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  1. Found this browsing around. Using the the internet's wayback archive, you can see the old discussion board's topics from 17 years ago. https://web.archive.org/web/20000110094122/http://www.insidetheweb.com/mbs.cgi/mb349837
  2. I’ve wondered over the last year about having classes NOT based upon school size. Instead, have a two class tournament: Pre-college and Athletes. The Pre-college class would be for wrestlers who are serious about attempting to wrestle in college. The athlete class would be for kids who just want to wrestle for the enjoyment of the sport, but have no interest in collegiate wrestling.
  3. Indiana results Jake tucker 4-0 2 pins 2 tf Drew hughes 4-0 (Lowell) 2 pins 1tf 1dec against IL champ Rockne hurley 4-0 (Penn) 4 pins
  4. I get the frustration and yeah I agree with most of it. One thing to keep in mind. Imop iswa is cleaning up a huge mess USA Wrestling made that was decades in the creation. ISWA is trying to put the toothpaste back in the tube USAW stomped on. USAW wanted all those folkstyle dollars. ISWA was one of the strongest fs states for many years with very little folkstyle. USAW forced ISWA to offer more and more folk tourneys. USAW destroyed the strong indiana fs culture we had in the 80s, 90s, and very early 00s. USAW is responsible for short-sighted mandates to grab folk $$$$ and in-turn obliterated fs. Go ahead and debate the 2 qualifier as much as we want. But don't let USAW off the hook for their horrible decisions. USAW is directly responsible for manufacturing this entire national catastrophe we have with youth fs and gr. In order to correct the situation, USAW should be doing a huge mea culpa and investing massive money and resources back into state orgs like iswa to fix the very youth fs and gr programs they vaporized.
  5. Becker is a really strong and should be heavily favored imop. Beaver will also likely win. Wouldn't be surprised to see Cameron be within a pt.
  6. Wow. Never thought of this. Pretty dang good idea! I've had friends say if we ever get team state back with classes that ihsaa will make the individual series be three weekends instead of 4. Like eliminate semistate. Do most other states do their state tourney in three weeks?
  7. The schedule for Elkhart shows Doors open 6:30 am Weigh-In 7:30 am Seeding Meeting 7:50 am Did the seeding meeting not take place?
  8. I've seen this called many times. And I agree with the call. It's got nothing to do with leg riding. It's riding parallel. Riding parallel and working the wrists regardless of a leg ride or not, will get a stall call from lots of refs.
  9. What's going on with Lucas Davidson. Surprised he's unranked.
  10. 160 is all wrong on track. Longbrake EM dec Hurley PN 9-4 Hurley PN tf Jones JT 18-2 Longbrake EM dec Jones JT 11-5
  11. Any good tournaments this weekend in the midwest? I know Las Vegas has a tournament, but looking for something much closer.
  12. What does it mean in Trackwrestling when there is a number and level behind a name? Like John Smith, NY 1 Level 4.
  13. Anyone know our line ups for Fargo?
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