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  1. New Uniforms

    Kids practice in "baggy" shorts every day. It doesn't seem to be a problem then.
  2. ISWA Elementary Team Duals

    In the Large School (3A) tournament you are allowed 2 wrestlers from outside of your school district.
  3. ISWA Elementary Team Duals

    Avon and EMD are tough! We are proud of our guys for going up against these top notch programs and holding our own. We are just trying to be #JayCounty since we can't be #TheCounty.
  4. Middle School State (Regionals)???

    Look at some of the large brackets and how many matches a kid has to wrestle if he lost in the first round and can wrestle all the way back to true 2nd.
  5. Richmond invite

    Er’body Odell. Odell lost a lot of weight.
  6. Richmond invite

    Odell calls this the Wayne County Classic, I think?
  7. The Spartan Classic

    Gaven Hare wrestled 195 as a freshman, 220 as a sophomore and junior and now 220 as a senior as well so I’m confused. He hasn’t really gained any significant weight over the last 3 years.
  8. The Spartan Classic

    Hare Odell? Odell Hare? I’m not sure who you’re talking about?
  9. The Spartan Classic

    What Hare kid are you talking about?
  10. The Spartan Classic

    Friday morning.
  11. ECIC

    This is correct.
  12. Elementary Duals Results

    Northeastern Dual Results 1. Jay County 2. Northeastern 3. Delta 4. New Castle
  13. Elementary Duals Results

    I posted our results from our duals and I also posted final results from Rochester. It would be nice if other hosts posted their results as well.
  14. Jordan Shafer Memorial Elementary Duals ResultsGuaranteed Places1st Place - Rochester2nd Place - Jay County3rd Place - Wawasee4th Place - Delta5th Place - Columbia City6th Place - Chesterton7th Place - Ft. Wayne Carroll8th Place - Northwood10th Place - Yorktown10th Place - All-Stars1st Place MatchRochester defeated Jay County 58-24.3rd Place MatchWawasee defeated Delta 50-42.5th Place MatchColumbia City defeated Chesterton 53-30.7th Place MatchFt. Wayne Carroll defeated Northwood 43-27.9th Place MatchThis match has not been wrestled yet.
  15. Jay County Elementary Duals

    We would like to thank all of the teams for coming and all of the parents for getting their kids there. We hope you all come back next year! Here is how it finished up: 1st Rochester 2nd Jay County 3rd Wauseon 4th Northeastern 5th Ft. Wayne Carroll 6th Yorktown 7th Delta 8th South Adams 9th New Haven 10th Bellmont