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  1. He's got a point. If you wanted to schedule a week where most kids would be on vacation and couldn't attend, this would sure be it. The short sightedness of having it this week basically guarantees much of the team will not attend and will not be ready. Whoever made that decision just created a lose-lose situation. It might be legal by high school rules but it's still a poor choice in order for us to perform at our best.
  2. What is the official Sectional seeding criteria? Is it on ihsaa website? I couldn't find it.
  3. Don't we kind of have the headgear rules backwards? 95% of all wrestling is done at practice. Probably only like 5% of wrestling happens during a match. If the national federation wants to protect wrestlers ear, shouldn't they change the rule. Make wearing the headgear at practice required and headgear optional for a match.
  4. Would be interesting to see the senior Hilde move up to wrestle the senior Hardesty. That would be worth the price of admission alone. Then again Hardesty cuold move up to be favored over another senior Selis and bump up Risner junior vs. Manspeaker junior would be very close. Don't think Manspeaker has lost this year and from a solid wrestling family. Lots of choices for the coaches on this one. Becker is a senior and looked good last week and Hurley as freshman wrestling varsity could be a good match. Penn hasn't had Woods wrestle this year, so a jv Penn kid against Hess would be a close match. And Hess is a former Penn wrestler who transferred to the Cavemen.
  5. What are the line ups and match ups for this year? Always a great match.
  6. Also, like he was saying, rules can be different. Like they have javelin in Olympics but never in highschool. The rules can be different rules for kids freestyle because it ain't the Olympics.
  7. Dude! Pls make these for the web site. I'd buy it!
  8. Indiana is better, but it's only a small group near the top that is actually better. Overall, the quality of wrestling has fallen imop. The academies are great and the 10% of Indiana kids that train at those are outstanding. The elite programs like EMD, Perry, Penn, Cathedral, Warren, Franklin, etc are training maybe another 10% of top wrestlers outside the academies. But that 20% total of elite wrestlers is really it. After that elite group, we just fall off a cliff. The other 80% of wrestlers have poor to average skills. That was not the case 20 years ago. Many non-elite wrestlers (who often were 2 or 3 sport athletes) had solid wrestling skillsets years back.
  9. Dude, rwa has like the worst web site. Never seen a business who likes to keep their product a secret. They are odd.
  10. Not trying to be mean, but I don't think many cadets and junior will come if you have to check in by 8am and then sit there for 3 and a half hours until 11:30 to actually wrestle.
  11. The pdf flyer for the New Prairie tourney this weekend seems to have conflicting stuff. For example, it lists the tourney as Sunday, but then says "WRESTLING WILL BEGIN AT TWO DIFFERENT TIMES ON SATURDAY." It also states weigh-ins are from 6:30-7:30am, but then says "Weigh-ins will close at 8:00 am." Is it on Saturday or Sunday? What time does the weigh-ins end? Do they really expect "Novice, Schoolboy/girl, Cadet, Junior" to weigh-in that early and then just sit around until 11:30? Most tournments with a delayed start have also a delayed weigh-in. http://www.iswa.com/wp-content/uploads/New-Prairie-Folkstyle-Open2.pdf Sunday, March 23, 2014 LOCATION New Prairie High School 5327 N. Cougar Road, New Carlisle IN 46552 Directions From the East: US 31 Bypass to State Road 2West, then right on Cougar Rd. From the West: Toll Road or 94 to US 20 East-turns into US 2 East then left on Cougar Rd. CONTACT Alan C. King Phone: 574-387-1066 - Email: acking5464@gmail.com or Bobby Whitenack Phone: 574-252-6006 - Email: bwhitenack@npusc.k12.in.us SANCTION - ELIGIBILITY Tournament is sanctioned through the Indiana State Wrestling Association by USA Wrestling and is open to all 2013-2014 USA Wrestling members ENTRY FEE $15.00 per wrestler AGE DIVISIONS PEE-WEE—JUNIOR REGISTRATION & WEIGH-INS Club & High School Coaches ONLY may Fax or Email Satellite Weigh-ins Fax to: 574-564-7009 – Email to: On-site Registration & Weigh-ins: Sunday: 6:30—7:30 AM Weigh-ins will close at 8:00 am. WRESTLING WILL BEGIN AT TWO DIFFERENT TIMES ON SATURDAY DEPENDING UPON AGE GROUP! 9:00 am (CST) - Pee-Wee, Bantam, Intermediate 11:30 am (CST) - Novice, Schoolboy/girl, Cadet, Junior
  12. YOU MUST OWN YOUR STATE! Why is Ohio State good in football? 90% of the best high school football players in Ohio go to Ohio State. Why is Indiana U. good in basketball? 90% of the best high school basketball players in Indiana go to Indiana U. Why is Penn State good in wrestling? 90% of the best high school wrestlers in Pennsylvania go to Penn State. Why is U. of Minnesota good in hockey? 90% of the best high school hockey players in Minnesota go to U. of Minnesota. Go these schools web site's, click on their roster. You will be amazed how many are homegrown. Until IU and PU start owning 90% of Indiana's elite wrestling recruits (like Tsirtsis 2x, Howe, Micic, Sliga) they will continue to struggle.
  13. H1N1

    Big 10s

    Great tournament overall. But the championship matches at 197 and Heavyweight were boring. In both cases, the ref decided to swallow his whistle and not call stalling. It made 197 and Heavyweight boring champ matches. I hate counter wrestling. At 197 PSU was much more aggressive. At HWT the IU wrestler was clearly more aggressive. Yet at both weights the guy who hardly took a shot won thanks to not calling stalling. It's weird because most college refs call stalling all the time. Anyone catch Cael Sanderson saying to the ref during the 197 match, "YOU MAKE OUR SPORT BORING. YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE A CHEERLEADER. YOU ARE THE REF. CALL STALLING AND STOP MAKING OUR SPORT BORING."
  14. Okay, is it just me or does the title of this thread (Let's not ruin the gift) seem like the inscription on a Jonas Brothers purity ring?
  15. At M'ville the other day, i was sitting next to a gent who told me the following info. In 1989 Chesterton won state with only 4 placers. That year, he said Chesterton didn't win their conference, regional or semi state, but did win state. Is that true? It got me thinking. Mishawaka has a ton of talent in the guys they are bringing to state. Could Mishawaka win state this year despite not winning their conference, sectional, regional or semi state?
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