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  1. Julianna Ocampo and Heather Crull are both very solid wrestlers and sure to make some noise at 106.
  2. Central Noble - Chris Schuller and Alexander Ocampo
  3. Your right I do there is video proof on Facebook. The match punches were thrown in was Zink and Bates.
  4. Why not go in detail since you know so much?? Let's hear it. Or maybe you just don't know what your talking about, which I am sure is the case
  5. Haha I have no reason to hide, what was said is the absolute truth and many seen. This will all come to head very soon. And to whine?? call it what you wish the fact of the matter is there are rules in every sport follow them. And if you can't prepare for consequences.
  6. Definitely some great matches, a lot of disappointment with some refs. Kids were getting punched, slammed in the back of the head, pulling on head gear, grabbing fingers instead of wrist and hands. I think it was clear who some refs were there for. Very unfortunate...
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