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  1. Though the field was diluted due to Senior Nationals not being a qualifier for anything this year, Mason Parris goes 10-0, 9-4, 9-6. 7-0, 12-2. He absolutely manhandled Tanner Hall in the final. Even without the other top guys (Gwiazdowski, Steveson, Nelson, Kerkvliet) it was a very impressive win.
  2. "He looks like a monster. He looks like he just eats weights." On The Cave Talk podcast. I din't post the link because there is a fair amount of swearing that goes with it.
  3. Think of it as a realization by USA Wrestling that the best coaching available was at the collegiate level. If they wanted to raise USA's standing in international wrestling it had to start with the college campus. By establishing the RTC system and ensuring compliance with NCAA rules they could have the best of both worlds. There is no question it gives a recruiting advantage to the schools that have an RTC, but it also serves the greater goal of raising the international competitiveness of USA Wrestling. on balance, the latter has been more important than the former.
  4. From the NCAA By-Laws Athletics Activity Waiver. The Committee on Student-Athlete Reinstatement, or a committee designated by it, shall have the authority to waive this provision by a two-thirds majority of its members present and voting to permit student-athletes to participate in: (Revised: 1/10/91, 1/9/96, 1/14/12, 7/31/14) (a) Official Pan American, World Championships, World Cup, World University Games (Universiade), World University Championships and Olympic training, tryouts and competition; (b) Officially recognized training and competition directly quali
  5. According to Flo, the NCAA is scheduled to vote on Monday whether to allow another year of eligibility to athletes who had their season canceled due to coronavirus. They quote basketball reporters who believe that spring sports will get an extra year, but winter sports will not. I assume that any decision would extend to Olympic redshirt status as well, meaning you still only get one. If you took it in 2020 there will not be another redshirt year granted. Presumably we will all know in the next 4 days.
  6. I wonder how much the wrestlers care about the historic titles like 4 time AA. After all its not like any of them failed to AA this year. There is a difference between 3 time AA that wrestled 4 years and got beat one of them and 3 time AA that didn't.
  7. Thank you for the information. It is good to have informed content. I was the one who commented on scholarship limits. Though I called them artificial rather than arbitrary. And what you describe (the impact of Title IX) is certainly artificial. I agree this is a very complex situation combined with a complex rule set. I am saying the rule set can change. Of course, this is so much more broadly reaching than just wrestling. All other sports are impacted and would need to be considered in the equation. I assume that the people making these decisions will attempt to be c
  8. Could not agree more on NCAA cynicism. The guys who get stuck behind returning wrestlers are in an awkward situation. Think Joe Lee who waited 2 years for Vincenzo Joseph to graduate. And now might need to wait another.
  9. I feel like the scholarship issue is actually minor. The 9.9 limit is an artificial NCAA limit that could easily be raised to some other artificial limit. The coaches have been asking for that limit to be raised for years. As for affordability based on the ever growing size of school endowments I suspect that most schools could afford it. And if they choose not to offer more then the transfer portal is open.
  10. The NCAA says if you bought tix through them or an official source you will be automatically refunded minus applicable fees. Hilton said they will allow cancellations even for no- cancel and pre paid reservations. Other chains are likely to follow. Most airlines are already offering vouchers or free rebooking. All of these kinds of things are why you see the stock market tanking. The impact on economic activity has many concerned.
  11. No audience has been confirmed. Or at least a tiny audience. "Essential staff and limited family attendance" was in Emmert's statement. Now with the NBA going first in suspending games, will others follow? I think the wrestling tournament is more likely to get cancelled than go forward. And that makes me sad.
  12. On Flo's bracket show they referred to the potential Real Woods v Chad Red quarterfinal as the "Irrational Confidence Quarter". Got a good chuckle out of me.
  13. Maybe I do know something after all (no comments about blind squirrels or stopped clocks, please). Chad Red gets the 6 seed. Sadly no all Indiana final this year.
  14. 9th - 13 NCAA qualifiers ranks tied for ninth most by state with Iowa. Pennsylvania leads the pack with 48, followed by Ohio (31), Illinois (28), NJ (23), California (19), NY (17), Michigan (17) and Minnesota (16). 6th - Using the Flo rankings you can also come up with a projected number of points scored by state (assuming no bonus points). Here Indiana moves up to 6th with 91.5. Penn still leads the pack at 254 followed by Ohio (152), Illinois (139), NJ (104.5) and Minn (95.5). 3rd - But things get real interesting when you calculate projected points per wrestler. Now
  15. I heard that comment on FRL today too. The funniest part about that is they start by touting Nomad's bona fides on NCAA seeding. Brag about how he knows the seeding criteria better than anyone else in the media. Than they completely ignore the criteria that Nomad had just written up in an article that morning to say Red will probably be the 3 seed because that is where he is in their rankings. By the criteria I think he is 6th, but there is a secondary process, that I am not at all clear on, that can lead to variation around the criteria. Piecing things together from different sou
  16. With a strong 3rd at Big 10s he definitely improved his stock, but among the top 10 wrestlers he has the lowest win % (1 of 7 weighted criteria for seeding), a lower conference placement than Real Woods, Ian Parker, Dom Demas and Zach Sherman, a lower RPI and coaches ranking (prior to conference tournaments) than Woods, Demas, Parker, and Murin. He does have head to head over Murin. So is he the 6 seed behind Pletcher, Lee, Woods, Parker and Demas? Or does he wind up behind Murin, Moran, Sherman or any others?
  17. The match was a lot closer than the poll. Looked like Red had more of a plan than the last time they met. Just needs to work on getting up after a takedown against Lee.
  18. Who ya got? I say Lee makes it 3-1 tonight in Big 10 semis.
  19. I too can make oatmeal unhealthy. Step one is skip the oatmeal.
  20. The final seeds too https://bigten.org/documents/2020/3/6//Post_Seeding_Meeting_Brackets.pdf?id=6761
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