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Richmond Regional

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Finally we can make our predictions


103:1st Cody Phillips - Union County 2nd Cody House - Connersville 3rd Garrett Brasier - East Central 4th Mitch Reed - Greensburg


112: 1stConnor Mullins - New Castle 2nd Cody Stewart - Rushville 3rd Jerod Findley - Union County 4th Chase Woodall - Connersville


119: 1st Ryan Leeka - Tri 2nd Alex Catron - New Castle 3rd Nolan Feller - Franklin County 4th Mike Hahn - Greensburg


125: 1st Tyler Clark - South Dearborn 2nd Zach Williams - Shenandoah 3rd RJ Fellers - New Castle 4th Chad Rynn - East Central


130: 1st Cody Fellers - New Castle 2nd Sam Hoegeman - East Central 3rd Jake McCoy - Franklin County 4th Jake Eliason - Lawrenceburg


135: 1st Jack Flodder - Batesville 2nd Jake Bruneman - East Central 3rd Tyler Leeka - Tri 4th Keifer Uphaus - Centerville


140: 1st Keith Duncun - Rushville 2nd Tyler Witte - South Dearborn 3rd Jordan Maple - Connersville 4th Chris Struewing - East Central


145: 1st Jared Presley - East Central 2nd Nick Manning - South Dearborn 3rd Mason Gesell - Union County 4th Derek Chapman - Connersville


152: 1st Nick Hutchinson - East Central 2nd Nick Harrell - South Dearborn 3rd Zach Marcum - New Castle 4th Tyler Riley - Franklin County


160: 1st Von Wasson - New Castle 2nd Luke Hamm - Shenandoah 3rd Mark Brown - East Central 4th Jacob Felser - South Dearborn


171: 1st Michael Duckworth - Union County 2nd Todd Imfeld - East Central 3rd Jon Flanary - Rushville 4th Kevin Wilger - South Dearborn


189: 1st Andy Dalton - East Central 2nd Zak O'Neal - Milan 3rd Dakota Muncy - Lawrenceburg 4th Nate Finch - Union County


215: 1st Ron Forman - South Dearborn 2nd Nate Haugh - Milan 3rd Bo Staat - Franklin County 4th Matt Cole - New Castle


285: 1st Sam Poole - Shenandoah 2nd Ben Jackson - Milan 3rd Nick Burris - South Dearborn 4th Blaec Gray - Rushville


I think these will be close

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Predictions 1-4 in order-----what a bummer for campbell of NC, hope he is well, that alters my prediction of campbell over phillips by three. phillips will dominate!!!


103:  phillips UC, house CONN, braiser EC, Dodd SH

112: mullins NC, stewart RU, findley UC, woodall CO

119: catron NC, Leeka TR, feller FC, hahn GB

125: clark SD, williams SH, rynn EC, fellers NC

130: fellers NC, hoegeman EC ,eliason LB, McCoy FC { looking forwards to the final, great matchup, hopefully}

135: flodder BT, bruneman EC, rodgers UC, leeka TR

140: duncan RU, witte SD, slover NC, struewingEC

145: bennett NC, gessel UC, chapman CO, presly EC *** tough weight class***  UPSET SPECIAL , maybe

152:  hutchinson EC, harrel SD, marcum NC, riley FC

160: wasson NC, hamm SH, felser SD, brown EC

171: duckworth UC, imfeld EC, wilger SD, flanary RU

189: dalton EC, o'neal MI, garland RI, muncy LB

215: forman SD,cole NC, , haugh MI, staat FC

HWT: poole SH, jackson MI, ?RU, ???NC



I believe  (119) Catron of NC will get the best of Leeka TRI finally after a close one last week,

135 and 145 seems to be pretty tough

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what? he already beat uphaus this year all but one of flodders losses is at 140 all good wrestlers he beat Bruneman from EC once allready... besides he had a chance to face leeka but leeka dodged him yes i said dodge because him jumping up might have hurt tri in there dual against. besides the only thing that makes the shenentoah regional somewhat tough is New castle, South dearborn sectional send more to semi-state and I predict they have two state champs. what makes smith better than Jack who are his losses to

