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  1. Best wrestler in your county?

    David Palmer (Delta/Southside) 3x state champ 1x runner-up is the best ever out of Delaware. Kerkoff and Jackson were good as were Tony Abbot, Marc Forman, John Ginther, David and Craig Locke, Isiah Bradley and many others.
  2. Fort Wayne (New Haven) SS Predictions

    Thanks for stating facts and for telling me what I know. Here are some facts for you. Fact one you are correct Maddox will be in Ft Wayne this Saturday he showed us by getting through the Regional. Fact two Maddox made a good choice to go up to 195 and avoid Kohler and Hankenson at regional. Fact 3 Maddox has to win 1st two matches Saturday to complete at State. Those are facts not opinions you stated mostly your opinion the only fact you have stated is he has beat Evans twice hope we get to see number 3 this weekend in the finals.
  3. Fort Wayne (New Haven) SS Predictions

    If you have looked at the brackets, he isn't saying Evans beats Maddox he is saying Davis beats Maddox. As for dominating if your opinion of domination is a 1 point win in which Maddox played it extremely safe the last period and a 1 point lead before an ankle injury and still only won by a minor against of one legged Evans is dominating fashion. Taking nothing away from Corbin he is very good especially on his feet. Best of luck to all the wrestlers.
  4. Most advanced?

    Delta 8, Yorktown 8, Jay County 7 headed to Ft Wayne.
  5. Jay county regionals ?

    106 Curtis, Miller, Zadylak, Mosser 113 Stephenson, Wills, Liter, Shoaf 120 Hunt, Mendez, Mosser, Sanders 126 Becker, House, Barr, Cooper 138 Coy, Rutter, Brown, Macklin 145 Laughlin, Green, Prescott, Gutierrez 152 McCormick, Bates, Leonard, Abbott 160 Busse, Perry, Hemmelgarn, Fox 170 Gray, Baumgartner, Hummel, Ashley 182 Hankenson, Kohler, Pease, Reyes 195 Evans, Maddox, Baumgartner, Schumm 220 Pier, Brown, Hare, Brunner 285 George, Schumm, Watson, Shaw ~ 1st rd interesting or close matches 120 Sanders vs Wable 126 Cooper vs Aktins 145 Gutierrez vs Bell 152 Abbott vs Laughlin #2 (1st match Abbott won in ot) 220 Brown vs Bulter 285 Shaw vs Heffernan ~2nd rd possible interesting/close matches 126 House vs Barr #3 (Barr won 1st by fall, 2nd by min) 145 Green vs Gutierrez (1st rd match from a year ago Gutierrez won by Dec) 195 Evans vs Baumgartner (1st rd match from a year ago Evans won by Dec) 220 Brown vs Brunner 285 George vs Shaw #2 (Shaw won by Maj)
  6. Hoosier Heritage Conference 1-16-16

    Trevor is very solid but in the same dual Evans lost in overtime House was beating him solidly when he pinned Trevor, House is the 1 seed at 126. An also Buck was down by 7 or 8 points as Sage was dominating him on his feet as he does many when he got the cradle on Sage. Not saying he isn't a good kid but this is the second time I have seen an incorrect tale of that match last year...but with Jarred, Brad, and Blake the hill at 145 is steep. Good luck to all the wrestlers this Saturday.
  7. Delta vs Winchester

  8. Delta vs Plymouth

  9. Delta vs Bloomington South

  10. Delta vs South Bend Adams

  11. Notable wins and Upsets!

    Sorry didn't have a line-up...
  12. Notable wins and Upsets!

    Some notable results from Bellmont: 120 #15 Hunt BS over #12 Mendez Bel D. Clayton Perry by fall over #12 Mendez Bel 132 #8 Gunsett Bel by fall over #11 Brookbank Perry 160 #12 Busse Bel 3-2 over #7 Malone SBA #6 Warren Perry 10-5 over #12 Busse Bel 170 #5 Baumgartner 7-2 over #10 Warren Perry 182 Plymouth wrestler Dec over #15 Faulkner Mis #9 Hankenson Bel by fall over #15 Faulker Mis And Delta 40 over #16 Bloomington South 30
  13. Delaware County

  14. Undefeated per class at Ihswca

    Delta 120 Brock House 138 Sage Coy 170 Jacob Grey 195 Scottie Evans 285 Ryan George
  15. Undefeated

    Sage Coy 138 15-0 Delta Jacob Grey 170 16-0 Delta