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Everything posted by RAGUOC79

  1. MattM, I hope you will sleep better tonight knowing that I did modify the SUBJECT from HHC to Hoosier Heritage Conference (Yorktown, Mt. Vern, Delta, GFC, New Pal, Pend. H., Shelby & New Castle) I appreciate your input on conference designation and I hope I did not offend anyone by not being specific ;D
  2. Where will the Hoosier Heritage Conference meet be held at this coming Saturday (1-18)? 9 AM start? Thanks
  3. http://s102.trackwrestling.com/tw/predefinedtournaments/MainFrame.jsp?sport=wrestling&TIM=1360428519378&pageName=&ie=false&frameSize=601 Link to TrackWrestling
  4. I know a bunch of you will be coming to New Castle this weekend for the great wrestling that will be on display come Saturday at the Fieldhouse. I hope everyone drives carefully and has a blast once there. I just wanted to promote my family's local restaurant, STACKS PANCAKE HOUSE, for those who would like to have a nice meal whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner. We are a sit-down restaurant that has a lot of items on the menu from omelets, eggs, skillets, pancakes, waffles, French toast, to burgers, chicken sandwiches, dinner, knife & fork, etc. In previous years we have had a great
  5. I'll take Brenden Campbell.....I think if he can wrestle a little better neutral and finish the TD's on the mat, he will have more success. Also if he wrestles good on bottom and can escape early, I see him winning. It's gonna be a fun weight class.....the winner will have a lot to be happy for. Looks to be an unforgettable finish. Back to Todd Campbell......Campbell pineed him two years ago at semi-state and since is o-2....I do not believe for a second that Todd is in his head...but Mason sure does wrestle hard and is elusive...also a bit taller than Campbell....but it is anyone's title.....
  6. Every season we see a #4 seed take out an incoming semi-state champ.....other than the Phillips-Crume matchup at 126...any other likely ones?
  7. Good choice....I would go Hoosier skillet and pancakes route ;D
  8. Season-ending injury before season...actually from the previous year where Luke Decker lost ticket round....Should be full-go next year...He is just excited for big brother John...He will make some noise this weekend and the next, hopefully bring home the big one 8)
  9. Every year someone starts a thread on where to eat for the big event...Luckily, I got to it first this year! I would recommend, hands down, my family's restaurant, STACKS PANCAKE HOUSE located right on IN-3 next to Taco Bell off of Trojan Lane (you know the hill that gets you to the Fieldhouse). We would appreciate your patronage yet again for another year. Open 6AM-9PM, carry-out available (with drive-up window), (765) 529-3001, NON-smoking, more than just a pancake house lunch & dinner served, etc..... Hope to see ya there....Good luck to all the wrestlers participating in the
  10. Cathedral Invite......Jan. 20th.........8-4 Willis....Was 2-1 JD in 1st and 6-4 Willis late 3rd from what I remember........Anyone's match....looking forward to this at NC semi state!
  11. You should have went to the meet and gave your $6! Can't beat the live wrestling
  12. Did you use Google Scholar or perhaps an advanced search? ;D
  13. 08-2009 Lost to Roncali 36-29 in an exciting match (round 1) 09-2010- New castle beat South Dearborn in Round 1 59-12 Lost 2nd round to Roncali 25-37..everyone from round 1 wrestled round 2 10-2011-NC lost 40-28 last year to Columbus East.....they lost to them earlier in the year at their home dual.. This year.......different story but where do you see the trend NOguts?
  14. @ Mr. Young.... Do you personally know the parameters behind the showing of only 6 wrestlers? I say find the facts first, then make an educated/neutral opinionated remark. You're only seeing the tip of the iceberg my friend. Eli Alafogianis
  15. Very disheartening news. I would go to a higher authority and have all the individuals, referees, wrestlers, coaches attest to this situation and have it possibly overturned...Maybe if it comes to it get a lawyer involved to go over all posible steps......but you better act by Friday because time is running out.....Best of luck!
  16. On stall or no stall...or mat awarenesss--- Take your chances, don't quit wrestling or pay the consequences....remember just because you get away with for 3/4 of the season doesn't mean it won't come back to bite ya On referee's calling it----Make the call and be fair to both wrestlers, be quick and decisive, On top/bottom wrestling----Let's see some action, our sport would garner more fans if we sped the pace up and got quicker re-starts ( I hate when wrestler's won't get off the hips) On OT or BIG matches----Doesn't matter...hate to see the ref call one but if it's the right call, mak
  17. .....only to have NC win the team Regional (2005) in dramatic fashion!!!
  18. Willis vs J. Decker?? Mullins vs. Harvey??
  19. Referring to individual scores.....
  20. Sould have been a few good ones in this 6-way in terms of individuals, pretty sure the Irish ran away with it, Connersville has a few studs as well as Cathedral and New Castle. ..... THANKS 4 RESULTS
  21. Let's get things str8, and anyone who disagrees can just drink some vinegar( they do this in Greece to calm nerves, btw). What I stated was that we MIGHT have 2 wrestlers gettin there 200th wins and also a state title next year!!!! PLAIN AND SIMPLE!!!! I didnt say it was AMAZING or WOW they must be HALL OF FAMERS IN INDIANA WRESTLING. I WAS just stating the obvious. ALSO if u have read any other posts, u will seee that Connor Mullins in 3 years @ state has ony one loss resectively in each season,,,,,to who?????? The eventual STATE CHAMPION (i.e. HAWKINS, TSIRTSIS & WELCH). NOw back to the
  22. So I did the math of these two young men from New Castle. If both win all there matches next year (assuming they wrestle 56 times / avg. of previous yrs.) and finally get the top spot on the podium this will be there records: Mullins 218-8 4xplacer (5th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st) Campbell ( Inj., 3rd, 2nd, 1st) 207-3
  23. And all his loses,3, @ Conseco were to eventual State Champions-------6-1 to Hawkins of CP in 09------8-1 to Tsirtsis of CP in 10-------1-0 to Welch of CA
  24. All you gentlemen had a tremendous year. Mr Mullins going from 5th, to 3rd, to 2nd, let's make that 1st next year. Mr. Campbell from undefeated freshman to 3rd and 2nd, let's also make that 1st next year. Way to wrestle with class and dignity. We are all very proud of you. Keep working hard, would love to see u both on top of the podium. U both are overdue!!!! Mason Todd---wow, keep up the gr8 work brotha Lastly, congrats to our 14 state champs( very glad we are one class in Indy state) Hope everyone has a safe trip back home. Let's do it again next year. Good luck to all @ tea
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