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  1. MattM, I hope you will sleep better tonight knowing that I did modify the SUBJECT from HHC to Hoosier Heritage Conference (Yorktown, Mt. Vern, Delta, GFC, New Pal, Pend. H., Shelby & New Castle) I appreciate your input on conference designation and I hope I did not offend anyone by not being specific ;D
  2. Where will the Hoosier Heritage Conference meet be held at this coming Saturday (1-18)? 9 AM start? Thanks
  3. http://s102.trackwrestling.com/tw/predefinedtournaments/MainFrame.jsp?sport=wrestling&TIM=1360428519378&pageName=&ie=false&frameSize=601 Link to TrackWrestling
  4. I know a bunch of you will be coming to New Castle this weekend for the great wrestling that will be on display come Saturday at the Fieldhouse. I hope everyone drives carefully and has a blast once there. I just wanted to promote my family's local restaurant, STACKS PANCAKE HOUSE, for those who would like to have a nice meal whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner. We are a sit-down restaurant that has a lot of items on the menu from omelets, eggs, skillets, pancakes, waffles, French toast, to burgers, chicken sandwiches, dinner, knife & fork, etc. In previous years we have had a great
  5. I'll take Brenden Campbell.....I think if he can wrestle a little better neutral and finish the TD's on the mat, he will have more success. Also if he wrestles good on bottom and can escape early, I see him winning. It's gonna be a fun weight class.....the winner will have a lot to be happy for. Looks to be an unforgettable finish. Back to Todd Campbell......Campbell pineed him two years ago at semi-state and since is o-2....I do not believe for a second that Todd is in his head...but Mason sure does wrestle hard and is elusive...also a bit taller than Campbell....but it is anyone's title.....
  6. Every season we see a #4 seed take out an incoming semi-state champ.....other than the Phillips-Crume matchup at 126...any other likely ones?
  7. Good choice....I would go Hoosier skillet and pancakes route ;D
  8. Season-ending injury before season...actually from the previous year where Luke Decker lost ticket round....Should be full-go next year...He is just excited for big brother John...He will make some noise this weekend and the next, hopefully bring home the big one 8)
  9. Every year someone starts a thread on where to eat for the big event...Luckily, I got to it first this year! I would recommend, hands down, my family's restaurant, STACKS PANCAKE HOUSE located right on IN-3 next to Taco Bell off of Trojan Lane (you know the hill that gets you to the Fieldhouse). We would appreciate your patronage yet again for another year. Open 6AM-9PM, carry-out available (with drive-up window), (765) 529-3001, NON-smoking, more than just a pancake house lunch & dinner served, etc..... Hope to see ya there....Good luck to all the wrestlers participating in the
  10. Cathedral Invite......Jan. 20th.........8-4 Willis....Was 2-1 JD in 1st and 6-4 Willis late 3rd from what I remember........Anyone's match....looking forward to this at NC semi state!
  11. You should have went to the meet and gave your $6! Can't beat the live wrestling
  12. Did you use Google Scholar or perhaps an advanced search? ;D
  13. 08-2009 Lost to Roncali 36-29 in an exciting match (round 1) 09-2010- New castle beat South Dearborn in Round 1 59-12 Lost 2nd round to Roncali 25-37..everyone from round 1 wrestled round 2 10-2011-NC lost 40-28 last year to Columbus East.....they lost to them earlier in the year at their home dual.. This year.......different story but where do you see the trend NOguts?
  14. @ Mr. Young.... Do you personally know the parameters behind the showing of only 6 wrestlers? I say find the facts first, then make an educated/neutral opinionated remark. You're only seeing the tip of the iceberg my friend. Eli Alafogianis
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