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  1. Simply , a class act . Indiana wrestling could never begin to thank Rex for all that he has done .
  2. Well said Wingman wahoo for you .
  3. Y2 , we finally have something that we can agree on . Wahoo for you!
  4. When I was a freshman, back in the dark ages , we sent out a JV kid against a very good wrestler . Our guy was on his back in a guilotine and won on a defensive pin. Anything can happen thats why they keep score . I'm not a fan of forfeiting when you have a wrestler ready to go either. Usually the man who loses the match learns more from it than the winner.
  5. Cody was only on his back once for the first nearfall he has allowed in high school . The score was 17-9 when he gave up the 5 point move at the end of the match. I believe Cody cut Moss 7 times .
  6. UC 33-W 30 Pitbull, no pin for Phillips at 103 or 112?
  7. Did'nt East Central just beat Winchester pretty soundly? UC has beaten E C.
  8. Manchester Black and Gold is tonite @7:00 p.m. Several Indiana wrestlers will be wrestling.
  9. Congrats Duck . The Bobcats landed a stud.
  10. Manchester wrestling is alive and well. They will have a very young team this year prob. only one or two seniors on the team . There is a partial list of Manchester's recruits from Indiana on this site, in the news section, in the article about the 2009 College Signings.
  11. Casey Caldwell N avy 184 (Union Co. High School ) also qualified . Great job Casey !
  12. Casey Caldwell Navy 184 lb (Union County High School ) finished 6th in the EIWA championships going 31-14 on the season .
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