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Band of Brothers

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In Y2's article: 2015 State Finals: Take Down and Release he highlighted 7 pairs of brothers in the meet.


Lets revisit those brothers and see how they did:


Collectively they went 18-16 or .529 (slightly better than the field 264-262 or .498)


7 failed to make it past Friday night

1 8th place finisher

1 7th place finisher

1 4th place finisher

1 3rd place finisher

2 2nd place finishers

1 1st place finisher


I am wondering who are the most decorated brothers in Indiana history?


And who are the most decorated in a season? 

  • Has there ever been brother undefeateds in the same season?
  • Or brother champs?

How about more than two in a single season?

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The Welch twins from Castle both won in the same year a few years back.  The most decorated would have to be the Tsirtsis brothers, although not the same year.  Both 4x champs with a total of 3 losses between them (I think).

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The third table one this page should bring up a few top brother combinations.



The list is by sibling win totals (not cousins or parents), but that usually also translates to high state tournament finishes.

When was this last updated? i do believe the Welch brothers would be #1 on this list or close to it. i believe they have in the vacinity of 540 wins between the 3. i didnt have exact numbers and am simply estimating.

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only if the field includes the Brothers, which in my calculations it does not. But if you add back in the Brothers W/L then you get .500

but I just noticed that I got the field percentage right, but the W/L backward. 262-264 is what I should have typed. with the brothers 2 matches over 500 the field has to be 2 under. Sorry for the confusion.

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