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  1. Seeding Meeting Change???

    The easiest solution is to set up the brackets so no unseeded wrestlers have to wrestle the top seeds first round. This has been done at Sectionals before. Up to 10 teams and nobody has to wrestle a seeded wrestler at all. 11 or 12 teams would only have to face the 6th and 5th seeds, which really sorts out those last seeded spots. Convince all the head coaches in your sectional that it is the fairest for the wrestlers. Should be easy since it’s very logical. If IHSAA complains, just apologize. (Asking permission from Faulkins before is a roll of the dice for what his answer will be that day) The only complaint I’ve ever heard is about team score bonus points that first round. Sectional team titles mean a lot less now than they used to with team state. The years when the first round wasn’t scored, my sectional got permission to set up our brackets this way. I’m disappointed it didn’t become a statewide rule.
  2. Seeding Meeting Change???

    What if taking out the forfeits causes a kid to not have 10 matches? The way it's worded, a kid that's 10-0 with 1 forfeit would only have 9 matches that count toward seeding and not be eligible to get a seed.
  3. Fargo Greco

    Congrats to the All-Americans! Not sure if this has been discussed, but why did Fargo start with Freestyle before Greco?
  4. New Head Coach at Fishers High School

    Congrats Coach Cook! Welcome to Fishers.
  5. Which regional is better?

    Semistate results happen weeks after the regional categories have been finalized. They can't be used as you keep arguing. You also can't objectively evaluate them on hypothetical matches that don't happen with 5th place finishers and swapping regionals. Again, you are judging based on perceived notions of a regional's strength or weakness. I doubt I'll change your mind. Until the IHSAA takes it back over with an all-in format, this is what we have. And it does very well at predicting the top teams for the following year.
  6. Which regional is better?

    Imagine a regional weight that has the kids ranked 1st-4th in the state and NOBODY else (just forfeits). How difficult was it to advance through that regional? 5-8 are extremely important in determining how difficult it is to advance. All semistate tells you is how well your 4's do against 1's, etc. That is reflected in the semistate scoring and should not impact the regional. There is a means to test the accuracy of the model - look at the results of the following year, which is what it is meant to predict. The creators of this model even went back and tested it on years before team state started and found it's accuracy was very good compared to the following year's results.
  7. Which regional is better?

    You can't use semistate to accurately evaluate regional depth because the 5th-8th at regional don't compete there. You are over analyzing one small piece of a bigger process. The big picture goal of that process is to predict the top teams for the next year. While not perfect, it is based on data instead of opinions of teams and regions.
  8. Which regional is better?

    Westfork, You are still incorrectly using semistate data to evaluate the depth/difficulty to advance at the regional level. You are also incorrectly using historical data when only the current season's genius ratings are used to determine the regional category.
  9. Fewest victories

    Considering he was the runner-up, it makes sense that his loss was to the 119 lb champ in 1989. Feel free to look it up. HINT: He's kind of a big deal.
  10. Scholastic Duals

    I'm taking a wild guess here... The IHSAA has rules for team sports that limit the number of athletes from one school that can be on travel teams. I've never heard of them applying those rules to individual sports, though. I would think that multiple teams at Disney Duals would be in violation, too.
  11. International folk style competition

    "Folkstyle" is really just a general term for a country's own local style/rules. American Folkstyle is what we know but nobody else in the world does. Lots of African and South American countries still have their own folkstyle wrestling that looks very different than anybody else's. A loose example would be sumo wrestling in Japan as their "folkstyle" wrestling, even though they primarily do freestyle in school now. Many countries have gotten rid of their own folkstyles and solely focus on freestyle and greco. Everyone hates things that are different than what they know and grew up doing. A Russian wrestler who has only done freestyle and greco his whole life would be very confused about American folkstyle.
  12. Indiana's Best Ever...

    Might want to pick the mic back up... The original post stated based on high school accomplishments only.
  13. Indiana's Best Ever...

    That lone major was my fault. His teammate, Seth Riley, had just lost in the semis after being ahead with 45 seconds left. I didn't let Mitch cut Fiddler the last 2 periods. If I had, he definitely could have teched or pinned him.
  14. Indiana's Best Ever...

    I agree that there are other 3 & 4 time champs that should be considered for this list, but would be a mistake to completely dismiss Sliga because he was only a 2 time champ. Here are my responses to your points: 1. Sliga played football, too. I never had him in the wrestling room from August - November while he was playing. His sophomore year, they won state in football, which cut into his season significantly. 2. Palmer was great. There's no way to know how a match between the two would end up, but "manhandle" isn't a result I would consider possible. 3. Sliga's in-state competition wasn't great as a junior and senior, but the national competition he beat throughout his high school career can't be denied. And, again, you're using the term "manhandled" when you are not recalling it correctly - the difference was from 5 points scored off a scramble. Both years, his opponents treated that match as the finals. Stephenson had already majored Goldman, and Atwood had pinned Johnson-Jones, so both had significant letdowns after their big wins over Sliga. There are plenty of "ass beaters" in the college rankings that Sliga beat during his impressive Fargo championships. Mitch might not be in the top 3 in many people's eyes, but his accomplishments should put him in the conversation.
  15. "B" team state

    So, who wants to host the "Best of the Rest B Team Duals"?