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  1. Brownsburg vs. Perry Meridian at 6:30pm Tuesday

    I don’t really see Warren coming out on top against Walton.
  2. Undefeated????

    Still an admirable feat nonetheless finishing a season undefeated. Right now it doesn’t mean much in my eyes.
  3. Al Smith Predictions

    Brackets are on Track
  4. Football vs Wrestling....risk/reward

    To add onto other points being made, one I’ve not seen brought up would be the weight factor. Typically I’d say kids want to “beef” up for football season then transition straight to wrestling making their first weight cuts more difficult. Feel confident to say we’ve all seen some of the outcomes of weight cutting in mma recently. Maintaining is obviously key in that aspect and rapid cutting is not healthy at any age.
  5. Class Wrestling - Participation

    Having the option for either team or individual to bump up to a specific class in state tourneys is something I could get behind. If some kids and coaches want to compete at a 1A level then alright but I don't feel some kids should be left behind bc the rest of the team doesn't want to move up classes to compete. And to Joe I can understand that in other sports but I feel why we have going on in Indiana at the moment is nice. Classed team state and classless individual. Schools enrollment definitely can play a part in success for the simple fact of statistics. More kids=a greater chance of having athletic, dedicated, etc. kids. It takes supportive and involved coaches and a good program but the numbers tend to have a favorable outcome.
  6. Class Wrestling - Participation

    Seems a lot of the small schools feel that way and the bigger schools want class. Could it be to open up more qualifier spots that would otherwise be taken by 1 and 2A wrestlers? Just pondering the reasoning behind the support.
  7. Class Wrestling - Potential Benefits

    Completely agree.
  8. Class Wrestling - Participation

    And the fact there's no good side in politics.
  9. Class Wrestling - Potential Benefits

    After qualifying 4 for state Middletown had a police led parade through the town for Shenandoah. If more communities recognized more teams in a way like this it is sure to raise numbers at least trying out I would have to think. Kids seeing the success and recognition should encourage some to have the chance to be apart of something special.
  10. Class Wrestling - Potential Benefits

    I agree with that but it's definitely a starting point. I've watched my older brother, father and multiple others pour a lot of effort into Shenandoahs' program. I'm pretty sure everyone in the state has seen the fruits of their labor. While it's a lot of work it's certainly not unobtainable.
  11. Class Wrestling - Potential Benefits

    if small schools want success start a club and build from there if that's what it takes. But I feel separating by class takes away from winning a title for all classes. Maybe I'm wrong if all the top kids wrestle year round and meet in the off season they know who's best I suppose but I still say it's not as special winning a title in a class system. I believe in 1 state 1 champion per weight. I watched my brother finish runner up over the weekend to a 2A kid. If it were classed he would have obviously won. I would have rather watched him get 2nd in a single class system than to win a "1A state title". Just my thoughts on it.
  12. THANK YOU Clark and Samuels

    I honestly felt bad for the other 2 matches going on. Not many could have been watching their matches in that gym.
  13. State Alternates

    Could be due to the number of wrestlers that compete. Most team sports don't have 224 individuals competing at one event.
  14. Where's the real discussion?

    Is the Yats on mass ave the closest one to the bank? Anyone know?