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  1. Disney duals open spots

    Any more hashtags and he might make you feel young again by given you the old euthanization.
  2. Boards about to die down

    What about a Getting to Know article/interview every so often? Find a random school, wrestler, coach, assistant and just ask to interview them? Whether it's video content or even an article, it might help their program get a little more recognition. I mean the people that frequent the board have an idea of what coaches are doing and how some of the top talent is doing, but what about some of the smaller schools or guys that seem to fly under the radar. Or even some video content of Team Indiana practices, road trips and tournaments, similar to that of what FloWrestling use to do. Always fun watching those.
  3. Sprinting to get seats

    Yes, I thought it seemed a little low for a Friday night as well. Didn't pay much attention Saturday though, did they announce attendance or did it seem a little low?
  4. Finals Replay

    You can go to http://ihsaatv.org/ and look under On Demand tab for the Wrestling state finals and watch it there.
  5. Most losses

    Had a heck of a run. Racked up a bunch of falls and was fun to watch from sectionals on.
  6. Multi sport vs wrestling only

    Both our qualifiers are also quality football players. Hammond and Curtis are both were selected to the IFCA Region 8 All Star Team.
  7. Sprinting to get seats

    Did he actually sit down at state? I heard him yelling at state but I know at the regionals he stood up and yelled "Let's go BD!" all day long.
  8. State Tickets

    From what I've seen you can only by single session tickets online.
  9. Best Weight Ever?

    As far as current achievements, we can all say 126 is pretty loaded. After we look back like blue chipper's original said, this weight class will be even tougher once you add all their final accolades, since you'll add at least 1 more champ(this year) and who knows how many more with several still having a year or two left to gain some more titles. Should be a fun weight class to watch, along with all the other potential match ups. It's like Christmas all over again!
  10. Olympics

    Hey Sanka, you dead, mon?
  11. Sprinting to get seats

    It would be nice if they could somehow block off the first 1 or two rows in a couple sections for parents, teammates to come down watch up closely, then once their wrestler is done the next group could come fill in. I understand that would take some policing and would probably never happen though. So onto the sprint!
  12. Sprinting to get seats

    Ah yes, the old Friday Night sprint. Gets interesting watching them fight tooth and nail for 60 seats that about 8 will be used by their group.
  13. 126..

    I predict the fans will get a pretty good show for the cost just for 126, if everything falls into place. A lot of quality wrestlers. Which one can find their opponents small weakness and take advantage of it? All solid wrestlers so the margin is pretty small, but that's what makes wrestling fun to watch.
  14. Official gets knocked out!

    Ouch.. Nothing feels quite as good as a foot to the face.
  15. I'll add Moorseville's highest in there too just for fun. While not as strong as the other 3 sectionals, overall depth is pretty good with a MidState conference winning Mooresville squad, Center Grove, Monrovia, and a handful of solid wrestlers from other schools. 103 - #4 Montgomery vs #5 Cottey vs #1 Moran vs #8 Dalton 113 - #11 Conley vs #3 Lowery vs # 14 Hegedus vs #12 Petro 120 - #7 Campbell vs #2 Fair vs #4 Triana vs Unranked Fuqua 126 - #1 Garcia vs #3 Viduya vs #4 Poynter vs #12 Bryce Denny 132 - #6 Kreitzer vs #4 Freije vs Unranked vs Unranked Galvin 138 - #2 Mulkey vs #7 Moore vs #5 Rumph vs Unranked King 145 - #11 Conley vs #9 Servies vs #1 McIntosh vs #12 Pruett 152 - #1 Lee vs #19 Warren vs #3 Washington vs #20 Schrader 160 - #18 Osho vs #12 Davis vs #8 Colza vs #1 Mappes 170 - #3 Brewer vs #1 Warren vs #2 Fattore vs #8 Hays 182 - #1 Walton vs #16 Below vs #17 Torres vs Unranked Dodson 195 - Unranked vs #6 Hansen vs #11 Fowler vs Unranked Whitney 220 - #11 Aiken vs #12 Hammonds vs 14 Swopes vs #6 Hammond 285 - #4 Peterson vs Unranked vs Unranked vs #6 McCubbins Anyone else want to add their section top ranked guys into the lineup?