemesis Asa Garcia has tripped him up twice. Garcia is in Bloomington now and the path seems clear to end on top of the podium. The other likely contenders include Brock Ellis, Jaden Reynolds, and Reece Luhmann. Luhmann went to overtime with Viduya last week.
    The "golden bookend" has been done three other times throughout Indiana history. The first was Ray Webb of Bloomington University who won titles at 120lbs as a freshman and 145lbs as a senior. The next to do it was current Evansville Mater Dei coach Greg Schaeffer. In 1995 he won a state title at 100lbs and again reached the top step of the podium in 1998 at 119lbs. The last person to accomplish this feat was Indian Creek's Ethan Raley. He won a title as a freshman at 103lbs, then again at 135lbs as a senior.
    2. Team Race
    The team race is going to be hotly contested from the getgo. Mater Dei looks to be the favorite on paper early on. Crown Point has some brutal Saturday morning matches that could determine the state title. Brownsburg is lurking with a couple state title contenders and other placers. Never count out two-time defending champions Cathedral. 
    Friday night could set the stage for one or more of the contenders to pull away from the field. However, a couple slipups could mean another team or two comes into contention. 
    Saturday morning will be filled with fireworks that will give us a great indication of who will come out on top of the team race.
    3. Will the class of 2021 get a title?
    As of this writing the current junior class has yet to win an individual state title. This can and possibly will change on Saturday night. Top contenders for a title include Alex Cottey(113), Blake Boarmann(138), Evan Bates(220), and Brock Ellis(145).
    Cottey has one loss on the year, but his opponent did not qualify for state. Boarman has a wide open weight class where the top guys have all beaten each other. Bates and Ellis both have yet to be defeated by an Indiana opponent this year.
    4. Famous firsts
    Indianapolis Lutheran's Hayden Flipiovich is the school's first state qualfiier. Will he be able to crack the code and be their first placer as well? Attica, Monroe Central, and River Forest have never had a state placer in their history. Will Jeffrey Bailey be the first Ingot state placer? Logan Swallow won a semi-state title last week and could be the Golden Bear's first state placer. Jordan Douglass was the first state qualifier in Rambler history two years ago, but has yet to reach the podium.
    There are 32 schools that have a state qualifier that has yet to have a state champion. The ones that might just break through this year include Garrett's Clayton Fielden, Hamilton Southeastern's Andrew Irick, North Montgomery's Drew Webster, Norwell's Cale Gray, Sullivan's Lane Gilbert, and Wheeler's Giovanni Diaz.
    5. Best dressed
    From shiny pants and shorts to Tonte's custom taylored suits, who will stand out in the fashion department? Will Cathedral be wearing their robes this weekend? Which coach will have the strongest beard game? All of these are valid questions that will get answered this weekend.

    View full article
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    bluemonster got a reaction from indianmorg in Petty back and forth and during the season Champion   
    I’m excited for this weekend but what a treat to have March 15th to look forward to as well!
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    bluemonster reacted to GenHeavyHandz in Petty back and forth and during the season Champion   
    Nice insults. You have no idea how I’m built looking at 11 year old picks. Shows how really lowbrow you are.  Let’s talk facts. You ain’t never done ish in wrestling. Did you go to state? Semi-State?  Do anything besides talk stuff about what someone else is going to do and be wrong numerous times? What have you accomplished as a wrestler. As much as you talk I hope it’s at least a sectional and a conference championship.  Give me that.
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    bluemonster reacted to GenHeavyHandz in Petty back and forth and during the season Champion   
    You love me bro. I own you.  Keep trying.  I’m who you wanted to be when you made up your profile. Start a topic that doesn’t concern me and see how many crickets 🦗 you get.  Your whole style is chump. No originality. Riding on my coattails.  You ain’t Poppin’ B.  You don’t want no 💨.  I’m in your nightmares bro.  You aren’t witty.  You are a buster.  You are on my thread crying.  You are trying to foster up support but you ain’t me.  Go train your Pwojects.  And get off my....
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    bluemonster reacted to DrunkJoeNamath in Petty back and forth and during the season Champion   
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    bluemonster reacted to base in 2020 Team champion preview   
    **ASSUMING** that they score the tournament the same as last year (no advancement or bonus points for Friday night) the team race should be very close although I have it as a 3-horse race between Mater Dei, Cathedral and Crown Point.  I think between those 3 it's anyone's tourney - bonus points, key matchups and some unexpected scorers could tilt the victory one way or another.
