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  1. Did I miss something? Is there no online registration?
  2. Just have to work harder.
  3. bwoodjc89

    Regional Rankings State Qualifiers

    And Jay County Regional is a 3 classification in team state scoring. This always makes me scratch my head.
  4. bwoodjc89

    Class Representation at Semi-State (Fort Wayne, thru 145)

    School size doesn't matter in an individual tournament though. Just have to work hard and you are fine.
  5. bwoodjc89

    Team State Qualifying

    If we raise the number of wrestlers to be included would teams with good wrestlers but borderline numbers push a little harder to get a few more guys?
  6. bwoodjc89

    Most Freshman / Underclass to SS??

    I'm guessing that they are going by how they are designated in regards to team state scoring. Which would be any non senior.
  7. bwoodjc89

    2018 Team State Classification data

    Re scenario 3: Why are we making up teams that don’t exist? In addition to 3 IPS schools closing there is the consolidation to consider too. That is 4 schools total. 301 schools remain, how are they divided then?
  8. bwoodjc89

    2018 Team State Classification data

    Don’t you have to take the schools out that are closing though?
  9. bwoodjc89

    2018 Team State Classification data

    This isn’t how it’s been handled since we have been using this format.
  10. bwoodjc89

    2018 Team State Classification data

    With all of these special situations, why don’t you just use the new enrollment numbers for each school and reclassify?
  11. Need Grade Level for (145) Nick Everett and (152) Noah Harnish both from F.W. Bishop Luers.
  12. bwoodjc89

    Legal or Not??

    How are we all going to survive this uniform crisis? This is tragic!
  13. bwoodjc89

    Jay county sectional thoughts?

    The schools don't hire for the state series. IHSAA decides what referees go to what sites. Just an FYI.

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