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  1. I envision the kid's parents saying something like "He is special so I don't want him treated like everyone else, but at the same time, he shouldn't be singled out so treat him like everyone else." This is one of these new-age coaching nightmares. In hindsight, the best solution would have been for the coach to have a private meeting with the kid and parents to discuss every potential situation and the best way to handle them. I'm just confused how he was "outed" when a couple years ago "he" was a "she"? Sounds like a civil liberties group or just MSM used that wording to escalate the story.
  2. Which state does it best?

    The RCA Dome would be way too cold in February (since it is a parking lot now) Lucas Oil Stadium would have to give the IHSAA a great deal/discount to use it affordably.
  3. Possibly rare feat this weekend??

    Brandon Wright - Cathedral/Warren
  4. NFHS Survey--Please get this in ASAP

    If the survey is from the NFHS, then it's national, not state.
  5. How about those wrestlebacks?

    The 2nd round of semistate is still flawed. That is where (without an upset) a top 4 wrestler can be eliminated.
  6. How about those wrestlebacks?

    A Sectional or Regional champ who loses first round was beaten by someone who has lost twice and was 4th best at their Sectional/Regional. That automatically puts him behind 4 others, so a 2nd loss isn't necessary. The IHSAA has no sympathy for upsets.
  7. How about those wrestlebacks?

    The only proposal that I think the IHSAA would even consider would be to send 5 from each semistate to state. Here's how it would work. First round losers are out. Quarter final losers have to wait. If the wrestler that beat them wins in the semis and makes the finals, then those 2 ticket round losers will wrestle for 5th during the finals with the winner qualifying for state and the loser (6th) as the alternate. That adds zero time to semistate. 4th & 5th placers will be paired up for first round of state. It will add about 1-1.5 hours at the beginning of state, but it also adds more revenue in the IHSAA's pocket from ticket sales. This is far from perfect, but it does give the "death draw" a chance, and the IHSAA is far more likely to consider it than hearing about wrestlebacks year after year. They always ask "How many times can a guy lose?" The answer to that has to be "twice". Every wrestling tournament in the country is double-elimination. The IHSAA should set up a system where nobody is eliminated after their first post-season loss unless that loss is to somebody who has lost twice (like first round of regionals and semistate). The only exception would be in Sectionals with more than 8 wrestlers, but proper seeding and bye placement can limit that.
  8. Team State Qualifying

    ^ This right here. Go to something like this and all this debate is over. Figure out the enrollment cutoff that roughly balances the 3 classes and just set it at that for 4 years (2 enrollment cycles) then realign the cutoffs at that point. Schools will still move up or down, but it is more straightforward and no worries about what to do if a school closes, combines, or adds wrestling.
  9. Semi State alternate?

    New Castle has been like that for as long as I can remember.
  10. Semi State alternate?

    ^ This is incorrect. It's the one eliminated by the regional champ. I'm not saying it's the best method. That is just what the IHSAA uses.
  11. If they make it simpler to understand, then they also make it less accurate. They could also make it more accurate, but then only 1 statistics genius in the state (or Europe) would understand it. This is as good of a balance as is possible right now.
  12. States Without Wrestlebacks

    There is a simple way to incorporate fair wrestlebacks that the IHSAA would probably consider. 1st - Sectionals - First round pigtails avoid top seeds. (Why wasn't this implemented state-wide years ago?) 2nd - Semistate - Quarterfinal losers wrestle back to fifth. (Adds about 1 hour, and they've done this before) Top 5 qualify for state. First round of state starts with 4s vs 5s. (Adds about 1.5 hours on Friday night and should increase attendance/$) 3rd - Regionals - The 8-man bracket is really easy to do full wrestlebacks to 3rd. I put this last because I feel it is the least necessary. For example, if you get 2nd at sectionals and lose first round to a 3rd place finisher, then you are behind 1 from your sectional and 3 from the other, so not top 4 anyway. But for simplicity, it would be easy to implement wrestlebacks here. One of the big points to make when proposing to the IHSAA is that they determine the team champions for each level based on the individual placements, so they should want those to be as accurate as possible at every level. Wrestlebacks at regionals and semistate will help determine the team standings. And it will more fairly designate the alternate than the current flawed system. NOTE: Wrestlebacks at state is a separate issue to be discussed/debated. Let's get the path to state fixed first.
  13. State Series Idea

    SWINfan, This could cause some venues to need to change. The question that would go along with this plan is... Would you rather keep semistate at the Ford Center or have wrestlebacks? 3/4 of the state would rather have wrestlebacks. It does open up the possibility of finding a more central location for the southern semistate, too. I realize that this plan doesn't have much chance to happen. I'm just thinking of ways that could make the tournament series better.
  14. State Series Idea

    Yes, semistates would make less revenue. But regionals would cost less with half the venues & officials. Also, the IHSAA reimburses schools (a little) for semistate which would also save the IHSAA some money. Overall, there wouldn't be much of a change for their finances.
  15. State Series Idea

    Mike, I'd love those, but I don't see the IHSAA making either of those changes. They love their random draws for brackets. And even though the NFHS rules allow for showcase matches being last, the IHSAA doesn't think it's very sportsmanlike to admit that some matches are better than others.