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  1. Is this the parade or wrestling?
  2. When was this last updated? i do believe the Welch brothers would be #1 on this list or close to it. i believe they have in the vacinity of 540 wins between the 3. i didnt have exact numbers and am simply estimating.
  3. Thank you. i went and looked it up as soon as i asked. guess i could have done that from the beginning.
  4. Did Cash get beat? Because Dixon finished 3rd overall today.
  5. I was only joking, but I see what you did there. You'd make for a good bookie. Haha
  6. Wow! There, there Mrs Sensitive. Is your screen name Troll? No. Oh, then my comment probably wasnt directed toward you. i was merely quoting your post for informative purposes.
  7. I realize Christmas is over thank you for the reminder. However this site only allows you to update your screen name after 30 days. so it will remain there until i can change it back. You you may be correct in your prediction, however this one is mine. I would not be surprised if Orth won, but i also believe both Lockyear and Folz possess the skills to win as well. Hey Troll. i would like to make that bet now.
  8. Here is what i predict. I have not seen everyone so i am merely basing off what has been posted on IndianaMat and Track. 106 - Annakin(Ca), Weidner (MD), ? 113 - Luigs (MD), Horty (Me), Willis (Ce) 120 - Egli (MD), Schaefer (Me), Matherly (N) 126 - Johnson (MD), Burke (N), Clopton (Ca) 132 - Lee (MD), Durcholz (Me), Elpers (N) 138 - Lee (MD), Ramsey (Ca), Wargel (Me) 145 - Jourdan (MD), Schnell (Ca), Brown (Me) 152 - Kemper (Ce), Williams(Me), Matherly (N) 160 - Huelsing (Me), Buedel (MD), Garnett ( 170 - Lockyear (Ca), Folz (Me), Forzely (MD) 182 - Bassemier (MD), Dowell (Ca), S
  9. Mooresville: 138-Ramsey (13) dec Laughlin (5) 4-2 195-Lee (UR) dec Heistand (15) 3-1
  10. I believe Wargel also pinned Castleberry as well?
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