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  1. Cville75

    Connersville RTC

    Connersville RTC this Wednesday is at 5:30 pm. This week only.
  2. Cville75

    Connersville RTC

    Connersville RTC is every Wednesday from 5:00-6:30 PM. All are welcome to come. Middle schoolers are also welcome to come.
  3. Cville75

    RTC near Connersville

    Is there anyplace having RTC near Connersville, Indiana now? Our son is looking for places to go .
  4. Those records are pretty impressive. Tough weight class.
  5. Cville75

    B Lee class act

    During his interview, I have to hand it to him. He put praise where praise should be first and everything else after. Not to many high school kids would have said what he did during his interview. Good job kid and good luck in the future.
  6. Cville75

    The 2019 State First Timers!

    I would have to throw Bryer Hall from South Dearborn in there. He wrestled one of the deepest and best Weight classes this year as a Freshman and he was a State placer this year. What will he do the next 3 years? Looks pretty solid and he has beat some tough competition.
  7. Cville75

    Graber / Walton

    I have to agree with you. I thought this was the best match of the entire night. Glad to see the kid get a State Title for that school.
  8. Cville75

    Sprinting to get seats

    I don't know why they don't have lower level for parents and 2 guest for the kid that is qualified and upper levels for all others. The stampede that happens every year is ridiculous.
  9. Cville75

    Mappes vs South?

    Jason, I understand that the officials have a set of rules to go by . It's just when the same official is not consistent with his calls that make him stand out as a bad official. Like I said earlier, kid clearly had other kid pinned with only part of 1 wrestlers head out of bounds and the official call them out of bounds. The official did not even give near fall points, now tell me how this is right. The very next match after this one with a different weight class, the kids were out of bounds except one kids 1/2 leg and the official lets this go for a entire period. My opinion IHSAA needs to have a new testing procedure for current officials to see if they understand the rules that might of been changed since they took the test to begin with and also to make sure ALL officials are calling it like it should be called.
  10. Cville75

    Mappes vs South?

    I am not just talking about kids from our school . I am talking about kids from other schools as well. The officials are in consistent with their calls. Heck yeah, I don't want to see any kids from our school get beat , but they do. It's just the way it is but when a official is making bad calls to beat a kid, it'sjust not right.
  11. Cville75

    Mappes vs South?

    In my opinion officiating has been horrible the entire season for the most part. Inconsistency in calls on most every weekend. One official will call something one way , then go to a different mat with a different official and he will call almost the same exact thing a different way. At our Regional , kid wa s going for a pin with one wrestlers head out of bounds but rest of body in bounds and other wrestle completely in bounds and official call them out. Next match up, same official, kids are completely out of bounds except half of a leg and let them keep wrestling for almost a entire period. Their was not any stalling calls , it was terrible. I understand that the officials say they can't see everything , but that is what they are getting paid to do.
  12. Cville75


    I do not believe there was a stalling called all day between the 4 officials. No stalemate call. Officials were awful.
  13. Cville75


    Had 104 degree temperature and went home
  14. Cville75


    Bad officiating. The officials here was the worse that I have seen in awhile. I hope that don't have the same ones next week for Sectionals.
  15. Cville75


    Brackets are on Trackwrestling under EIAC conference with Saturday's date.

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