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103 1. Phillips UC 2. House Con 3.Brasier EC 4. Dodd SH

112 1. Mullins NC 2. Stewart RV 3. Findley UC 4. Woodall Con

119 1. Leeka T 2. Catron NC 3. Feller FC 4. Hahn GB

125 1. Clark SD 2. Rynn EC 3. Williams SH 4. Fellers NC

130 1. Fellers NC 2. Hoegman EC 3. Hunter RV 4. McCoy FC

135 1. Flodder BV 2. Bruneman EC 3. Leeka T 4. Uphaus CV / Rogers UC too close to call

140 1. Witte SD 2. Duncan RV 3. Slover NC 4. Struewing EC

145 1. Gessell UC 2. Chapman Con 3. Manning SD 4. Presley EC

152 1. Marcum NC 2. Becker NE 3. Hutchinson EC 4. Harrell SD

160 1. Wasson NC 2. Hamm SH 3. Brown EC 4. Felser SD

171 1. Duck UC 2. Imfeld EC 3. Wilger SD 4. Flannery RV

189 1. Dalton EC 2. O'Neal MI 3. Garland RI 4. Muncy LB

215 1. Forman SD 2. Cole NC 3. Staat FC 4. Haugh MI

285 1. Poole SH 2. Gray RV 3. Jackson MI 4. Alafogianis NC


I would expect SD sectional to get 8 to 10 more to NC semi-state than Shen, sectional

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I'm afraid you're a bit uninformed uc105. Some of your 1st and 2nd picks are on the same side of the bracket.  In order for Alfogiarus to get second, Rushville would have to forfeit ( I don't think they plan on that) and he'd have to beat Jackson who has beaten  him earlier in the season. Although the second of those accomplishments may be quite possible, the first is out of the question.  In order for Forman and Statt to get one two the same type of imposibilities would have to occur. All of those wrestlers are very good and would represent their schools well, however.

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Just my opinions:


103: Phillips UC, Dodd SH, House Co, Brasier EC

112: Mullins NC, Stewart Ru, Findley UC, Woodall Co

119: Leeka T, Catron NC, Feller FC, Sink Sh

125: Clark SD, Williams Sh, Fellers NC, Rynn EC

130: Fellers NC, Hoegeman EC, Hunter Ru, McCoy FC (Hunter and McCoy could flip)

135: Flodder Ba, Brueman Ec, Uphaus CE, Leeka Tri

140: Duncan Ru, Slover NC, Witte SD, Streuwing EC

145: Gessell UC, Bennett NC, Presley EC, Chapman Co

152: Hutchinson EC, Marcum NC, Harrell SD, Riley FC

160: Wasson NC, Hamm SH, Brown EC, Felser SD

171: Duckworth UC, Imfeld EC, Flanery RU, Flectcher Ce

189: Dalton EC, Oneil Mi, Garland Ri, Wisehart K

215: Cole NC, Forman SD, Staat FC, Haugh Mi

285: Poole SH, Jackson Mi, Alafogianis NC, Grey RU


Just my thoughts,  It was fun trying to work it all out.


I have it 7-7 for Champions from each sectional.

8-6 Shenendoah Sectional for 2nds

8-6 South Dearborn Sectional for 3rds

9-5 South Dearborn Sectional for 4ths


Thats a +4 advantage for South Dearborn Sectional of getting the most to Semi State. 


(Dont take it personal people, and yes I know, so and so beat so and so already, well the sun shines on a dogs butt every now and then so I gave some the benifit of the doubt for enterainment purposes just for my own amusement...lol)


Coach A

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Guest KoKo B-Ware

CODY PHILLIPS...is more than a hard worker!  This kid looks like a body builder in a 103 pound body.  This kid is going to be unstoppable.  I think he runs through his regional.  No one stops him. 

I would honestly say that he could go round and round with Duck and maybe get beat, but would give Duck a better challenge than Duck has seen all year.

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Birdman-- come on He could go round and round with Duck if he could run around the mat faster. which I don't think he could out run Duck!

I believe Cody would tell you not take for granted that anyone can walk through a tournament.

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