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    Brooks..UFC 228

    Brooks in another controversial decision ending. It wasn’t a very exciting fight but he seemed to completely control the 2nd and 3rd round of the fight. Despite that the judges somehow came up with a split decision. Lucky this time Brooks was on the winning end of that call. Back in the win column and hopefully taking the short notice win will help him get a chance quality fight in the future.
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    IHPO Predictions

    So..... Chris Garcia is getting tossed and we need to be there are 3 for early weigh-ins. Got it!!!!
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    IHPO Predictions

    My predictions are as follows 1. There will be at least 5 guys who everyone wonders "where they came from" 2. At least one Avon parent will get kicked out 3. The tournament will be complete by 6:30pm 4. People will start showing up at 3pm asking to weigh-in early. 5. The General will have the best legs at the tournament.

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