    Here is how the scoring works (again, using last year's formula).  Wrestlers score for Advancement points and Placement points. Those are predetermined:

    Additionally, wrestlers can add team points versus Activity scoring:

    Obviously it makes a HUGE difference whether the wrestler can make it to the finals versus the 3rd/4th place match, and so on.  Here are my predictions:
    1. Evansville Mater Dei -  9 wrestlers with several chances to make the finals. Some huge landmines though that could really effect the outcome!
    2. Indianapolis Cathedral - Some good early matchups means that they have a good chance to have a large number of wrestlers making it deep
    3. Crown Point - With Mendez leading the way, the Bulldogs have some hammers that could make a deep run. They have some huge matchups with Mater Dei
    Evansville Mater Dei
    Nine wrestlers starting out Friday night for EMD.  Close matchups for Egli, Baumann, Sollars and Parkinson - if they get all 9 through, look out! 113 Cole Ross likely to face Logan Frazier in his 2nd match.  If we wins that, a tough one against the Schoeff/Anthony winner.  I have Ross making the finals 120 Alec Freeman has a brutal route - Head to Head with Crown Point's Riley Bettich in the 2nd round, then has to beat Cathedral's Seltzer if he wants to reach the finals 126 Ashton Hayhurst - Has undefeated Dylan Stroud in the opening round. Can he get by him? If so, then battle-tested David Pierson in the 2nd round and Rioux in the 3rd. That's a lot to ask of a sophomore 132 Kane Egli - He's got a tough road, but guys like this senior can decide the team title. He faces Slivka from Roncalli in the 1st match.  If he gets to Saturday he will likely have Ian Heath before hitting Mendez. Making the final 4 would be big 138 Blake Boarman is the big dog in a difficult half-bracket. For his 3rd match will probably face either Logan Wagner or Floyd Central's Conway 145 Brody Baumann has winnable first 2 matches but they won't be easy. Jajuan Anderson from Warren Central will push the pace - and then AJ Poindexter will stand in the way of a top 4 finish 160 Eli Dickens - Based on this year's results he is the favorite - but the final 4 at 160 will be extremely entertaining and could go any combination. He would have a match versus Cathedral's Eliot Rodgers in his 3rd match to reach the finals. That's a HUGE swing match for team points 170 Gabe Sollars - Someone like Sollars could make a huge difference.  His first match is against Chesterton junior Gavin Layman.  Then he would face a likely head-to-head matchup against Cathedral's Tyler Wagner 182 Macartney Parkinson - has the toughest quarter bracket in the tournament. Opens up against #1 Joseph Walker then has Mason Winner in the 2nd round.  It's feast or famine for Mater Dei here  
    Indianapolis Cathedral
    Cathedral enters 8 wrestlers to the field Friday night. All of them have a shot to make it to Saturday, with some high scoring potential 106 Evan Dickey comes in as a 4th place finisher, but he does avoid the loaded other half-bracket. His Friday night match is against Isaac Ruble - if he can get by that, then his points will really be a help 120 Zeke Seltzer is the prohibitive favorite but it isn't a cake walk. He may see Bettich or Freeman in the 3rd round.  Still, it's likely big points here 138 Logan Bailey is a big swing in points, I think.  He has potential to reach the finals, but he has a match against Drake Campbell in the 2nd round that could be a scare 160 Elliot Rodgers has a good path until that final 4 where he faces Dickens who has beat him this season. Will experience win over latest results? 170 Tyler Wagner may face EMD's Gabe Sollars in his 2nd match - that's a big showdown.  Wagner could make a run to the finals 182 Johnny Parker - Unfortunately for Parker, he drew in to the death quarter bracket of Mason Winner then Parkinson/Walker.  Tough to see him winning the first round, let alone getting to the final 4 195 Jacob Huffman - he is an interesting one.  His first match is against Friedt, who is ranked higher but also lost to his Cathedral teammate Parker this season.  I don't have Huffman making it to Saturday, but he could surprise and get into that 5th-8th range. In that case, bonus points would be key 285 Holden Parsons - the senior Yorktown transfer has wrestled well this season and the 285 weight class is always unpredictable. I have him winning 2 matches before facing Dancy from Portage.  Parsons is very experienced and opposite the Key/Irick combo. If he can slow down the match and wrestle strategically against Dancy, he could be under the lights with some HUGE points  
    Crown Point
    Crown Point brings 8 wrestlers to the first round. I think their first round looks great, which means they will get 6 or possibly 7 into the scoring rounds. They are very young, but still could surprise some of the older wrestlers and make deep runs to make this a close race 106 Sammy Goin has only lost once all season. I would love his chances - but he got a tough, tough draw. He has Chundi in the 2nd round. That match may be a tossup. Can Goin get past Chundi and make it into the final 4 and possibly win it all?  Since there are so many young wrestlers here and the action is lightning-quick, 106 can be very unpredictable and the matches can turn quickly 113 Logan Frazier is another freshman. He has a stiff task, facing the experienced Cole Ross from EMD in the 2nd round.  I would give the edge to Ross, but I am not counting out these young bulldogs either 120 Riley Bettich has a ton of talent and the chance to take out a couple of head to head competitors.  He should have Alec Freeman in the 2nd round, then Zeke Seltzer in the 3rd 126 Stephen Roberson - we all know the 126 weight class is bonkers this year. There are no easy paths to the finals and Roberson will have to face Kysen Montgomery in the 2nd round, then the winner of Dalton/Lowery showdown in the 3rd round if he wants to see the finals. Possiblity of huge points, or very few points here. 132 Jesse Mendez - He'll have the target on his back this year. Hard to see anyone stopping him from winning it all and getting the 20 team points. So the question may be how many bonus points can he rack up to help out the team? 138 Nick Tattini - Don't have Tattini getting to Saturday.  If he can manage to get there, that's a huge boost for CP 145 Orlando Cruz - he also faces a murderer's row of wrestlers but he is capable of getting some points. He has Feichter in the 1st round, then likely Avon's Jaden Reynolds in the 2nd round before seeing undefeated Alec Viduya in the semis.  Any points here would be a big win 160 Noah Hollendonner is the #1 seed.  He should win his first, but then will have to try to break up the favored final 4 at this weight. He will see the winner of Noehre/Asbury. Look for Noah to be shooting for 5th-8th range and getting bonus points where he can  
    Honorable Mentions
    Brownsburg - Some great wrestlers with some brutal matchups.  Logan Miller at 106 should reach the semis.  Kysen Montgomery will have Roberson in 2nd round.  DRake Campbell has only lost once this season - can he knock off Logan Bailey in the 2nd round?  Peyton Asbury got a Friday night death draw versus Noehre, but he will not make it an easy out.  285 Dorian Keys is the returning champion - can he repeat against Irick in a likely rematch with Irick in the semifinals and bring home another title? Chesterton - Look for Ellis and Bates to score big points here. Torres is great but has Rioux in the 2nd round. Kaiser would have to beat Boarman in the 2nd round.  Tough roads to reach those big-point finals Perry Meridian - Only 3 wrestlers, but all of them have a legit shot to get to the finals. Cottey (113), Koontz (132) and Warren (182) can rack up mega points, but they are just hurt by lack of sheer numbers Roncalli - Similar to Perry.  The Lowery brothers only have 2 losses between them on the season. Both could make a nice run to the finals.  Viduya is on fire and he could be the 3rd Roncalli wrestler to reach the finals.  Slivka is talented but has a really tough first round matchup with Kane Egli.  If the other 3 can get to the finals and Slivka reaches the final 4 then we may see Roncalli creeping up the board Warren Central - 5 wrestlers here. Brice Coleman is undefeated and favored - he should score lots of points. David Pierson at 126 would be challenged at every step, but he has the potential and experience to make a deep run.  Jajuan Anderson, Damon McClain and Dennis Hubbard could score some points, but not enough  
    As always these are only my opinions. Good luck to all teams and wrestlers this weekend - hope that everyone wrestles their best match(es) ever and stays injury-free, in victory or defeat.
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    bluemonster got a reaction from FCFIGHTER170 in Petty back and forth and during the season Champion   
    I’m excited for this weekend but what a treat to have March 15th to look forward to as well!
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